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  1. Good to play in front of a decent crowd too
  2. As it's clashing with the VCD game can our lads not get notes from their mums to say they're not well. Then the game can be rearranged and we won't have to miss it
  3. Just noticed departure time, afraid i can't make it that early Tony. Sorry if I've caused any problems
  4. Due to not having any work commitments, lucky me, can I have a seat please Tony
  5. Hope we haven't peaked too early in the season
  6. Shall watch my video of spurs beating man city 3-2, and yes it us,a video. Now if I could only find my video player
  7. Joan and I have booked into the Black Boy in Bury St Edmunds on the 23rd, she can have a look round the town whilst we're in the Nutshell. Last time we did this it was at Dorchester and the game was called off
  8. All I may need is the offer of a lift home
  9. I see the game has been rearranged for Monday 11th April, I'm intending getting a train to Chelmsford early afternoon then a bus to Boreham and then walk to the ground. Being an APP I've nothing else to do that day, anybody want to join me?
  10. Just been looking at the route Simon, I see that before we hit Chelmsford there's a road known as THREE MILE HILL! Cue dramatic music....but this is Essex, there are no Hills in Essex, except me of course
  11. Just went looking at the rooms at the Premier Inn and they don't seem to have any available?
  12. Don't think there are any hills like that one out of Rochester Simon. Should be a piece of cake
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