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  1. lovely stuff

    Enfield Town v Bishop's Stortford

    Well done to the players and the management. So the final is at Aveley? Any idea of the date and who we will be playing?
  2. lovely stuff

    35 years of Enfield football

    Yes i was with Anfield Towner at our first game v Nuneaton 35 years ago.Our first away game was a few weeks later at Barnet.We lost 3-2 but the atmosphere behind the goal that day hooked us into following Enfield/Town ever since.A shame really that we didn't start following the club 2 or 3 years before.We missed out on some great players and moments. (such as Barnsley At WHL).But still witnessed one of our greatest teams ever. Ps. AT .Don't forget to add: 2 Essex League Cups / 2 Middlesex Charity Cups/Gordon Brasted Trophy and the Isthmain League play-off final winners to the list of silverware.
  3. lovely stuff

    Hampton announce we have an on loan striker.

    Good signing.Hopefully Karl can fill in until Mo is back fit again.
  4. lovely stuff


    Clacton On Sea..Where are you based?
  5. lovely stuff


  6. lovely stuff


    Yes i'm sure there will be an official email giving the clubs breakdown of the AGM.Who spoke.What the clubs plan is for the future.etc I was asking more on your own individual perceptions of the mood in the room. Or if people were happy with the topic discussed or the answers given. But i'm sure those 'in the know'.Will like to keep it that way.Knowledge is power,after all ! (And by the way.I couldn't make the meeting because i now live a 3 hour round-trip away from Enfield.
  7. lovely stuff


    Any news on the AGM (non-classified of course).The general mood.Who spoke..etc.
  8. lovely stuff

    Town v Corinthian Casuals

    This season was the best chance for ages to actually win this league.Let alone finish top 5..The standard of the league this year is poorer then it has been previously and there are no big teams to compete against. I feared this season would be a wasted.We are basically playing the same standard of football that saw us finish bottom half last season.Even the big money signing of a proven striker only seems to have made limited differences.
  9. lovely stuff

    Velocity Trophy Semi Final Opponents

    It could also indicate that the club has started to splash a bit of cash.Which could mean they might be tougher opponents than their current league position suggests.
  10. lovely stuff

    We're in a Cup semi-final - anybody notice?

    Good result.Glad to see the youngsters doing well..Let's make sure we focus on winning this cup.Has been 11 years since we won silverware.This competition would be a good way to start filling up the trophy cabinet again.
  11. lovely stuff

    Bognor Regis Town v Enfield Town

    Very good win..Was the manager 10 minutes away from a sixth straight defeat and the dreaded call from the chairman? We will never know.