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  1. there is a big sign up thats says "this is a family club so please moderate your language" i too heard the quote " swearing is part of football mate" if you volunteer for the post then you should do your job properly and confront the offender or offenders not slide off and ignore it. if somebody complains then it should be acted upon and not brushed off flipantly with a remark that angers paying customers.
  2. right here we go 1,lowestoft 2.bury 3.wealdstone 4.lewes 5.MARGATE 6.kingstonian 7.canvey 8.afc hornchurch 9.billericay 10.carshalton 11.tooting and mitcham 12.east thuruck 13.concord 14.hendon 15.cray wanderers 16.harrow 17.hastings 18.met police 19.aveley 20.wingate 21.horsham 22.leatherhead. thats me lot,good luck all
  3. number 3 made me giggle!! a bit over the top i know but still made me chuckle!!
  4. 14-January 11 - Happy Birthday Gumps :)

  5. come on gate,sounds like were the better side
  6. 3-1 to the gate with a nice exspensive hatrick!!
  7. we going to win 4-1 i think and i believe we will conceed first!!!!!!
  8. dunno what i did there!! anyway dave dont get above your station, get back to the bottom of the league!!!
  9. OI ! LAST YEAR JUST A BLIP . Quality will come to the fore yet again, just resting last year after the match score prediction league you kindly ran in 2007/8 or was it 2008/9 remind me who the winner was again. When the Gate stop giving the rest a head start starting tomorrow just watch me. BYW stop interrupting, every time i open my mouth some fool speaks. I hope to be paying a tenner on tuesday night for the Margate hat trick
  10. just done mine using the'copy others and change it a bit' method!!! right now i am of to the game. UP THE GATE!!
  11. i think won of yours won dave.... hugh jarse rings abell
  12. well said,it was the first time me and my family have been to one of these events and we really enjoyed it. the food was awesome and the racing was fun,just hope the low turnout doesnt affect the enthusiasm of the people that arranged it. we will be attending future events events like this. i would also need to know which horses have three legs and a fat jockey cos i seemed to back this horse all evening and i wouldnt want to miss out on him in the future!!!
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