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  1. 3 out of your 4 were Herts Charity Cup😅 The other was Isthmian Div2 19 years ago
  2. At Enfield fc 25 years ago we though we had a owner who was in it for the long haul .A chairman with great ideas and ambition.Bringing the money in.Hiring the ground out to Saracens Rugby club to bring in extra revenue.New Flats and Housing planned on site enabling a new modern stadium.We just might have to groundshare somehwere else for a season or two while it is all being built..You get the general idea.
  3. 12 trophies since Town were formed in 2001.In that same 20 years Cheshunt picked up 4 trophies.
  4. Class is permanent.Chairman who bankroll smaller clubs are temporary
  5. I did predict a dramatic dip on their average attendance.Always been the same.As soon as it's a cup competition and some of the gate receipts have to go to the away team .The official attendance seems to plummet
  6. Only outoor events with more than 10,000 people in attendance need a covid passport
  7. I'm sure the official crowd will be well under the average home gate.Normally happenes in cup games when you have to give a percentage of the gate receipts to the away team.Creative accounting i think it's called😕
  8. He was always going to leave at the first oppotunity of higher level football.Thought he had committed to ETFC for a minimum peroid though.? (4 months i think it may have been). The acid test is how we perform in the second half of the season without Mo (and Bicknell)
  9. Great result.Sounds like the first half could have been the best we have played for some time.The attacking options are also starting to look exciting at last
  10. We lhave lost lots of players to higher teams because of a lack of contracts (and the 7 day rule) at this level.How about using it to our benefit for once and try to sign players like Ofori.? Have we got a scout that tracks players in the leagues directly below ours?
  11. I tend to discount any new (new-ish) forum member that arrives on here and straight away focuses in on criticizing long standing supporters and forum members for 'criticizing' They no doubt mean well,but are abviously just associated with either the current management or players of the club rather than being fans who transend any player or managment comings-and-goings. So many have started posting on here over the years and then disappeared once themselves or their 'boy' has left the club
  12. To be fair they haven't started the season any better than we have.And we play in a higher league AND are at home.Will be very disappointed if we don't win the tie
  13. I think the Haringay game will be a very good barometer of how out season will pan out..Bounce back with a win against a good team and i can see us finishing top 6..A draw would indicate a final position of about 7th-9th.Another loss on the bounce and i can see mid-table looming
  14. Reasonably pleased with the perfomance.Was fairly enjoyable and some good play was produced.Percy impressed.Mo was a class above and lewis worked his socks off (needs to up his fitness though.Sure that will happen with a good run of injury free games).Lots of players i wasn't familiar with but so far so good.As i always say the real test of any progression will be how we fair against the top 6 clubs in the league Don't think our manager was at the game today?
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