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  1. Not bad predictions but I think you missed out Colliers Wood! I think they could surprise.
  2. Our youngsters at our club will be fine as we play them all the time, we had 2 x 18 year olds that started for us yesterday with one 18 year old also on the bench who got on.
  3. Well I think I know what keeper was left out the young lad. Got to say that young keeper played against us at cove he was outstanding and man of the match. He was at our match and on the bench shame he doesn't live closer to us! Great young keeper with a lot of ability.
  4. We'll be warned when a certain club comes to you they will expect to warm up on the pitch or an area big enough with a full size goal to do there bits! You know like you get everywhere!
  5. Yes your right it would! Don't get me started on that otherwise it could paint a bad picture of a certain individual!
  6. Our pitch has taken a battering, I believe since August the 8th we have had 68 games on it!! We try to get the game on all the time. We have 6 teams using it.
  7. We will do all we can to get ours on tomorrow, yes it will be soft but after all it is a winter sport!!
  8. I wouldn't be too sure that there 1st team would of beat you!
  9. I totally agree with some of your points. Yes remember playing in muddy, wet conditions and it was good fun to be honest. I think some people try to protect the pitch. We try to get our games on, our pitch was waterlogged before our game on the 28th dec but we had 6 people meet there at 8 am and fork, roll and do the best we could. It wasn't great but the game went ahead and we played!! But I would say over the last week there has been a awful lot of rain and like us if you back onto a river , if the level is high forking doesn't help!!
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