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  1. I presume they won't be seeking to groundshare at their closest neighbours Cheshunt FC..As Cheshunt will probably looking to groundshare themselves soon whilst the new housing estate and shops are being built.
  2. Not an Town player but related to our league. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/18608194/tottenham-cardiff-ollie-tanner-lewes/?utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=sunfootballfacebook180522&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1652880249
  3. Glad there are more seaside fixtures and less south london fixtures than there was a few seasons ago.
  4. I think we have to accept that we (as a club) decided to secure and guarantee our long term future by putting in place a fan owned system that prevents one person being able to buy and sell the club (and the stadium).We put that in place because of how events unfolded with the chairman at Enfield fc. Unfortunately when you run a club based on just reinvesting gate money and bar money,you will always find 4 or 5 teams in your given league that are currently being funded by a businessman chairman.Sometimes this investment last 5 years or maybe even 10/20/30 if they are lucky.And success will come with that cash investment. Even this week we learn that the historic Basingstoke Town Ground has just been given planning permisssion for a new housing estate with no prospect of a new ground to play at.The money man chairman who purchased the club 10 years ago is now using the site for housing.Sounds very familiar to what happened at Enfield FC..A chairman that owns a club outright is very risky nowadays what with the price of building land..And even if your current chairman is honourable and doesn't sell you dowin the river ,there is no guarantee the next person he sells it to will not do just that! Supporter owned clubs will grow more slowly than financed clubs and maybe not win as much, but they are ensuring the club and the stadium will be right there at the heart of the community for their own lifetimes and for many generations to come
  5. Is spending money on the ground not a false economy? Isn't it going to be knocked down once the new housing estate starts going up and a new 'purpose built' ground built after the flats are finsihed? Also finding a conference standard groundshare will be harder to find and more expensive.Can't think of the nearest one to Cheshunt? St Albans /Billericay/Braintree maybe?
  6. Joe was unfortunately taunting the fans behind the goal.He only did it for about 10 seconds but it wasn't needed and was enough to get a lot pf people angry behind the goal I doubt many of the younsters having a go at Joe during the game were.. (1).Regular supporters.(2).Even recognise Joe if they are fairly new fans.Also to be fair most clubs give their previous players a hard time.Not many players in the modern game show much loyalty to clubs nowadays.
  7. Firstly i'd like to praise our players for giving 100% effort and commitment last night.And to our management team for lots of hard work on getting us to this play-off semi final. Unfortunately the pitch made it impossible to play decent football on for both sides.We need to find a way of getting water on the pitch.If we couldn't manage it for the most important game in 25 years i do worry. Now to the actual action: The looks of surprise on the faces behind the goal when the starting 11 was read out was telling.To play a formation and three man frontline that has hardly been played all season was surprising.Hornchurch won the game by width and targeting our full backs..We decided to go extremely narrow and drop our only wide player (and one of our best players) in order to fit 3 up top.Our two in midfield worked their socks trying to cope with being outnumberd in the centre of the park. The end of the game was a sour note also. Joe Wright goading the Enfield fans was poor show.So was the idiot who ran onto the field to confront him.
  8. Well done to Andy and the team for making top 3..I have always felt it so important to secure a home tie in the first play-off.Very happy.And it also means we haven't got to try to get to (and play at ) the difficult and less than ideal Hornchurch ground.
  9. Don't quite agree.Yes it has been a good season considering the pre-season..But no one should get bonus points for being under prepared or not having a stong enough squad before the season kicked off.Especially as the managment team has been with us for a good few years As i have said before we are about 6th in the league for attendances.And about 6th for budget..So 4th and a loss in the first play-off IS just above average..Only if we actually get promoted from 4th would it be a great season.
  10. After the ups and downs of a long campaign ,it boils down to this. 1.Loose in the first play-off = Slightly above average season 2.Loose in the play-off final = Good season 3.Win the play-off final = Great season
  11. The way we play on hard grounds compared to our mid season form,i would say hopefully the former.
  12. It might be that certain teams are less effected by a hard bobbly surface than others.The sort of teams that like to play a pressing game.The sort of teams that don't have players that dribble with the ball much ,or play a short passing game.Big strong teams that play direct percentage football tend to thrive.A bad pitch tends to become a leveler and the lesser sides become harder to beat.
  13. The pitch was good apart from a few bald patches.The concern is the lack of watering the pitch gets, making the surface bone hard with pronounced bounce.This makes getting the ball under control before being shut down very difficult and results in the ball being above waste height for half of the game..We are not alone with this problem at this level as most teams find it hard to get enough water on the pitches..One of the reasons we normally suffer in late season play-off's and finals, where more physical more direct teams tend to prosper.
  14. Only if we get them at home.Can't see us turning them over twice at their ground in the same season
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