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  1. Poor kid. Got a muzzle for her? Nothing worse than screaming kids in a pub.
  2. @blackballed Hey, how swings it big fellah? @birdbrain Not sure I fancy it now if small people are going. Then again, she [isla] probably has her mother's looks and brains so infinitely more interesting than you.
  3. It's good to see that life's social skills are still lacking on the Dark Side... Are you going to 'double barrel's birthday bash on December 1?
  4. You lot are so predictably boring...what happened to the real posters like Westy, Tree and Bridgey...even Birdbrain before he turned from poacher to gamekeeper?
  5. Must have been the poor crowd...thank goodness plan A worked successfully.... Gooner = not to be trusted.
  6. am I allowed to come and play on Monday?
  7. As your semi-final is at home..then winning for once in midweek might help...
  8. Ahoy there chokers..not looking good....Lowestoft, Bury Town and Wealdstone have the edge. So do Harrow...apparently...laugh, I nearly bought a drink....
  9. Yes mate I did...just waiting to see what happens with the missus first.. I am out there for a month so, will text you a week before I come back if that is okay? Will text you my Spanish no. as I don't use mine out there. Due back at Ebbsfleet at 7.20pm on the Monday night. Shall fill you in with all the relevant details as and when..
  10. Let's hope the Twitching Tøsser's cab fare quotes are nearer the mark. Hornchurch 4 Canvey 0 Att: 568 Hornchurch 1 Canvey 2 Att: 270 Hornchurch 3 Horsham 0 Att: 298 Hornchurch 0 Horsham 2 Att: 200 Lowestoft 0 Hornchurch 5 Att: 982 Lowestoft 2 Hornchurch 1 Att: 727
  11. First road I went down...no teams though.
  12. I am after the Concord line-up, plus subs used and who they replaced, for both play-off matches against East Thurrock in 2009 and 2010. Also, happy to pay a decent price for a copy of the programme for both games too. I will take the teams as listed in the programme at a push if nobody can furnish me with the accurate details. Cheers chaps.
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