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  1. 16-August 10 - Happy Birthday Stu B :)

  2. Stu B

    Do we need another Forum?

    I want Gary Abbott back.
  3. Stu B

    Fleet sign loan midfielder

    I'm with Jeff, Rob Haworth might have been more Dirk Kuyt than Maradona but I still loved him!Also Bilbo, did you just mention Ben Abbey without mentioning that penalty?How dare you!
  4. Stu B

    Pat Gradley

    Bullard not getting a new deal. I hope he gets into the next England squad and plays...I want an England shirt with Bullard on the back!
  5. Stu B

    Barry Fry: official tosspot

    Interested to see he claims to have offered more money..though is that including the sell on clauses etc we got from Bristol?!
  6. Stu B

    oh oh.......this is worth a read...

    Originally Posted By: Darter there is not an option to vote for NOT owning the club But wasn't there a vote to see if MyFC should buy the Fleet?
  7. Stu B

    Pat Gradley

    Originally Posted By: Stu M Craig Rocastle is training with Hibs in search of a second spell with the club. And now rumoured to be going to Kilmarnock.
  8. Stu B

    cracking snarl up on the cesspit

    Neil Diamond? I can beat that..Radiohead tomorrow As are several other board members i believe!
  9. Stu B

    Pat Gradley

    Former fleet transfer target and current German general manager Oliver Bierhoff manages to stop Cristiano Ronaldo with his "special plan"
  10. Stu B

    Planning ahead...

    I saw mentions of him throwing up on club wembley seats.Fair play though, if you are going to throw up somewhere you might aswell make it somewhere good..
  11. Stu B

    Marking the Chris Mc goal

    I still can't get over the genius of "rockin' around the chris mcphee"..
  12. Stu B

    Pick The Team Vote - Results

    "I want to pick the team and I
  13. Stu B

    FLeet Legend Announces Retirement

    Justin Skinner, one man crime wave!
  14. Stu B

    Proper supporters

    I'm in block 134 aswell! I'm with 4 others, two of them go to about 3 matches a season, and the other two probably make about 10 matches a season, due to work commitments/living away/money.
  15. Stu B

    Ticket 'Q'

    Originally Posted By: Stu M At least the glory-seekers are going to panic and be made to sweat for a ticket while the rest of us take it in our stride on matchdays. Oi!I was one of those down there today!As were many other fleet regulars!It took bloody ages, but i just couldn't wait to get my ticket, and the queuing wasn't all bad, got to meet a few like minded Fleet fans!