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  1. Do we really want players who are unwilling to commit to one solitary season with our club? If they are not willing to commit,then maybe those players should be on expenses only.The lure of more money under contract would encourage them to sign.
  2. I thought the 7 day approach only applied to registered (but non-contracted) players.
  3. I remember a much smaller club than ETFC (Hoddesdon) having every player on nominal contracts ( In the 90's it was something like £5 a week) just so this situation did not occur if a bigger club tried to sign one of their players. I'd be happier if every Town player committed to a nominal seasons contract before being allowed to play for us.I'd also be happy to lose the services of those players not willing to commit to playing for us for a full season. I feel this would also help the fast turnover of players at this level and the lack of connection between the fans and playing squad that this causes.
  4. Mo was being 'rewarded a bit more than we would like' financially to play for Town this season..Andy Leese words. Are we saying these payments were not part of a contract.The sort that Billy and a few others are on? And if he was on a contract why did we not receive a Transfer fee?
  5. £4500 for winning first qualifier £6750 for winning this round (£2250 to the loser) £11250 for winning 3rd qualifying round
  6. We seem to have the U23's , Ladies team and Ladies U14's fixtures all mixed together with the first team fixtures on the website.Making browsing our fixtures not as easy as when the new website was originally produced..Especially i can imagine for casual/away team fans. Are all these home fixtures to be played at the QE? The Ladies U14 game has a kick off of 9.30am,so i presume that is not at the stadium?? Maybe fair enough if the U23 fixtures are added to the first team fixtures.But too random and confusing to lump the fixtures of every age group and section in with the first teams.
  7. To be fair Horsham went 2-1 up totally against the run of play.Up until then we had totally dominated for the previous 20 minutes.And had one of our numerous chances gone in to give US the 2-1 lead i felt confident we would have gone on to win the game.Unfortunately we got totally exposed on nearly every occasion Horsham counter attacked us. We need Mo fit and firing to partner Billy up top.We also need to replace half the defence.And the central midfield didn't seem to work either. Can see another season of the odd excellent performance followed by a bad one.Resulting in a finishing place of about 8-11 place again this season.Which will not be good enough
  8. Just had a look at the website.Not perfect but better.Easier to navigate quickly and with the important things on front page.
  9. Lots of clubs link their fans forum.Maybe they are official forums?
  10. Time we linked the forum /twitter /facebook on our main website.Lots of other clubs do..A simple disclaimer would suffice.
  11. ☺️ Encouraging first run out of the season by the sound of it.
  12. Most people posting, apart from yourself, are Enfield Town supporters.
  13. To be fair a fan owned club is different to normal clubs.Where every fan has one vote and everyone is equal.The club has the email address of every member. I don't think it is fair to say you must be involved more than just going to matches and paying to be a club member in order to be kept up to date with the goings on at the club.Do we really have to go to watch training or apply to be on the board in order to be privy to information or gossip that a 1/4 of the fanbase already seem to be aware of? But as i said earlier this debate happens every pre-season.Mainly because there is not much to talk about in the close season.
  14. I think we have to accept the higher echelon of supporters will be told club information before the run of the mill supporters..It no doubt happens the same at most other clubs.Would be nice for a fan owned club to do things slightly differently,but hey ho. Maybe the few who are aware of information or clubs news that not many others fans are privy to yet,get a bit of a kick out of it..Information is power after all. This is mainly pre-season bluster though and my main concern remains making the top 5 this coming season.And playing good attractive football in doing so.
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