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  1. The target was achieved and part 2 is to try and do it again so don't write us of just yet .......Thou i take your point it should be harder this season. But look who got promoted this season from the premier after only 1 season Biggleswade FC
  2. Luke is almost fit again and might be back this weekend. . More interesting recruits came on board this week things are looking good .... But a hard game expected saturday in the FA Cup We still have a few coach seats available £5 each call the clubhouse for details.
  3. Six players out from the wembley game so yes a much changed side. No surprise if all back for FA CUP GAME saturday away to Kempston Rovers.
  4. when are the div 1 fixtures coming out ? i can only see a couple of cup games..
  5. Don't have a problem being in Div 1 if its the same rules for all ?? but i question its not... Also for what reason can you give for promoting a team from the bottom half of Div 2 ?? the only reason isn't a footballing one.
  6. Constitution made on ground grading ?? let's get serious there were comments made about if you deserve to go down by not getting enough points you should go down well that should work both ways . come on why do we have to wait till the AGM to find out that a team is getting demoted by then pre season has started and players have already been snapped up or left as they won't play in Div 1. I would love to see the inspection report on London Tigers when its done. Why shouldn't the teams be able to see it or know who is doing it. I go past it everyday and not seen anything being done ...... Interesting AGM coming up .
  7. Amersham management have returned to HAREFIELD UTD to do the reserves.
  8. If its been good enough for other teams to get a reprieve why not try it. Its happened plenty of times before Holmer green had it twice if my memory is correct. Anyway lets see if any teams are coming down to the spartan first.
  9. no problem with them i was there both teams tried to win fair enough, the table doesn't lie we haven't been good enough. We go again !
  10. i was more interested in the teams that are in the premier Division who don't have the correct facilities to be in the division. We all know who they are so why does the league seem to turn a blind eye ? if there are certain points that are needed why aren't they implemented why do some of us spend time and money on ground improvements when it seems you don't need to ?? just say we will sort that later .... and carry on.
  11. LONDON TIGERS ground grading issue surely !!
  12. Thank you all for the support shown this season, all the help given to run the club daily, and on match days ???. If you want to have an opinion on what needs improving try getting involved yourselves and see whats needed. As always its easy to send anonymous comments and criticise those people who do get their hands dirty and muck in. Seems you will always have someone hoping you will fail. That said yes the club has stuck to its principle of trying to build from the youth and after having no players at the start of the season they have put together 2 teams during the season and fallen short. Thats football . But As they say its not over till the fat lady sings and there could still be changes to come .... WE WILL BE BACK NON BELIEVERS
  13. Why not make the assessor's view public or just for the clubs involved so if a ref has had a bad game ,we all know he's been told about it and can learn from it ? and the clubs might be more understanding after hearing his side of the story. How many people have stood next to one of the trench coat brigade with his clipboard and seen him criticise the refs performance even telling you his opinion while you're watching the game. Radical i know actually being honest enough to admit they might have got something wrong ! ( keeper dropping the ball on saturday and then holding his head soon as he sees the ball in the back of the net ?? really ... Or are they too afraid that actually letting people know they have cocked up will upset them ? ahhhh Thats enough now, will get off the soap box..
  14. yep we finish the season with 6 away games on the trot !! that won't help our cause to stay up maybe we shouldn't have put the hard work in to get the pitch playable some weeks then we could have had a home game or 2 to play. There will be No harefield games at home from 2nd april !!! great for club revenue ????
  15. about the form etc that i agree with . As for the rest of the behind the scenes going on's that you may not have seen trust me they have been happening.. So i just thought it best to put a stop to it now. And to wish all you Harefield Utd fans a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a happy new year. See you all at the Players and supporters Christmas party this saturday night at the club everyone welcome .
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