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  1. Not bad predictions but I think you missed out Colliers Wood! I think they could surprise.
  2. Our youngsters at our club will be fine as we play them all the time, we had 2 x 18 year olds that started for us yesterday with one 18 year old also on the bench who got on.
  3. Well I think I know what keeper was left out the young lad. Got to say that young keeper played against us at cove he was outstanding and man of the match. He was at our match and on the bench shame he doesn't live closer to us! Great young keeper with a lot of ability.
  4. We'll be warned when a certain club comes to you they will expect to warm up on the pitch or an area big enough with a full size goal to do there bits! You know like you get everywhere!
  5. Yes your right it would! Don't get me started on that otherwise it could paint a bad picture of a certain individual!
  6. Our pitch has taken a battering, I believe since August the 8th we have had 68 games on it!! We try to get the game on all the time. We have 6 teams using it.
  7. We will do all we can to get ours on tomorrow, yes it will be soft but after all it is a winter sport!!
  8. I wouldn't be too sure that there 1st team would of beat you!
  9. I totally agree with some of your points. Yes remember playing in muddy, wet conditions and it was good fun to be honest. I think some people try to protect the pitch. We try to get our games on, our pitch was waterlogged before our game on the 28th dec but we had 6 people meet there at 8 am and fork, roll and do the best we could. It wasn't great but the game went ahead and we played!! But I would say over the last week there has been a awful lot of rain and like us if you back onto a river , if the level is high forking doesn't help!!
  10. Seriously Epsom off!!! I thought someone said never off there!!!!!
  11. Gracious in defeat!! We didn't lose! At the end of the game all players and managers shook hands as they should. In my opinion Richard as I said to you was we and you are not good enough to win the league, I'm intitled to my opinion as you are. At least I said it to your face and bot behind your back!! There's a long way to go, but we are happy with a top 5 finish with our young local players and building for the future. Your regime is different so good luck.
  12. There seems to be a lot of talk of young managers not being successful, surely the top 6 teams in the league currently have relatively young managers?? Unless I've lost touch with young!! Can we have the ages of the top 6 teams currently?? I bet the average age is 38-40 ish. Surely that's young in managerial terms??
  13. Wasn't there unfortunately, but from what I heard we should of been out of sight at halftime with 4-5 one on ones. But saying that 2-0 up should be enough to win away from home at this level. We will learn.
  14. To me smudge all this will do is have any good players that were left at cove, Will leave if dropped because farnborough first/academy players turn up here and then. It was embarrassing the cove manager did not say one word to the team for the first 20 mins because they didn't know the names. There was no direction from anyone. It's a recipe for disaster. But I do hope cove can sort it out as they have been with us a long time and I enjoy my games there. But the farnborough players will not give them no passion, desire and commitment and that's what they need in this situation. Do you think those players were bothered when we beat them???? Also none of those farnborough players would of got in our team from what I see in that game.
  15. Well today really surprises me, I thought cove we're going to stick with the youngsters and what will be will be. But I've never witnessed anything like it in my life of ccl, I go to do the team sheet with the refs and the young lady doing coves team sheet says give me 5 mins, yes no problem. I then go on the pitch to see the lady asking the players there names to put on the team sheet!! I then see spencer days car in the car park!! Farnborough have no game!! As a manager you then think shit!! This isn't cove. I then get the team sheet and check from recent coves players 7-8 different names. I then check farnborough website and 6 names on there players list are playing for cove. But I've got to say we were outstanding today and even though it was only 0-1 to us at about 60 mins we eventually won 0-4 and should of won 7-8 nil. Really proud of our young lads today. Outstanding. Really not sure where cove go from here!! Best quote from there manager who I felt sorry for as didn't even know the players names to get messages across was' we are making them look good'
  16. Disagree with most of this. I've been an u18s manager and I am now the 1st team manager which I have been for about 2 seasons. I'm very good friends with the majority of the 1st team players along with the reserves, which the majority are u18s from the last season or two. I think as the manager if you have the respect from the players, which is needed massively to be successful with no budget, if you drop them to the reserves they get on with it. I'm not saying we are perfect as a club or as a managerial team but I feel we are going in the right direction. We have had a couple of seasons battling the relegation but we have stuck with what we believe in and that's using the youth that come through our club and I feel we are now seeing the benefits. Yes you can not have a complete team of 17-18 year olds but a mix. Last week our average age of our team was 21 and we finished the game with 5- 18 year olds. So it is achievable but it doesn't happen over night. Also we are fortunate that our players are loyal to our club as they have had offers from other clubs but choose to stay with us which we know as a club we are very lucky, as most players chase money at this level. Duncs I don't know of the history of cove and you so it's difficult for me to comment on, but I see you have offered your help and I have no doubt you have a lot of love and passion for the club but I think if they don't take you up on the offer, you just have to wish them well and let them get on with it.
  17. So only 4 teams in it in November!!! Amazing!!
  18. Thanks footy mad. We try our best. You seem to be part of the furniture at our place this season.
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