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  1. Great result.Sounds like the first half could have been the best we have played for some time.The attacking options are also starting to look exciting at last
  2. We lhave lost lots of players to higher teams because of a lack of contracts (and the 7 day rule) at this level.How about using it to our benefit for once and try to sign players like Ofori.? Have we got a scout that tracks players in the leagues directly below ours?
  3. I tend to discount any new (new-ish) forum member that arrives on here and straight away focuses in on criticizing long standing supporters and forum members for 'criticizing' They no doubt mean well,but are abviously just associated with either the current management or players of the club rather than being fans who transend any player or managment comings-and-goings. So many have started posting on here over the years and then disappeared once themselves or their 'boy' has left the club
  4. To be fair they haven't started the season any better than we have.And we play in a higher league AND are at home.Will be very disappointed if we don't win the tie
  5. I think the Haringay game will be a very good barometer of how out season will pan out..Bounce back with a win against a good team and i can see us finishing top 6..A draw would indicate a final position of about 7th-9th.Another loss on the bounce and i can see mid-table looming
  6. Reasonably pleased with the perfomance.Was fairly enjoyable and some good play was produced.Percy impressed.Mo was a class above and lewis worked his socks off (needs to up his fitness though.Sure that will happen with a good run of injury free games).Lots of players i wasn't familiar with but so far so good.As i always say the real test of any progression will be how we fair against the top 6 clubs in the league Don't think our manager was at the game today?
  7. Great result.Actually looking forward to our first league home game now.
  8. Mo will probably only play for us if a better offer from another club does not come in before the start of the season.And even if he does play for us he won't sign a contract and will be off as soon as another club shows any interest..I would not bother unless he can commit to one full season with us.
  9. Andy Leese finished 11th and 11th with Chesham in the two seasons before he joined us.He has also averaged 11th place in the full seasons he has been with us. He seems a good bloke and a solid manager,but iwe haven't found a succesful style of play and anything resembling a settled side in the last 3-4 years
  10. I predicted this at the start of lockdown.As a club we had a big chance (and a lot of time) to reflect and put in place a new way forward We chose to stick and probably waste another season.Maybe the world and football will be in a more secure place at the start of next season to put a new bold plan and vision for the club in place? Who knows
  11. Football has been tagged with too many topical messages over the last 18 months.Enough to last a lifetime.
  12. Not for me.Like to keep campaigning and buzz-word slogans out of football Actual basic design is good though .(minus sash)
  13. We had a chance over the long covid period to reset the managment set-up/playing squad/and how we want to proceed as a club in the future. Got a feeling though that it will be the 'same old' .With probably 7 or 8 players still with us (the one's that no one else wanted),plus the usual revolving door of transient Level 7 players
  14. Not that fussed about the player comings and goings.Think we need a virtual clean sweep and a fresh start anyway.A new outlook.We should be looking to recruit players willing to commit to the club and that are good characters.Otherwise there will remain little connection between players and supporters with the current revolving door policy.
  15. Looking at a recent email it seems the ETFC board are under the impression that when next seasons league campaign starts, we will be restarting this seasons league campaign from the positions the clubs are currently in the table,rather than a new full season? Is this correct?😐
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