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  1. Bethnal Green United require a fixture on the 14th July, a neutral venue has already been booked, please contact me on 07411752070 or email BethnalGreenUnited@hotmail.com Thank You Anton Stephenson
  2. They aren't doing either though, they are forming as a new club. The more the merrier I say.
  3. Why would any chairman turn around and say u can only train once a week? Or did he say they can only use the ground once which is a luxury most teams don't have anyway.
  4. A player from bas told me he said he quit because of interference in the team, find that a bit hard to believe to be honest.
  5. So is it true the Basildon manager Barnes has been replaced by John Higley already? I'm one of the longest serving managers in the league if so lool
  6. Haha I thought mind games were meant to start in march your well ahead of schedule
  7. I agree mate, I think all teams should represent an area, I just found the comment about basically representing the whole of London and an Italian province really funny that's alot of pressure for a team in the ESL.
  8. So far so good' heard about your new gig , see u next season
  9. I'll get onto that asap cheers mate.
  10. Is it only me that thinks this website could be used to better effect within the non league game, the amount of users fans/players/club officials that use it is crazy, there should be a vacancy section where clubs can post positions available within the club be it managers, coaches, physios. I think that would help a lot of clubs out also prevent the recycling that happens to a degree. Main reason I see this is I need a physio and I'm struggling lol
  11. Loool I heard they will be playing at a ryman clubs ground
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