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  1. Originally Posted By: fleetzone Who's Ed? Perhaps me, Fleetzone. But I'm not you as far as I know...
  2. Hi Jeff... it wasn't Reggie but Richard Savage who played for us then.
  3. As long as someone is providing them (and I'm not 100% sure!) text updates can be found here: http://www.ebbsfleetunited.co.uk/eufc/in...&Itemid=100
  4. Could be the YouTube video of a goal embedded in it. I'll take it out and see if crappy old IE works then... Firefox is fine cos Firefox is wonderful.
  5. He ain't heavy, he's... Delicate...
  6. Originally Posted By: gaspode I know that my season ticket is not valid for tonight, but does anybody know if my son's Junior Fleet membership will get him in, or will he have to clean the car in order to earn his entrance fee? He'll have to get out his sponge I'm afraid Gaspode, it's all-pay for everyone for an FA Cup tie.
  7. Originally Posted By: mikefleet best time to do it as well, as we aren't at home for just under a month now!! Mike, are you ruling out the FA Cup First Round already?
  8. Contain your excitement, but we're away to... ...Eastbourne.
  9. Originally Posted By: urine trouble maybe ex-fleet and england player jimmy bullard! Top of the class for UT: http://www.ebbsfleetunited.co.uk/eufc/in...&Itemid=100
  10. If you could direct any complaints to Bosnian Serb paramilitaries who delayed me as I tried to smuggle myself and that photo of Luke Moore out of Sarajevo tonight, I'd be most grateful...
  11. Originally Posted By: eufckev Just hope the rain don't put a stop to proceedings, though nothings been said. There's been flooding in Gloucestershire Forest Green have phoned to say there is no danger of it being rained off - just haven't been in a position to stick it on the website yet so spread the word!!
  12. Jackson and Wilkins are at Folkestone Invicta, Adebowale's some kind of male model, Booth is at Havant, Billenness I think at Erith, Dimmock at Cray. The Smiths, Mitch Crawley, Kirk Dodgson and Phil Dean are probably still knocking about somewhere at low level, and Tony Dolby was in management with Hastings and Tonbridge. Not all those players necessarily played in the same team as Bullard as they might have joined the squad after his transfer to West Ham, but without checking Jackson and Wilkins definitely did.
  13. Here you go: 1. Adebowale, Andy 2. Billennes, Glen 3. Booth, Paul 4. Brodrick, Darren 5. Brown, Simon 6. Browne, Tony 7. Buglione, Martin 8. Bullard, Jimmy 9. Bunn, Jamie 1. Callinan, Steve 11. Campbell, Corey 12. Chaplin, Matt 13. Clark, Roy 14. Cooper, Mark 15. Crawley, Mitch 16. Dean, Phil 17. Dennis, Lennie 18. Desborough, Micky 19. Dimmock, Richar
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