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  1. 12-June 11 - Happy Birthday John Short :)

  2. 12-June 10 - Happy Birthday John Short :)

  3. I think a reasonable 2 nil win will do with Hallett and Rowe getting the goals.
  4. Great signing even though I have never seen him play.
  5. Played well I thought but should of took all 3 points. Currans chance where he hit it at the keeper should of been a goal he had all that space. Rowe's efforts were very good from where I was standing.
  6. Overall we were the better side but in the second half we clearly deserved the 3 points and Gabs was brilliant in the second half.
  7. Matt have you seen the new transformers film i think that it is quality.
  8. Basicaly Matt 7/5 means every if you put on a fiver and you win the bet I think you win seven times the amount you put on. Anyway I believe a 4-1 Canvey.
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