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  1. The club phone number could not be much bigger on the web site. From the home page click on "contact the club" which seems reasonable enough to me and it's there in large letters for all to see.
  2. I am very sorry to advise that League Vice-Chairman and Youth Fixture Secretary, Tony Ford died yesterday. He felt unwell on Saturday morning and was rushed to hospital but sadly died soon afterwards. I have no further information at present. He will be sadly missed by the CCL to say the least and our sincere commiserations go to wife Gill and all Tony's family.
  3. Same as last season (except for Exeter City supporters, where they have doubled.)
  4. The match official appointments for August have been sent to clubs today. They can usually only be sent out at the last minute because we have to wait for FA appointments at higher levels before ours can be released. If we don't do that we then have a lot of alterations.
  5. You might have a long wait! I don't know what exactly is meant by "after 3.00 pm on Friday" - that could mean Saturday or whatever. Would have been easier if they had said "at 3.00 p.m." As soon as the details are available, I will put them on the website as I doubt the FA will email them to every single club.
  6. Only the relevant County could give you a definite answer as to County Cups but we have seen specifically designated U21 sides in both the Surrey and Middlesex Premier Cups. For Division One clubs, whose main County Cup is the Premier Cup, they would have to look at the Intermediate Cups I would have thought. The FA has now sanctioned the new competition so it will go ahead, hopefully with between 8-12 clubs. Following my memo to all clubs a little while ago, 8 gave a commitment at the time but even though the memo specified that it would be a midweek competition one or two seemed to think it would be a Saturday competition and may pull out, although there will be no problem (except possibly finding spare officials) if two clubs wish to play on a Saturday. So long as there are six clubs minimum, we will get it going and we will now accept applications from clubs from outside the CCL, so long as they are within our area.and they are not denying one of our member clubs a place. Once it's up and running, membership will hopefully increase.
  7. The proposed Under-21 Division has been introduced only because it was requested by a number of clubs at the AGM. It is not a money making exercise and it has already been agreed that clubs wishing to enter will only have to pay an additional £30 affiliation, to cover basic costs. Those who wish to enter can do so, Those who don't, don't have to. It is an entirely voluntary competition. A full explanation of how it would work was sent to all clubs a little while back.
  8. I will try to clarify if I can. Firstly the proposed re-structure, if it goes ahead, which does seem likely, will have effect from season 2018-2019 so will have no bearing upon the situation at the end of the current season. Our rules are reasonably clear in that, ideally, we have a three up, three down procedure between the Premier Division and Division One. However, it is down to vacancies and it is always possible that only two (or even less in an extreme example) may be able to go up from Division One. It all depends upon club movements at the end of the season, as dictated by the FA. The situation will not become clear until the FA make their decisions as to who comes into our League and who goes out, when they consider promotion from the Premier Division to Step 4 and relegation from Step 4 to Step 5, along with any sideways movements. If, for example, our champion club goes up but two clubs are relegated to us from Step 4 (which happened two seasons ago when both Redhill and AFC Hayes came to us) and the bottom three are relegated, then if nothing else happened, we would have a net total of 21 clubs left in the Premier. In those circumstances only one would probably be able to go up from Division One as it is unlikely the FA would again allow us to have 23 clubs in the Prem, when every other Step 5 league has 22 or less, and they are looking to reduce our numbers the following season anyway. I don't think that will happen as the FA will be likely to adjust the situation through sideways movements but the bottom line is that clubs in Division One need to be aware now, that not all the top three may be able to go up which has always been the case. I strongly suspect that the FA will take note of such a situation and that one or more clubs currently in our Premier Division, or eligible for promotion from Div One, will be moved sideways at the end of the season. The situation regarding the likely re-structure for season 2018-2019 seems to be that around 16 additional clubs over the norm will have the opportunity to move up from Step 5 to Step 4, which is approximately one from each Step 5 league but nothing is certain yet and there is some supposition that the additional clubs will largely be selected from leagues in the north to correct an assumed imbalance. Quite what effect the whole thing will have upon our Division One remains to be seen, given that the four clubs without the full requirements of Grade G are due to forcefully relegated at the end of season 2017-2018 unless they can do the necessary work. It is perhaps worth bearing in mind that 2 or 3 promotion places from 16 or 18 clubs is maybe not too bad in comparison with the clubs in the Prem where it is usually 1 promotion place from 22 clubs (23 this season)
  9. Just Dorking v Farleigh to add to the above list. Everything else on as far as I know
  10. Sheerwater v Cobham, definitely on according to the club. Doubtful at NGU and Epsom Athletic. Unlikely to be able to give any updates after 11.00 a.m.
  11. Formatting not quite right but hopefully understandable
  12. I have now uploaded the Div One fixtures for Sat 13 August to Pitchero, although they sometimes take a while to appear. They have also been emailed to Div One club officials. They are as follows: DIVISION ONE Banstead Athletic v Bagshot 3.00 Chessington & Hook United v Ash United 3.00 Cove v Cobham 3.00 Eversley & California v Worcester Park 3.00 Farleigh Rovers v Dorking 3.00 Frimley Green v Redhill 3.00 Sheerwater v Balham 3.00 South Park Res v Epsom Athletic 3.00 Staines Lammas v AC London 3.00 The full annual list will be sent out next week.
  13. I have had one or two unexpected issues which have taken time to resolve. I hope to have them on the site and circulated to clubs later today or tomorrow morning at the latest. Apologies for delay.
  14. We have a bit of a daft situation at the moment in that there are 5 CCL web sites There is the "official" one which Mal (above) updates. I try to keep the Pitchero site updated with news, etc. We also have (or did have) Mitoo, although I think that can be written off now There is also Full-Time which is the quickest for results as it updates immediately clubs text them in (although the others are not far behind), whilst a gentleman by the name of Reg Miles also maintains an unofficial CCL web site. They all show fixtures and results and league table, etc. although, as I say, Mitoo can be disregarded now. We probably need to consolidate but without giving any secrets away, there is a difference of view within the Board as to which one we should choose. Some, of course, say the more the merrier!
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