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  1. 22-June 11 - Happy Birthday Barry Scott :)

  2. 22-June 10 - Happy Birthday Barry Scott :)

  3. In no particular order If I Should Fall From Grace With God - The Pogues London Calling - The Clash Lexicon Of Love - ABC The Holy Bible - Manic Street Preachers The Blueprint - Jay Z Music For The Gilted Generation - The Prodigy Unplugged In New York - Nirvana Funeral - Arcade Fire The Colour And The Shape - Foo Fighters Welcome To The North - The Music
  4. I have a funny feeling that I chose the wrong time to finally get my [****!!****] in gear and start driving!
  5. Originally Posted By: Greg_Dyke the worst thing that has happenned to football is Rupert Murdoch and Sky...discuss maybe, but Sky's trumpeting of the Premier League as the best in the universe with a straight face while two mid-table sides grind out a 0-0 draw in mid-January is particularly jarring.
  6. bet £20 on the Giants, got back £72. Nice bit of business really.
  7. Originally Posted By: Moo Quote: did I mention the cheerleaders ? If the fans can't get themselves into the game, they aren't really fans. What is the point of cheerleaders, other than the fact they are eye candy for the men? due to the commercial invasion of the game (yesterday's game was full of breaks pretty much designed for TV) there are times when there are two or three minute stretches where nothing's going on... hence the cheerleaders, music piped in, etc. And weirdly, most Americans who have started following football/soccer now HATE that sort of stuff, and just go with the atmosphere created by the fans themselves
  8. yup, I went and thoroughly enjoyed myself too. Mistake strewn game (I think it was a Miami drive which went from 3rd and five to 3rd and 35 after a slew of penalties), conservative play calling due to the weather but it is such a better game to watch in person than on TV
  9. ping - nah, always dive straight in at the deep end
  10. ping - been a while since I've done this....
  11. Slough home 96/97 Slough home 2002/2003 Slough home 2004/2005 Slough away 2004/2005 Atletico Madrid Home Galatasaray Home Spain World Cup 1998 Spain World Cup 2002 Republic Of Ireland Home World Cup 2002 Republic Of Ireland Home 2005/2006 Celtic Away (black and luminous green) Man United away (all black Cantona kung fu kick) Man United Home (misplaced halfway line) Man United home (last umbro/vodafone) Man United away (first nike white away)
  12. my initial gut feeling when this happened was that they would never see the kid again (I had the same feeling when the two girls went missing in Soham). I honestly think that if she was snatched, she was out of the country before the police showed up at the hotel
  13. out of all the upper table sides we have faced this season, you were the poorest. All very nice passes going all over the pitch but no end product, much like the Walsall side we knocked out of the FA Cup. Still, was nice to have a bumper crowd full of away fans that are not Wimbledon for a change
  14. yeah sorry about the shower that turned up to supposedly represent us, but we're on our third manager of the season, our fifth or sixth different keeper and our number three (I believe) was the 49th different player to start for us this season (I also know that out of our entire squad only four remain that started the season with us). No excuses, but you would have been better off having the three points and a training session instead
  15. does that mean we're going to be attacked by sentient androids with comedy accents and a small range of rubbish one-liners?
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