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  1. For anyone looking to watch a game on Saturday but is undecided, Windsor's game at home to Guildford is our annual free entry game.
  2. As things stand at 8.30 this morning there is no pitch inspection planned for Windsor's game at home to Croydon but this may change if we get more heavy rain.
  3. Powelly1 Ben is dual registered so strictly speaking Don't Call Me can say that!
  4. Subject to no monsoon conditions hitting us this morning Windsor's game is on
  5. An extract from an interview last week with our captain Dan Hicks. We know we're lucky at Windsor to have got this squad without paying a budget, but why? It's because so many local talented players aren't given chances at Slough, Maidenhead etc. Windsor have given them that chance, created a great environment and we're fortunate to get a great bunch of lads, who value team spirit, playing regular football on a bowling green of a pitch and friendship over a few quid. Extract: When you speak with Dan the enjoyment he has playing for Windsor is very clear. “I just love playing for Windso
  6. Stan the Man - incorrect Four Four Two covered because they wanted to cover it. Any paid for advertorials would be marked as 'advertorials' in the publication.
  7. hi all, Windsor FC today announced a 3 year sponsorship deal with Thames Motor Group. As part of our promotional campaign we secured full page coverage in the current issue of Four Four Two magazine. It's excellent exposure for us as a club, but also great exposure for the Combined Counties League, which is referenced within the article. It's very rare for FourFourTwo to cover grass roots, so we're delighted for the exposure for both us and the league. Hopefully this Twitter link will work: https://twitter.com/windsorfc/status/419524615950839808/photo/1
  8. Rother - yes, we must miss any penalty awarded to us
  9. Here's my thoughts for what they are worth! Yesterday was our first league defeat, that in itself highlights things aren't all bad. I agree yesterday was disappointing and our football has not been consistently fluid so far this season. And while I hate to use injuries as an excuse, I think we have suffered injuries to key players in the midfield, and that coupled with suspensions has hurt us. Luke Dexter being injured I honestly believe has hurt us. People often look at the flair players, but Luke does all of the unnoticed work, and whenever he's out of the side we've not been fluent, I think
  10. thanks for the kind words 2ndTouchaTackle and Elnino37, we try very hard as a club and supporters to be welcoming to all clubs, officials, players and supporters and is what frustrates us when the "big time" label is thrown at us by a small minority. Really pleased you enjoyed yesterday, despite the result. I thought you guys looked a very decent outfit. Of the games I've seen this season I've been really impressed by the standard so far this season, and I think it's going to shape up to very competitive season. I was impressed by Camberley yesterday. Colliers Wood looked really strong on Satu
  11. Hi Smudge, Windsor had a couple of committee members at the game last night. I believe they were in the boardroom before the game and at half time. After the game they had to leave straight after as were transporting non committee members one of whom has been quite ill - and it was great to see that person make it back to an away game after nearly a year. The other committee person was the kitman, who directly after the game was tied up (not literally, but who knows!) in the changing rooms! Hope that explains as Windsor do make every effort and are always fully appreciative of the hospitality
  12. Thanks Queues and Maisiecat they'll really appreciate it! Good luck for the rest of the season - after today :-)
  13. Hi Queues, you can make a donation directly on the Alexander Devine website: http://www.alexanderdevine.org/ they'll definitely appreciate it
  14. Great footage TRS! Hopefully we can get our red card overturned now!
  15. JMR - very good and fair match report. GuernseyGeordie - all true with the bookies! None of us could believe they had Ben Harris at 13/2 for first goal and I think the bookie was a little shocked with all of the bets placed one after the other! Although he was in probably more shock when Ben rifled home in the first minute! A great day out today thought the fifth goal deep in injury time gave the shoreline a bit of unfair reflection. 4-2 would have been about right. Proud to be a Windsor fan today.
  16. Keith Scott, Dave Mudge a few managers are on the market right now Tempestward
  17. And, quite timely, here's an example of current charity work with Scotty the Stag raising money for Thames HospiceCare By running the Windsor half marathon!! http://www.windsorobserver.co.uk/sport/football/articles/2012/09/11/62594-scotty-the-stag-set-for-windsor-half-marathon-run/ any sponsorship greatly appreciated!
  18. Good question. At Windsor we want to be known as a community club. Are we there yet I guess that's for other people to decide but things we do: we have 36 teams, our Mascot Scotty the Stag attends numerous school fetes, charity fetes and does hospital visits to childrens wards, we raise considerable monies for local charities and we have a children's hospice logo on the front of our shirts rather than a commercial organisation. Our clubhouse is booked out most weekends for birthday parties, christenings etc. We also once or twice a year have let everyone in for free which have been successful
  19. I heard a few names today Rother but not going to mention on here to alert other clubs of potential availability but if the 3 names I heard were true I'd be very happy!!
  20. Not sure Ellis & Houghton would be playing for Egham on Monday I assume Egham would have to put in the appropriate seven day approaches which if they did I doubt seven days would have elapsed by Monday.
  21. The journalist has been big enough to apologise on his twitter feed @scoopguernsey
  22. Ormering - I have read the full article and he does not go on to justify his statements. I think this journalist is the one that is stirring the $hit. I personally have never said anything negative about Guernsey and have welcomed them into the league. My opinions on this piece is nothing to do with Guernsey FC but this is very much gutter journalism by your local newspaper jumping to a conclusion and stating that a football club has gone broke. If our local journalist had stated in our local paper that Guernsey had had gone broke I'm sure your many supporters would voice their disapproval and
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