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  1. Can you in the fullness of time delete the offending posts and replace thread? Up to you Ian,. Dorking must have given you a lot of grief over the years, come down and I'll buy you a drink!
  2. I think I'd like Ian to clarify if it came from DFC. Hate forum chats being shut. Make your point argue your case. Don't shut comment.
  3. It's gone now I see. Did Ian say it came from DFC ? I think he said via a solicitor?
  4. Having checked that out it looks pretty clear cut bar a revival, so the Coco Prem looks done, and the CoCo div one promotion is the only thing left to worry about. In January (Just) God I'm depressed, must be the weather.....
  5. And they play each other? Sorry my point is 3rd place gets you promoted I think? So top two shouldn't worry you, Its those getting past you in 3rd? Not trying to be a smart arse but div 1 looking more interesting at the top than Prem, and three threatening to come up doesn't happen every season as Dorking know damn well! Which three might might come down from Prem?
  6. Crikey, wasn't too many years ago I saw Spurs at Tranmere...Have to wonder who might turn up at the new Meadowbank if Wanderers ever get a cup run going.
  7. Frimley green were there before I was at 13.00 Our side were in time. So were linesmen Would be rude if I blamed anyone for 13.04 ko. Or 14.11 second half ko.
  8. Dfc lost 3-1 Although if you over stayed in the bar we won one nil.
  9. GoHaG you indicated you might offer your services if it wasn't for your island trips. Just saying you could help even from Internet land it's not a pre requisite of posting. I can advise that the new owners decided that playing out of town at Horley could mean the club got forgotten by the good people of Dorking so a high level of communication was needed. Twitter and website being a large part of that As we move back into the "parish" the Twitter match feeds may drop off to goals, scorers subs. As I've said many a time games are free to anyone to watch, results aren't secret but we aren't reporting PSFs. Jeff Hamnerr
  10. Just tried the Corinthian casuals web and Twitter Can't see score. They best Horley by 8 so a good weekend for them.
  11. I'd like to restate the club doesn't report friendlies We advertise them as we like people to come enjoy chat watch etc. Results really don't matter. That having been said I think it may have been level st half time and constant rolling subs used by both sides. DFC lost by maybe 6-1? Casuals bought in some decent players who made a difference. I know a lot of pics were taken go google. Although I don't know if they are on net. GoHaG. I'm hoing to assume you're genuine for a minute. You don't have to choose twixt Wanderers and DFC. Why not go down to the charity game and offer your help. The brief time you spend on here would benefit any non league club. Jeff Hamnett
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