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  1. I very much doubt our league will restart until paying fans are allowed back in to grounds..Hopefully that will be by the start of next seasons friendlies.
  2. I was talking about agreeing a new structure for the management/playing staff.Rather than putting it straight into place under current circumstances.Roll it out when things are more back to normal
  3. Think the board need to use this time of extended non activity to re-assess the complete structure of the management and playing staff..I would be happy with a complete reset.We need a smaller,more tight knit,less transient playing sqaud that are loyal to the manager.We need to instill a better bond between our supporters and the playing sqaud
  4. Don't think many of us are that bothered about the 'coming's-and-going's' of players at the moment. With a club (and league) that seemily do not want to resume until the start of next season,it will have to be a complete rebuild of the squad anyway.(With only those who couldn't get into/got rejected by a conference south side left standing. I'd be more worried about retaining our core supporter base rather than retaining transient playing staff
  5. National league and above still playing. Another null & void season for our league by the look of it
  6. Lets be honest.No current or past Town player would get anywhere near a best combined 11..In fact i could pick 6 or 7 teams before a Town player would get picked (excluded players that have represented both teams,of course). This is not slight on the many fine players who have represented Town.It's just that Enfield FC had so many great teams that played at a much higher level than Town currently have done.If we keep progressing then hopefully in the future i may be able to include some Town players in my best 11.
  7. Let's put this into some perspective here. Covid has been a threat for a long time now..Up until recently we as a club had fans packed into small stands behind the goals.singing and dancing away together. A few short weeks later people are being called 'idiots' for wanting to not be alone on christmas day They say a week is a long time in football.Just as a month is a long time in life.
  8. Did i say it would be easy? Funding and building an new bar/venue will be a very big undertaking both finacially and in the planning (Just as no doubt it was when the Starlight rooms were added to Southbury Rd)..This is not pie in the sky and this possibility has already been actively looked at by the club Securing the very best manager possible at this level and within out financial structure should be of utmost importance for any club board.Not being willing to accept mediocre performances should also be important Filling the squad will loyal (rther than transient players)mi
  9. I think we may have lost a significant portion of players,supporters,helpers because of this second period of non-activity With this season already looking like a null & void, think it's time for our club to take stock of what we have so far achieved since our formation and more importantly where we want to be heading and how we will achieve that I personally feel we need three things to progress to where we want to be 1.We need an income stream.Probably via a new entertainment/bar venue 2.Always try to employ the best team manager possible as this level and to never ac
  10. Clubs seem to be able to still play friendlies with no problem at all (With no gate or bar)..Maybe they don't have to pay squad wages when playing friendlies? Who knows?
  11. Our league took the gamble to come to a halt.In the hope that the matches could be played later on in the season when all teams could have fans attend and club bar's would allowed to be open. The gamble is that if these games are never ultimately played,the clubs have forever lost the gates receipts for those games (needlessly?) cancelled
  12. I think the ambition to get back to the top of non-league football may be unrealistic.Not because we couldn't recreate what the old EFC had in terms of attendance figures and income (through building an entertainment venue in the mould of the old Starlight Rooms),BUT because the game has moved on a lot since ETFC were formed.That blueprint of 800-odd fans and revenue through a small entertainment venue would not be enough to dominate the non-league game,as it was 30-40 years ago..Nowadays the top of the non-league game is all about rich chairmen and full time staff on full time wages. Say
  13. The majority of clubs in our league do not a have rich chairmen but are run on a shoe string.We can compete very well against those clubs because we have a larger fanbase than most of them and are a well run secure club..Unfortunately there will always be a few clubs each season that will be heavily funded by a sugar daddy chairman,These clubs might only shine for a few seasons before the money runs out (or the interest from their chairman runs out),but there will always be several johnny-come-lately clubs that are better funded that the more frugal securely run clubs such as ours in any given
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