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  1. Great result. Never an easy place to go.
  2. Ladies lost 2-0 to Norwich in front a a sizable crowd at The Nest today..3G pitch favoured the home team.
  3. Not sure how this is allowed to keep happening but it always does.
  4. Good win against one of the weaker teams in our league. Both teams tried to play good football which made for an open entertaining game. Not sure we would have looked quite as convincing against a top half team but proves we can pick up points well in games such as this. Two great free kicks from Della Verde
  5. The Ladies won 3-0 away to Wroxham in the 4thQ of the FA cup on sunday in very testing conditions in front of a good sized crowd. They now play Norwich away (one league above) in the First Round proper on the 13 November. They secured £4000 for the club by winning on saturday. £6000 if they win in the next round.
  6. The score indicates a better performance so far today. Fingers crossed
  7. I'd be keeping an eye on what Nicky Ironton is doing at Walthamstow this season. i think he could have all the makings of a very good manager at this level.
  8. Season after season of constant change and constant inconsistency. Two decent performances followed by two poor one's..One poor half followed by one decent half..Very rarely have we produced a settled starting 11 playing a settled system/formation over the last 3-4 seasons. Cannot see our cautious and pragmatic board changing manager halfway through a season unless relegation becomes a real possibility but as it stands i feel a change will have to be made at the end of this campaign.
  9. The last two results have surprised (and pleased) me..I thought we were starting to struggle this season and could only see a mid to bottom half finish..The lack of goals was a big worry but 7 in the last two games is encouraging. Well done to Andy and the team on the turn around since the Canvey away game. Let's hope we can build on this rather than yo-yo from a couple good performances to a couple poor one's again.
  10. FT: 5-1 Dela Verde 10 subs used.
  11. Att: 67 4-0 currently Youngs.Thomas,Cunnington,,Coker
  12. If his form hadn't dropped off in the final part of last season he could have been playing for us in the Conference South rather than Havant & W. Nevermind.I think we need to move on from Mo.In the short term he did well for us and we did well for him.Good whilst it lasted but just another player going through the ever spinning revolving door.
  13. It's £20 membership.That business model ensures that the club will never shink.As does the 99 year lease on our stadium..I would say clubs that have good potential real estate and a single owner/chairman that can sell up at anytime are at far more risk than our business model..But the short term success that the later business model can achieve is harder to do with a supporter run club. Swings and roundabouts.After what happened to Enfield Fc i know which once i would prefer to rely on.
  14. Form (and big spending owners) are temporary..Class is permanent.
  15. Not all the time..Starmer got away with it.
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