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  1. As someone else said, if the players have taken part in this kind of thing while with you then you are the victims of this and certainly shouldn't warrant any negative publicity.
  2. Have you seen this about Wooley & Noel being charged as part of a match fixing scandal in Australia? http://wwos.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=8723589
  3. U16's reduced to £1.00 at our place starting on Saturday - http://canveyislandfc.com/news/2013/08/u16s-admission-reduced-one-pound-starting-saturday
  4. Nice one. Should be easy to organise as we seem to both be at home on the same days this season.
  5. A sensible move for Deano, although I'm not sure about him as a defender!
  6. Humphrey signs, well happy! http://canveyislandfc.com/news/2013/08/humphrey-joins-201314
  7. Nick Humphrey has played the last two matches and has looked really good - would love to see him sign. If he does I can see us lining up: -------------------- Brightley --------------------- Sellears - Bartley - Bryan-Edwards - Humphrey Curran---------Smith----------Game----------Dumas -------------Thomas---------------Bellotti--------------- SUBS: Sands, James Hawes, Nash, Woods-Garness, Glanville. If Humphrey doesn't sign then Dumas would drop back to left back and either BWG or Jay Nash playing wide left, with Harrison Chatting getting himself back to fitness.
  8. Surprised with Jones to Lowestoft, maybe they've seen something I haven't! Good shot stopper on his day but made too many mistakes for me. Bellotti has looked good so far, needs to take a few more chances but the work rate and ability is there for all to see. Quite liked Kavanagh, thought he gave us a bit of height in central midfield as well. Would liked to have seen him as part of the squad this season to be honest.
  9. Apparently Robbie was invited back but was considering his options. Hasn't trained with us so assume he's gone. I see that Akurang has signed for Bishop's Stortford - http://www.bsfc.co.uk/.
  10. I *believe* that Glanville and Cocklin are both eligible for the Academy next season, but would need to double check that.
  11. From last night I think Akurang, Sands, Curran, Chatting, Hawes and Dumas can all be added to that list. Akurang played the tail end of last season as a centre back so assume the same will apply along with a coaching role.
  12. I think that having all of the close season to sign players etc will be a massive help to allow Tilson to build his squad. He didn't have this luxury this year, and considering this it's remarkable how well we have done.
  13. Haha, very true! He's been out of the game for a but so I imagine he'll be a bit rusty, but has kept himself in good nick whilst taking part in matches at Birmingham City apparently. We all know what he can do when he's on his game, let's hope he slots back into the squad nicely and starts scoring some goals to ease the burden on Bradley.
  14. It was a mixed Braintree side of first team squad players and reserves. Just when you thought you'd seen the back of us eh....
  15. Braintree only play their Ressies in the Senior Cup
  16. Yeah it's gone in, a very articulate piece I must say!
  17. Don't worry chaps, we're all friends now http://www.phcimages.com/photos/Pre-Season-Friendly-Canvey-Island-v-Billericay-Town-628/58078#
  18. We're not ready for a Poundland just yet, have to stick with the 99p store for now...
  19. I also read in the Echo that Billericay is getting it's very own Poundland http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/local_news/basildon/9824544.Poundland_admits_it_is_opening_store_in_Billericay/ Perhaps Mr Kent should try flogging the club in there, although you may want to wait until they're doing a 50% sale!
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