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  1. I will try to clarify if I can. Firstly the proposed re-structure, if it goes ahead, which does seem likely, will have effect from season 2018-2019 so will have no bearing upon the situation at the end of the current season. Our rules are reasonably clear in that, ideally, we have a three up, three down procedure between the Premier Division and Division One. However, it is down to vacancies and it is always possible that only two (or even less in an extreme example) may be able to go up from Division One. It all depends upon club movements at the end of the season, as dictated by th
  2. Just Dorking v Farleigh to add to the above list. Everything else on as far as I know
  3. Sheerwater v Cobham, definitely on according to the club. Doubtful at NGU and Epsom Athletic. Unlikely to be able to give any updates after 11.00 a.m.
  4. Formatting not quite right but hopefully understandable
  5. I have now uploaded the Div One fixtures for Sat 13 August to Pitchero, although they sometimes take a while to appear. They have also been emailed to Div One club officials. They are as follows: DIVISION ONE Banstead Athletic v Bagshot 3.00 Chessington & Hook United v Ash United 3.00 Cove v Cobham 3.00 Eversley & California v Worcester Park 3.00 Farleigh Rovers v
  6. I have had one or two unexpected issues which have taken time to resolve. I hope to have them on the site and circulated to clubs later today or tomorrow morning at the latest. Apologies for delay.
  7. We have a bit of a daft situation at the moment in that there are 5 CCL web sites There is the "official" one which Mal (above) updates. I try to keep the Pitchero site updated with news, etc. We also have (or did have) Mitoo, although I think that can be written off now There is also Full-Time which is the quickest for results as it updates immediately clubs text them in (although the others are not far behind), whilst a gentleman by the name of Reg Miles also maintains an unofficial CCL web site. They all show fixtures and results and league table, etc. although, as I say, M
  8. They are all on the CCL web site: http://combinedcounties.pitchero.com/match-info/fixtures/2016-08 There are no Div One fixtures for Sat 13/8 yet as I was waiting for a couple of clubs to confirm their ground availability. I have that info now and will put them on the web site later. It is correct that there is only one Div One fixture on Sat 6/8 as only two clubs in Div One (apart from those in the FA Cup) wanted to play on that date.
  9. League fixtures can not be put together until Ryman League publish their fixtures due to ground shares of Epsom & Ewell & Dorking at Ryman League clubs. The Ryman League fixtures are due out this Friday. The Southern League are also due to issue theirs this Friday. Some leagues don't have too many ground shares, if any, but if you try to anticipate fixtures involving clubs in ground share situations, it inevitably results in more alterations and we have enough of those as it is, thanks to postponements, cup runs, etc. I prefer to wait until I have as much information as possib
  10. The Board met last night and accepted my recommendations for the start of the season, following the news about the FA Cup, and they can now be viewd on the web site. It makes for something of a messy start to the season but we are just trying to do our best for the clubs. League fixtures for the period 1 - 10 August will probably be announced earlier than the rest of the season..
  11. I don't believe we require permission to start on any particular date, although the FA do tell us the date by which we have to finish. I have now had views from many of our clubs and, having raised the matter with other Step 5/6 League Secretaries, I have been gathering their views as well. With one possible exception, most of the other leagues who have responded are as aggrieved as most of us, especially as there was no consultation whatsoever at our level and also because of the very late notice. Clubs and leagues could at least have prepared had the situation been known earlier. F
  12. Add Sandhurst v Farleigh to the list of postponements
  13. The following games are postponed so far today: PREMIER DIVISION AFC Hayes v SCR Badshot Lea v Knaphill Cove v Colliers Wood United (re-arranged for Tue 19 Apr) Westfield v Bedfont Sports DIVISION ONE Banstead Athletic v Sheerwater Dorking Wanderers Res v Ash United
  14. I tend to agree that it would be unfair and very disappointing for any club in Division One to be be denied promotion if, for example, two (or more) clubs are relegated into our Premier Division from Step 4 with only one going up. However, the possibility has to be pointed out (it is better that clubs know in advance rather than coming as a major shock in the middle of May) and it could be argued that there should only be two promotion places anyway in a division of just 17 clubs. However, should we have a rule to say that as many clubs will be relegated from the Premier Division as neces
  15. Current projections (presumably taken from the TK forum) are no more than the instigator's predictions but with no inside knowledge and are often completely wrong - did any of them predict that AFC Hayes, for example, would come to us this season? Anyone can sit down with a map and make predictions but that is all it is. It won't be until after the May meetings at the FA that we will know who's going where, and every season there are surprises. Neither would I risk any money that Farnborough FC will be in the CCL next season.
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