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  1. Happy to do so.I've been ignoring him all week!. But he keeps mentioning me.Thinking i am posting under someone else's name.
  2. Can we not require every player to sign a 'nominal' contract at start of the season? (With real wages coming in the form of appearance and bonus money?) Otherwise find players that are willing to commit for a full season.Is there a minimum payment to retain a player on a contract?
  3. Is a 7 day approach only allowed for non-contracted players.Or all players?
  4. I think more player loyalty and a more settled squad is needed in order for supporters to form bonds with the players. Finances and the bosman /league rules are not helping.I think we maybe need to impose our own rules in order to stabilize the club.
  5. I think the club needs to get a grip of the in's and outs of the playing squad.Too much turnover.Not enough information.The bond between playing squad and fans is important. Also the official website ,although visually impressive is not simple or clear enough to navigate.Latest club news should always clearly dominate the main page.(Like the back page of a newspaper if you like).Fixtures and latest club news should be on full view without the need to click on anything.To much going on and too many options on the main page currently.
  6. Andy Leese can't afford to lose the majority of his squad and start rebuilding again.He found it difficult putting together a competitive squad from scratch when he first arrived.His best hope was to build on an assembled, stable squad. I am now very concerned about the upcoming season.These players that Andy brought in (and that we are losing) have only got us to mid table .Can you see him getting better replacements in? Let alone as good as what we are losing. Unfortunately i think we may need someone in who can bring the nucleolus of a new team with him.
  7. Quite outspoken for only your second post.Have you just got a computer or are you new supporter ??
  8. You have got yourself a very good keeper.Luckily we have replaced him with a very good keeper also.
  9. This is part of the trouble with football at this level.Lack of loyalty from players results in a consistantly high turnover .Making it difficult for fans to form bonds with the players who represent their clubs.Football at this level has turned into the bad old days of the premier league,where a couple of teams with the most money can have their pick of any players from any other teams. I think the FA and leagues at this level need put workable structures in place to maintain more settled squads throughout the season.It's getting to the stage where a rival player can score against you 5 or 6 times a season for various different clubs. How about.Once a player signs a contract before the start of the season he cannot play for another club (at the same level) until there is a transfer window -say 6 weeks into the season-..Then there should maybe only be one more transfer window just after halfway through the season. Even at Sunday league level the restrictions on player movement are far stricter than at our level.Something needs to be done because i feel that this constant turnover of players is effecting attendances and the integrity of the leagues.
  10. On the flip side the lack of contracts at this level should also make it fairly easy to sign new quality players as well.That is why a good scouting system is more vital at this level than most others.Also a manager or board member/s who has the 'gift of the gab' at selling our club to potential new players and pursuading them to join .( even without the lure of a big money contract).
  11. Cheshunt also only have 1 trophy in the last 10 years.
  12. 12 Trophies (and 6 runners -up) in the 18 years since formation. Cheshunt FC : 20 trophies in 139 years
  13. As someone who recommended AL for the job a good decade ago,i feel i can comment from a neutral viewpoint.He has not been a disaster and the trophy this season has been very welcolme.BUT i feel his two seasons in charge have been (at best) average and so has the playing style.I would say that over 75% of the fanbase would like to see a change of manager.I'm sure the board are fully aware of that.If they want to give AL one more season to prove himself then i will back the board in that decision.Even if i don't necessarily agree with it.
  14. I presume the homes will be built before the new stadium is?.Who will you be ground sharing with whilst out of the borough? (We went to Boreham Wood ) As i say,i hope it all goes well.Having the land to be able to build a 3G must have been nice for your chairman.I'm sure its making lots of money.As is the clubhouse and other teams hiring the ground.I'm sure he is happy with the amount of building land that came with the site also..Glad he is being restained with the players budget though.😉If you get a better stadium and a secure future in the decades to come then fair play to him..Only time will tell.
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