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  1. A good victory and he gives the sport plenty of credit - let's hope he can do it again in the future. Well done Jenson.
  2. Well, it looks as if there ever was a chance of the Ebbsfleet fans coming back to this forum the quality of posting from these prats purporting to know the ways of the world have just destroyed it... Sorry FansFocus, looks like you've lost us again.
  3. From what I remember what's happening now is exactly what we forecast when MyFC bought the club -doesn't matter about any amount of 'griping' if the MyFC members were serious, they would have made it work. If the opportunity you bought into didn't work out you have no-one but yourselves to blame, not us... there have been plenty 'get rich quick' schemes throughout history - you just got suckered into another one... They hardly brought the club 'to it's knees' - rather they took the club as far as they could go, which when you look at the size of the crowds was no mean achievement. they then did what any sensible businessman would do - they sold on... Business is business... Guess you could say they cut a pretty sharp deal for their money... Doesn't sink in does it.... Ebbsfleet didn't mess up - the owners did.... if the tail wagged the dog who was to blame - poor management by the owners... a bunch of rookies and computer geeks playing at businessmen who got shafted quite easily by the man who dreamed up the scheme. So be it, if that what it takes for us to be rid of you and get back to being a proper football club again... Then stop posting on the Ebbsfleet part of this forum... God, some of you lot are so green, you simply have no idea do you...
  4. Sadly, the thread is in the Ebbsfleet section of this forum which is probably why you find us reading and then replying to you. Now, if it were in a section headed 'Southill Alexandria' I for one would never have read it...
  5. Well, wherever we end up, I'm pretty certain we'll have more than 16 spectators at a game...
  6. I certainly feel with his last few interviews that maybe his frustration is starting to show though and we're beginning to see the beginning of the end of his term as manager
  7. No probs. I like people who tidy up their mistakes...
  8. In which case I would hope there is some very serious head scratching going on within MyFC as to what to do next to remedy the situation...
  9. You've raised some very good points there - I can't speak for anyone else, but certainly in my case if I was in a position to do it, I would pay £150 a year to help bankroll the club.... hopefully there would be enough supporters to do the same and I'm sure there are some MyFC members who feel enough for the club to do so if it all does go tits up.... Maybe if it happens we need some sort of co-operative to step in and take over the club.... Just a thought....
  10. You know, on the forum I moderate on, that would be put down as trolling....
  11. Well that's a good sign - at least we can all still apologise to each other on here!
  12. Main concern ought to be working out how to keep the MyFC membership at least at it's present level for the good of the club...
  13. Trouble is you have to trust people sometimes and it can easily go wrong - I'm a mod on another forum and one of our fellow mods who seemed really nice and totally sound went around deleting posts and topics and members for no reason at all until we had to axe her in the end....
  14. Thank you for your apology - I for one appreciate that. We all make mistakes sometimes.
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