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  1. lovely stuff

    Bognor Regis Town v Enfield Town

    Very good win..Was the manager 10 minutes away from a sixth straight defeat and the dreaded call from the chairman? We will never know.
  2. lovely stuff

    League Cup Update

    Its about time we won some silverware again and this seems a good route . Town won 11 Trophies in the first 11 years of formation .Between 2001-2011. We have not won anything in the last 7 years.
  3. lovely stuff

    No change, same old, same old.

    Our attendance figures and wages budget are in the top 6-7 in this league. With the Conifa money helping pay for a stella striker (at this level) in the form of Billy i expected more so far this season.Especially with the manager having a full season to bed in. Plus the fact that without any big name teams in the league this is probably the weakest league we have faced at this level. If there is a glimmer of hope.It is those couple big away wins so far,which were absent last season..
  4. lovely stuff

    Leatherhead v Enfield Town

    If you take Billys goals of out of the team.We seem to be reverting to the same quality and style of play that took us to 18th in the league last year. There have been some good football played in spells this year and some very good results this season so far.But there has also been just as many poor football played and poor results achieved.The second half of the season will determine the managers position.The board backed him by increasing the wage bill.Top 8 is an absolute minimum after going out of both FA competitions early.
  5. lovely stuff

    FA Trophy 10th November

    I think we have to differentiate between long term supporters and those 'supporters' who come and go when certain managers and players come and go from the club.
  6. lovely stuff

    Congrats Kirbs

    I think his busy social life was at odds with the last few managers.But will always be a Town legend.
  7. lovely stuff

    Enfield Town v Brightingsea Regent

    Thought we had a good spell in the first half.Some nice passing football being played from midfield.The rest of the game we were distinctly average. I would try Billy and Liam up top together.
  8. lovely stuff


    But Brads record during the season after the first 9 games was far superior to Andys. 'Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are pliable'
  9. lovely stuff

    Hall of Fame

    Rudi was also the first person i thought of. Liam Hope would be another good shout.
  10. lovely stuff

    Enfield Town v Bedford Town

    Had high hopes for this current squad after a positive start to the season.But to get so outplayed at home by a team from a lower league is worry ing.
  11. lovely stuff

    ETFC v Dorking Wanderers

    Played well.Good commitment and good attacking football on display from Town.But we seemed to fade in the last third of the game and allowed a team that had put us under no pressure all game to break and equalize against us.The same as in the Hornchurch game.
  12. lovely stuff

    Burgess Hill v Enfield Town

    Top of the league. .The manager seems to be delivering what we were looking to see.A settled side with a settled formation playing attractive attacking football..Early days but long may it continue.
  13. lovely stuff

    Enfield Town v AFC Hornchurch

    Good performance by The Town..Hornchurch never really looked threatening or put us under any pressure for most of the game. Its a game we should have won comfortably.
  14. lovely stuff

    Folkestone away

    Bricknall has a strain.So is on the bench. today.
  15. lovely stuff

    Old EFC photos

    Of Course.Thanks.