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  1. Good story. How old is your teacher? Get him nominated on the Surrey awards or similar fashion
  2. I think it's safe to say if you live in the Dorking area and want to watch CCL football you may need to go to South Park or Redhill for your nearest grounds.
  3. This has been covered but the thread got deleted Wanderers Reserves applied to rejoin CCL but it was too late according to the FA
  4. It's a way a young lad can join his preferred local youth football setup and get first class coaching on an all weather pitch. If he is one of the better players at his age group he'd get the opportunity to represent the town for the XxxxxWanderers age group teams. Then there's the prospect of the academy for further education both football and academically. Under 18 football at a higher level than the town has had for some time Then first steps in Adult football via Xxxxwanderers reserves with a chance to first team progression. I think that's how it's planned and if Xxxxxxians could be used or use the pathway it would be even better These forums can be good places to advertise and promote clubs plans and ambitions and it's a pity some people can't see that and choose to shut down discussion when one or two criticise.
  5. Blackpool chairman who sued a supporter for online comments, whilst guilty of doing similar himself.
  6. He played for XXxxxxx FC in goal at dare I say Meadowbank a few years back. Think he played higher level as a GK. his. Quick Reactions as a keeper obviously helped him as a striker. Maybe his reactions to being subbed and to referees held him back a bit. I was surprised he scored so many but those who knew him better weren't. Interesting topic Burger. We had a lad who had been a GK at academy level but played outfield for us. Had to take over in goal one game and was outstanding but didn't want to play as GK ongoing
  7. Xxxxxxxx Wanderers vets entered and were drawn against Xxxxxxx FC. Xxxxxx WFC vets withdrew allowing Xxxxxxx FC a bye to the Semi. Epic game v Reigatians saw XxxxxxFC get to the final. It's not the World Cup. It's far bigger. Silver coloured but bigger. Come on you Xxxxxxxxxx. And on a less cynical note good luck to Xxxxians FC who finished fourth in the top Southern amateur division Well done Xxxxxxxx Wanderers vets who had great success this year. And good luck to Simon Steve Matt and the great lads playing for the club I've supported all my life Good luck to my old school's club I played for and I think won this cup with Not sure I can watch it. It would be like watching two ex girlfriends I loved in my twenties squabbling over who got my punk record collection
  8. I can't pretend I like this. I wonder how many more twists we'll see.
  9. Without casting aspersions on any potential new clubs perhaps we should remember South Kilburn. On another unrelated note I see there maybe a ref strike this weekend in adult grassroots football. On another unrelated note I see the FA accepted AC London appeal and they play again in the cup game. Maybe have a look who's outside before opening the door. I repeat no aspersions cast at any application from any club
  10. Yep Tanners they are, ask JR but they do have a swan on their badge. Anyway budget cut, bottom of division, get in a ground sharer lets see how that goes. Doomed. They are all doomed... I blame the council....
  11. Can you in the fullness of time delete the offending posts and replace thread? Up to you Ian,. Dorking must have given you a lot of grief over the years, come down and I'll buy you a drink!
  12. I think I'd like Ian to clarify if it came from DFC. Hate forum chats being shut. Make your point argue your case. Don't shut comment.
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