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  1. Kel, are you back on the scene mate?
  2. Tony cancel my seat please other arrangements thanks Wally
  3. Come on Kerry bit long in the tooth, and been here a long time, to start throwing your toys out of your pram.
  4. Very good signing welcome back Rickie, stay a bit longer this time please
  5. What is happening to our club? are we turning into Thurrock sorry yes we are now Thurrock.
  6. Sorry Tony will you take my name off the coach list please, hospital appointment bloody saturday
  7. one for Wally Dowler please. Thanks Wally - added
  8. won us the league last year [sorry]
  9. Are the players brought in better than the players that one us the league last year?
  10. Jordon 2 tickets for me please
  11. Rob can u take me off the list for spalding couch i will be going with Bill Shepp.
  12. wot does rubber up mean?
  13. Colin put me down for the trip to truro. Wally D thanks
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