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  1. Hope we haven't peaked too early in the season
  2. Shall watch my video of spurs beating man city 3-2, and yes it us,a video. Now if I could only find my video player
  3. Joan and I have booked into the Black Boy in Bury St Edmunds on the 23rd, she can have a look round the town whilst we're in the Nutshell. Last time we did this it was at Dorchester and the game was called off
  4. All I may need is the offer of a lift home
  5. I see the game has been rearranged for Monday 11th April, I'm intending getting a train to Chelmsford early afternoon then a bus to Boreham and then walk to the ground. Being an APP I've nothing else to do that day, anybody want to join me?
  6. Just been looking at the route Simon, I see that before we hit Chelmsford there's a road known as THREE MILE HILL! Cue dramatic music....but this is Essex, there are no Hills in Essex, except me of course
  7. Just went looking at the rooms at the Premier Inn and they don't seem to have any available?
  8. Don't think there are any hills like that one out of Rochester Simon. Should be a piece of cake
  9. Don't see anything there about whether we have access to their toilets, think I'd better bring some Immodium and a plastic bottle just in case.
  10. Wish I were coming with you but got a prior appointment up north.
  11. Another chance to go to the Nutshell then
  12. Apologies in advance for my absence as I shall be in the Roxi bar in Loggos, Paxos prior to a jolly good meal. How do I join before next Monday, is it a case of contacting the club?,
  13. Think they're fully booked now until the end of the season
  14. I'm going up to Southport on 7th March to see them play Nuneaton but the real purpose is that Southport are hosting the Alfie Lund event that day. Alice is a six year old lad who suffers from MECP2 duplication syndrome, no I'd never heard of it until recently.It means he can neither walk nor talk and has a shortened life expectancy, only a few dozen children in Britain have this disease. Alfie' s dad, Mark, has come up with the idea of collecting football shirts and scarves and joining them together with the intention of setting a Guinness world record, currently it stretches for more than two miles and surrounds grounds on event days. It's at Sittingbourne this weekend. At the end of the season the aim is to auction the items for Alfie' s charity. I'd like to know whether any Urchins might like to donate a shirt or scarf and I'll take them up to Southport next month. Thanks a lot everybody
  15. Way back around 1960 I was thrown out of Portman road having travelled up to see Spurs play Ipswich. The three of us didn't know it had already been postponed and wandered in through the wide open gates and onto a snow covered pitch, only to be politely asked to leave the ground.
  16. Asked Joan if she'd like to go but she's getting her new car, what's more important I said. And she said "go to Dorset"
  17. Weather forecast is dry for the rest of the week so here's hoping we don't have a wasted journey. Game at Dorchester couple of years back was called off on Saturday morning and I'd gone down on Friday with my wife for thewweekend. Got the news whilst having breakfast, she did the Thomas Hardy stuff and I watched the rugby in a pub. Snowed as well that day
  18. Thanks tony but it'sIin the post now. We live and learn, but hopefully I shan'tbe ddisappointed. See you on Saturday
  19. Managed to order one dave, should have it by Saturday. Why was the Fleet game pp? You saving yourselves for the mighty 'ornchurch? Seems we're going to the Greenman, any good?
  20. You have a memory, is that Clint with the Winchester?
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