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  1. Ian_W

    20-May 11 - Happy Birthday JP21 :)

  2. Ian_W

    20-May 10 - Happy Birthday JP21 :)

  3. Cheers guys, appreciate the kind words.
  4. Good morning ESLers. I'm looking to do a bit of coaching at a Senior League club during pre season, I doubt it would be for more due to other commitments but if anyone is looking for a coach or some pre season assistance and so on give me a PM! I've coached the first team's at two Essex Senior League side's and one Ryman League Division North side via a Ridgeons League spell. Taken my badges upto and including the UEFA B Licence and looking to move onto the A Licence next year. I'm 20 next week and stunningly good looking. Cheers, Jack jackpridmore@aol.com
  5. JP21

    Goal updates.

    So did I! Stinker. Got called by a mate a minute or two after it was called off though cos he lives right there. Spent an hour in the company of my racist Great Uncle who saw me outside Redbridge Station, took an hour to think of a decent excuse to get away from the little Hitler. No football at all. And then get home to see Reading Vs Liverpool on. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
  6. JP21

    Goal updates.

    He was one of my first hero's at the Orient too. Absolute hero. Sheer class. You could tell he had played Premiership. I miss 90's football, it was so spectacularly 5hit.
  7. JP21

    Goal updates.

    JJ, I was coming up to watch you boys today. Phone died on the way up so no idea if it was on when I got to Redbridge. Chins. Also, Mark, love your choice of favourite players. Linnnnnggggy! Orient Legend.
  8. JP21

    What were you watching?

    They never have and never will bother regularly going to ESL level games. So they read the score, look at the histories and league position and make it up as they go. It's the case now and always. Don't let it bother you, a win's a win. And arguably the best result this season.
  9. JP21

    Results 5th September

    Tease! If it's what I heard a few months back I reckon it's pretty true, OB. Interesting times.
  10. Start another thread on it, that'll grab his attention!
  11. JP21

    Dear KJ.....

    Barrell scrapingly pointless dig. Move on.
  12. JP21

    Programme Info Please

    Don't bother with more than 3 programmes in each changing room. The players will just read their names (if they are capable of doing so), see their pictures and then put it down. Also, in all respect, last year's 'mediocre effort' was produced by a heavily disabled man who took the job on, very reluctantly when the previous editor sadly passed away.
  13. Blatantly Georgey Vale!! Missed all of 6 Witham games in 26 years.
  14. JP21

    Yesterdays's NLP

    Do you think James would have given you some abuse, KJ?
  15. JP21

    Pre-Season player news...

    I wouldn't know Grae, how was that for you every single club you've been at? Haha In truth, your my hero. xx