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  1. 16-August 10 - Happy Birthday Stu B :)

  2. I'm with Jeff, Rob Haworth might have been more Dirk Kuyt than Maradona but I still loved him!Also Bilbo, did you just mention Ben Abbey without mentioning that penalty?How dare you!
  3. Bullard not getting a new deal. I hope he gets into the next England squad and plays...I want an England shirt with Bullard on the back!
  4. Interested to see he claims to have offered more money..though is that including the sell on clauses etc we got from Bristol?!
  5. Originally Posted By: Darter there is not an option to vote for NOT owning the club But wasn't there a vote to see if MyFC should buy the Fleet?
  6. Originally Posted By: Stu M Craig Rocastle is training with Hibs in search of a second spell with the club. And now rumoured to be going to Kilmarnock.
  7. Neil Diamond? I can beat that..Radiohead tomorrow As are several other board members i believe!
  8. Former fleet transfer target and current German general manager Oliver Bierhoff manages to stop Cristiano Ronaldo with his "special plan"
  9. I saw mentions of him throwing up on club wembley seats.Fair play though, if you are going to throw up somewhere you might aswell make it somewhere good..
  10. I still can't get over the genius of "rockin' around the chris mcphee"..
  11. I'm in block 134 aswell! I'm with 4 others, two of them go to about 3 matches a season, and the other two probably make about 10 matches a season, due to work commitments/living away/money.
  12. Originally Posted By: Stu M At least the glory-seekers are going to panic and be made to sweat for a ticket while the rest of us take it in our stride on matchdays. Oi!I was one of those down there today!As were many other fleet regulars!It took bloody ages, but i just couldn't wait to get my ticket, and the queuing wasn't all bad, got to meet a few like minded Fleet fans!
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