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  1. Fantastic Day. After following the team for so many years i was almost in tears at the start when i saw the crowd and at the end when the game was over. Brilliant well done the club, the team, the supporters (everybody). Torquay played their part as did their own supporters .. wish them well in the future.
  2. Happy Birthday Dave...and thanks for (you know what)
  3. Its back..as the fleet hit the post
  4. This is seriously Good News. 3 times my car has been damaged in the past..who can really blame me for seeing only 2 games this season after seeing almost every game since the mid 1980's. I'm not the only one that will return if a secure car park is offered for future matches.
  5. Well done 'Dartford'..nice to see them back ( and they played well, the gulf in quality on tonights showing was clear). Good support too. Must be the largest KSC crowd for sometime ..excluding finals) Well done 'The Fleet' for good finishing, good work rate and for taking the game seriously when i wondered if they would (Remember the Dover game.
  6. Your Welcome 'Special K'....glad your enjoying yourself
  7. Forget it...ive just heard elsewhere
  8. Can somebody post the result of todays game...ive just got in from work.......please
  9. Well said 'Fleet Fanatic'. I am with you on this one. Ive been following 'The Fleet' for near on 40 years. And ive been posting here (with gaps) since before we even had a forum here. This move is exiting and has rejuvenated my interest in the club. Since the name change i have struggled. Not any more. I look forward to all sorts of excitement now at 'Stonebridge Rd'. Something we have not had a lot of just lately. Its been a struggle to compete and the players and management team have done a wonderful job. If this works out 'The Fleet' really could be going places. I welcome the change and our new found supporters. There are issues, mostly 'political'. There not for me. I am a fan and that's all i want to be. I don't want to control the team, i just wanna support them.I have not been to any games this season. I rarely missed a game before that. I have already explained why. I will be back for the next home game with my daughter and her friends. I look forward to exiting times ahead with 'Ebbsfleet'. The club is a potential 'sleeping giant'. It's 'wake-up' time.
  10. Changing the name would probably be quite a popular decision amongst 'Fleet Fans'. Ive been following 'The Fleet' for something approaching 40 seasons. Ive loved the club throughout. And we've had some real bad times and some good. I have found for the first time in all those years that i have been struggling to keep up my interest. Basically it's all down to the new name. However a lot of thought went into changing the name and it's a name for the future. I welcome the MY fc involvement and hope it can regenerate some interest in the club which it already has. I shall return to the terraces and look forward to the money and the new 'fans' generating success above and beyond that we could have accomplished ourselves with such limited funds. Look forward to some big names on the pitch and good times ahead. If it goes wrong then so be it...then please give me my 'Gravesend and Northfleet' back.
  11. I can back that up..I know of two that have had windows smashed. They wont come again. I park in the Industrial estate by the traffic lights at the Swanscombe end now. It seems a little safer. Over recent seasons ive lost a window, lost wheel trims and even had my light clusters pinched (Old Nissan..screws on the outside)..it does not exactly make it very welcome down there. Ive not reported it..so i suppose that makes me partly to blame for the on-going problem. Certainly will if it ever happens again. Poor game last night. Fleet played with a plan..and it worked..but it's not exactly entertaining..
  12. According to the Charlton website..admission is £10
  13. carjam


    People could not get out of there roads. The kids free was a good idea. It never stood a chance. Lower Higham Rd to Stonebridge Rd...2 hrs...
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