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  1. seriously ... Nikki has done wonders and you think he should just bugger off before seeing the season out? Let the man have his moment before you start bringing him down! even if they do get someone in for the new season Nikki deserves to finish this season - I'd be happy for him to carry on - he's proved he can do the job
  2. whoever we get probably wont buy beers in the clubhouse for fans after matches
  3. its on the blue spectrum....
  4. look at the Margate badge - there is a chevron right across the middle of it. this has been incorporated into the kit design ...most kit chevrons go the other way up.
  5. exciting...my heart might not take another season like the last one!
  6. I think some of us are a bit sensitive about being called money bags - me included to be fair - its hard on us getting stick because we've been really fortunate in having someone come in for us for a change. We're a passionate breed as football fans and it does hurt when people attack us for whatever reason! But we are nice bunch I promise and G Man we'll be happy to celebrate/commiserate in the bar after the game in January!
  7. better start early than risk the game being called off at half time?
  8. cheers fella - didnt think you were ignoring me i just really want to get to see our teams play at your place and as my youngsters first league game is on 7th I'm hoping I wont be thwarted!
  9. EU, I PM'd you last night about this very subject! I'm really hoping it is a mistake as my youngsters will be playing on Sundays this season...guess when their first game is..... I really wanted to get to your place for an away game too
  10. Read mine on the bus home from work - usually leave it in my handbag!
  11. brilliant as usual Marin at least there weren't any llamas this time ....
  12. good point Michael I think TB will need a week or two to breathe in before the 'whoooooop!' start of the season
  13. lots of talk about how we'll regret it when the money runs out etc so we'll just have to enjoy it while it lasts then!
  14. great blog as usual Martin - always look forward to reading it!
  15. great blog as usual Martin - looking forward to the next one!
  16. and 2 days before my birthday too!
  17. could get the players to set the times then fans try to beat them? need to find out how much though
  18. I know a guy with a candyfloss machine - will get a quote. Crossbar challenge for half time? or penalty shootout for the kids against the reserve keeper?
  19. Tried to get him to but he wasn't keen!
  20. ahh but it did make it LOOK like there were more 'home ' fans
  21. I googled that and got the parody from a Newcastle fan....glad I put the headphones in ...but cheered me up a bit I'll have that 'toon' in my head now
  22. I have spent my entire day at work in a very down mood....
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