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  1. Hi Guy's, Sorry to see you lot slip down a league, they were others i would have preferred to have seen drop instead. I always look forward to our games the most. Great reception by the people at the gate and bar staff. We'll miss the banter with you guys more than most. I'm sure you'll be back pretty soon. But either way Best of Luck next season. I came across this on facebook as a parting gesture (Hope it's taken in the spirit that it's meant) Take care guy's
  2. That's a fair shout Patriot. I watched one of the board members last Saturday after the game and the way he treated a life long supporter of the club. Yet again it was another embarrassing sight. I'd arranged a mascot package and they were at least 50 people extra thanks to it at the club. Thankfully only a handful of them saw this occurrence.
  3. This is shocking. I'm embarrassed as a supporter that this has happened, And it will not help the young lad's future being slated in the local press. He must be feeling pretty cut up to see this. To come out and say "All I will say is our dressing is a lot happier place and I'm not going into it too much because we'll make our statement in due course," And then follow it with a load of ready to hand Stat's is nothing short of a public attack on the young lad. Sad times.
  4. You may remember the "open Forum" held last season at the club house. When i asked about communication i was told to buy a programme. Did anyone read anything about the players that left due to the management system in any programme ever? Or maybe i missed that issue. It's great that Ryan Scott tweeted his version of event's and his respect for the club/players and supporters. I just wish more would. At least then we would get some idea of whats happening at the club. I know players come and go that's the nature of the game, but respect has to be given to them once they do leave, especially when it's under suspect circumstances. COYB
  5. It's a shame to see yet another player leave. A nice lad and an asset on the pitch.
  6. Ya and some of us are watching it in the Crown. Check me out getting a date wrong.
  7. Lads are meeting in the Boar and watching the hammers in the crown. Not sure if the signal/connection is fixed yet in the clubhouse. It was pretty jumpy at the last game on Tuesday last week.
  8. Not sure i could do that day again, But willing to give it a go hee hee. Just hope the Plastic can keep up?
  9. Hope to get a big crowed at New Lodge this coming Saturday 7th Feb. We need our supporters/spectators to pull together and get behind the lads on the pitch. I'm not in to all this praying malarky but i do hope someone upstairs gives us a fair crack of the whip and let's us actually get a game on Saturday. Hope that our Saturday DJ plays none of that LUTHER vanDross stuff.
  10. Can't find a video but these bring back great memories despite what happened before during and after that game. Patriot & Umbrella Man.
  11. I really enjoyed that season. went to every game home & away. Even paid my next years season ticket for the lights to help keep us up but it was not to be. As sad as it was for Edwards junior Dorchester was one of the best. Checking the vid's as we speak hee hee
  12. just hope it get's on for everyones sake. Poor Chef Sharon
  13. The match will now take place THIS Tuesday 27th January at New Lodge. KO 7:45pm.
  14. The match will now take place THIS Wednesday 28th January at New Lodge. KO 7:45pm.
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