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  1. 23-February 11 - Happy Birthday Loyal Observer :)

  2. Its an absolute pleasure to see such a lively forum full of insults and rants. Now turn up at Oakside and watch us crush bowers!
  3. oh and coach dog their isn't a single penny at barkingside, no one gets a bean. Dean Allens paper work was completed last night and he also gets..... you guessed it nothing!
  4. Any Suggestions? thats the prize money for beating a dismal bowers side this coming saturday. Sorry to say fella's them alarm bells are getting louder after last nights loss. Talede cant wait for sat mate, you bowers boys love banter. I have a little surprise for you! ALSO... Coachie Two bob mug who finshes consistantly in the bottom three, listen to his views, he clearly knows a thing or two about football! on the other hand he knows alot about food so maybe he isn't completely clueless as it first appears.
  5. sometimes in life you say things and they come back to bite you in the [****!!****]. Today was that day for me. so... have your fun, banter me I know in your poition I would. An extremeley bad day at the office not just for our goal keeper on loan from aveley who was responsible for every goal but all round intermediate performance. Enjoy!
  6. Freako, is that a threat? lol you italians really dont worry me. i'll introduce myself to you soon when I put my first of many goals past your poor excuse for a side!
  7. Dangling Bait and watching you lot jump is so much fun and just for the record this is Jamie Clarke not my brother. Nothing wrong with a bit of pre match banter for october 4th and they'll be plenty for you big boy enrique when we visit dullbridge for a goal difference booster this season! your team are in the same boat as bowers! Stick together its a dash to the finshing line for you two to see who'll challenge white ensign next year!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. What a sorry sight Bowers and Pitsea football club is. Its only the end of september and already alarm bells can be heard ringing you for miles around the Len Salmon as result after result gets worse and worse. It was only last week assistant John Bennet walked out after it all became too much! You have to ask yourself what million dollar man Michael (Chairman) was thinking when he naively sacked John Doyle at the end of last season and expected to keep all the players, players which would have surely put bowers up their as contenders this year instead he was left with 3 maybe 4 from last yea
  9. I want to leave it, and this will be my final post, quite simply I have just given the victims statement to you. If you want to believe in chinese whispers, and believe everything you hear then by all means do. But do not keep giving Jamie stick on here as it is doing no one any favours. I would expect more professionalism from a club chairman, and not to make threats as we now all know who to blame if the worse comes to the worst and anything was to happen 'inside' if it goes wrong for us.
  10. Appreciate the fact about you having a friend who lost an eye. My family, Me and Jamie are regrettable of the incident, a 'one off.' But let me also add some 'facts.' Jamie did not glass anyone. Fact. Jamie was having grief all night with this bloke who came up to him and barged him. Fact. Jamie tought he was being attacked and lashed out with the BACK OF HIS HAND, to get him away. The glass broke in Jamie's hand and not on the blokes face causing splinters. If jamie had of glassed the guy I would not stick up for him. The facts I have used have come from the victim's own statement.
  11. It is me Dan, I'm sick to death of the sly digs everyone has been having at him.
  12. Yeah that's right a Vicky Pollard type attitude to match your personality. You know I'm right Antony, I suggest you make some sort of club statement regarding this issue on here or an appology because you are out of order.
  13. Why would I want to spell your name properly? If that is the best comeback you've got then you know I'm right. You are a terrible representative for not only Concord Rangers, but the Essex Senior League, and to be honest a selfish man. You never once stood by Jamie and now he has left and is doing well you can't stand it. Your threats are slanderous and I'm not having it.
  14. Anthony Smith, you are a joke. A club chairman on a website slagging people off, you and Concord Rangers are an embarrasment. My name is David Clarke, brother of Jamie, and I have just read what you have put on this forum. If you think writing comments like that makes you clever then think again. I have printed this off, this is a threat on my brother and I will take it to the Police. You have said to much, and its going to far. You and professional just don't go together.
  15. Anyone who can spot a clear DAVID BRENT look-a-like down at concord tonight be sure to give him a nice hand shake and say hello!
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