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  1. Waiting to see what the renewal rates are like in February before considering renewal myself. If the "bubble" is going to burst I'd rather donate the money to the "Fleet Trust" as and when the need arises. MYFC has been good for the club in many respects. Aside from clearing some of the debt, the website and online shop is pretty decent but rarely login to the site myself due to all the "political infighting". It was a good idea that has never really fulfilled its potential. Would be interesting to know how many MYFC members have logged into the site over the past month? Speaking as
  2. For anyone worried about membership renewals and the prospect of dropping down the non-league pyramid if the Club had to revert to part time football this article is a cause for optimism: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/h/histon/7750395.stm Of course I'd rather the Fleet remained full-time but its not the end of the world as Histon have demonstrated.
  3. Fully agree, which is precisely why video evidence is needed for such calls during a live game.
  4. Originally Posted By: Digitalis Well this is only a personal opinion, not an official statement, but Rachel Cheryl and myself have watched the video this morning. Rachel caught on straight away, it took me a several watches to see it, but the Histon players trailing leg does catch the tip of Darius's left foot as he is starting to bring his leg forward. Definitely what caused him to fall in our view. And the fact that Darius immediately tried to get up and continue play tends to indicate it wasn't a dive, too. All well and good but as you indicate yourself it took you several
  5. Originally Posted By: Stu M Granted, though why a player should have to be any more careful with one referee over another shows the inconsistency of officials. They even contradict themselves inside 90 minutes. Barrett's first-half booking was for what I thought was a two-footed lunge (though he got the ball). I was under the impression that was a red-card offence? A similar two-footed lunge by a Histon player in the second half went unpunished. Players can't be expected to change their game to suit the wiles of referees from one game to the next. Fair enough but lets not forget
  6. The ref may have been over-zealous with the cards (9 yellow cards - 6 fleet 3 histon). However, Sentanta indicated he issued 10 yellow cards in his previous game in charge so presumably the players were aware as a ref he takes "no prisoners". Given this fact and the rate at which he was dishing out cards tonight, why did Charles (1st booking) and Gash choose to remonstrate with the ref? The red card had no impact on the result and yes Charles was unlucky to go but when your already in the book that's what tends to happen. Histon were the better team on the night, with the Fleet playing to
  7. Originally Posted By: Slartibartfast We could have a problem coming up though Gaz, over the past few years the pick of the PASE boys have been kept on by the club. It has always been the best one or two who get the chance and although not all of them have made it we have certainly done well out of the PASE boys. So whats the problem? I know that you where at the boys cup final last season Gaz and so was I, most of those lads where first year PASE boys and they will be finishing their course next summer, there won't be one or two pushing for a place there will be five or six who are too g
  8. Originally Posted By: bsmith Originally Posted By: JimGNFC The finances would then take care of themselves I would have thought the current situation would rather disagree. I fully agree, I got a little carried away while typing my post. My last paragraph hints at the fact its near-on-impossible to make the books balance in the current situation. However, there is probably some scope for using some of the Akinde money to bring in other young talent for 20K a go and then potentially selling them on in a year's time for a 100K plus. D&R have done this very successfully. The Club
  9. Akinde's performance against Torquay on Setanta and against Stevenage have been pretty fantastic IMO. His size and power scares defenders and its no surprise an offer is on the table. Looking at the facts: 1) His not going to renew his contract. 2) He came through the PASE team and cost the Club nothing. 3) His RAW talent can probably be better developed at a League Club. Especially a Championship side such as Charlton. We are dealing with a "human being" here. I've enjoyed watching him play and nothing would give me greater pleasure then to see him make something of himself at
  10. Peter Coffil? Always reminded me of Papa Smurf for some reason. http://cartuneman.com/new/papa_smurf.jpg
  11. Was stood behind the goal at the away end with the Charlton fans on Saturday and a fair few commented on how "pathetic" some of the language coming from behind the home goal was. What bright spark thought of the chant "who the fuc*in hell are you?" to a Championship side and continue chanting it when they are 3-0 up! Maybe the solution is to record these idiots for the entire 90 minutes and then sit them down and let them listen to how dumb they sound. Its the same with people with mobile phones on trains - why is it always the 1's with half a brain (and I'm being generous there) tha
  12. It does seem inevitable that his going to move onto bigger and better things but his also young and should just focus on enjoying playing football and forget about the money for a year. His still raw, with a lot of talent and he won't develop this in Peterborough's reserves. The best deal for the Club may be for them to take the money from Peterborough but to arrange for him to stay on a season long loan at the Fleet. The Club get to keep a quality striker, while Akinde gets another years experience under his belt rather than most likely languishing in Peterborough's reserves. Fry intima
  13. Sorry me again. Try here. The Regatta would be a good start. http://www.gravesham.gov.uk/index.cfm?articleid=3963 This is only a suggestion but with all the new housing being built in the area (thousands of houses/flats) could the Fleet not strike a deal with some of the housing developers. Take the new Springhead Park development for example. For each property sold the new owners would receive a free Fleet Season Ticket to the end of the season. The cost of the ticket would be subsidised by the Property Developers and the Fleet get a load of new supporters. Only a thought!
  14. Yorkfox A Couple of years back used to design, print (A3) and get posters distributed round the pubs. I used to send the posters round in poster tubes as this saved time. Maybe this is something the Club could do themselves? Below is a list of 50 odd pubs that previously agreed to display them. Some of the Pubs may have changed name etc but most are still correct. If the Club takes it upon themselves to distribute posters to the pubs experience tells me they *do* need to enclose a letter encouraging the pubs to display the posters. It would probably look better coming from the
  15. Originally Posted By: Digitalis To that effect, I have already had preliminary discussions regarding improvements and adding such luxuries as a washbasin and hand-dryer Thanks for the reply. All your points seem very reasonable and sensible to me. The wash-basin and hand-dryers will be an added bonus and seeing as the Fleet Faithful are not use to such luxuries maybe you could fit them with a
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