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  1. 11-June 11 - Happy Birthday Bernard :)

  2. 11-June 10 - Happy Birthday Bernard :)

  3. At the end of that game they sang to us "we'll never play you again". They got relegated that year and we went up, so they were more correct than they could have imagined. Therefore, I hope we get Stourbridge.
  4. Luckily I hadn't left yet. Having spent two hours and forty minutes on the train from Egham to London yesterday to arrive at a two-hour lecture with only fifteen minutes left, I would not have relished another pointless train journey.
  5. Grrr. I was looking forward to today. Wet, cold, potential of embarrassing defeat: this game had everything.
  6. Wow - a rare occasion when I can leave after the minibus! I shall relish the extra twenty-three minutes in bed.
  7. At least if/when it all goes belly up we have something to blame it on: the credit crunch. Got 'flu? It's the credit crunch. Failed your driving test? Credit crunch. Girlfriend left you? That'll be the credit crunch. I could go on.
  8. Much humble pie was consumed by me yesterday when George Purcell not only scored in a non Mickey Mouse competition but was also, in my opinion, man of the match.
  9. Originally Posted By: Hooky The Mascot Purcell was again hit and miss but when things came off for him he looks a talent. He does only seem to score in Mickey Mouse cup competitions, though.
  10. Originally Posted By: Hempstead Gaz An optimist will hope that we finish top half, a fool will think we are likely to get into the to 6 playing the style of football seen most of this season. I'm not entirely sure that our current position is all down to our "style of football". I'd argue that our personnel this season aren't as good as last year. We have lost three quality players in McPhee, Bostwick and Akinde, none of whom have been properly replaced. It seems that their departures have had a knock-on effect on our existing players' performances as well. Barrett seems less assured
  11. I have never seen George Purcell put in a good performance in a first team game. I'm afraid to say that he simply isn't Conference standard.
  12. Originally Posted By: Hempstead Gaz I wonder how good Delicate is, too. 5 games now and not really a sniff of a goal. That sound familiar with Fleet strikers (Esxandoh, Rawle etc) A little harsh on both strikers to be honest. Essandoh's goals in his first season with us kept us from relegation, and Rawle, who's role is more a second striker, was never given the chance of building a strike partnership, owing to injuries and squad rotation. However, to echo some of the points above, this is definitely the worst Fleet performance I have seen this season. None of the players noticed tha
  13. Having shaken off the possibility of being put on loan, Chris 'plays in every position' McPhee bagged one for Weymouth.
  14. Does this mean Chris will not be attending the match on 6th December?
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