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  1. I think his part was significant. I gave him a warm hand on his entrance
  2. Seeing as he couldn't drive out of his own driveway, without hitting a tree, then I am less confident
  3. I missed it, can you post a picture please ?
  4. Dont shoot the messenger.... :cheesy (2): Phone Mike Parry tomorrow morning, 10p a minuite and put him right. I'd rather take a phone call from Rhodes Parry is an ignorant tit, who says things to make you call in..so far, I am winning cos I haven't
  5. :entschen: you can all stop looking, I think I found my duck may be not.....
  6. If only he had the moral fibre of Clifford Rhodes esq :erschin:
  7. He's been a loose cannon since Martine McClutcheon puked in his dreads
  8. (9) Xeng Lie - Chinese Ping Ping Champ of the 50's, whose marathon battle with Erik Ustinov lasted 7 hours and some 572 games
  9. John Gildersleeves is an anagram of deserve's groin hell well nearly
  10. Greg_Dyke


    serving 6 months in pentonville for pick pocketing...::groan:
  11. He should ge the boy band Blue back together, apart from that Anthony Costa, they were a tidy unit :coffee (2): :coffee (2):
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