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  1. I presume the homes will be built before the new stadium is?.Who will you be ground sharing with whilst out of the borough? (We went to Boreham Wood ) As i say,i hope it all goes well.Having the land to be able to build a 3G must have been nice for your chairman.I'm sure its making lots of money.As is the clubhouse and other teams hiring the ground.I'm sure he is happy with the amount of building land that came with the site also..Glad he is being restained with the players budget though.😉If you get a better stadium and a secure future in the decades to come then fair play to him..Only time will tell.
  2. We are going to try for the next 20/50/100 years .Because we know we will always be here to do so.We will never be reliant on one businessman for our income or our very existence. EFC tried that and it didn't work.We were promised a brand new ground.Then promised another 99 years at Southbury Road.Then promised the money from selling the ground would be held in trust to build another ground.As i say good luck to you.I hope it works out,i really do.We have seen too many grounds and clubs fold under the pressure of businessman owners and the high price of building land.Most of the football grounds i watched football in during the 80's and 90's are no longer there because of housing.
  3. Enfield Town are run and owned by the supporters of the club..Cheshunt are run and owned by a property developer..Good luck in the future.I know which club has a better chance of still being around and at their current location in 30-40 years time.
  4. If my memory serves me correctly Andy Leese finished 11th and 11th in his last two seasons at Chesham.And 18th and now 11th in his first two seasons with Enfield town.
  5. After 10 years without silverware we need to start winning things again. Saying that,i do not think that the outcome of the cup final should influence any decision on the management situation.
  6. I feared another wasted season.It seems to be panning out that way. Our only hope is to finish with a cup final win and reassess at the end of the season.
  7. If we lose the cup final and fail to make the play-off then i can only see only one outcome. On the flip side can the board really sack a manger who has won a trophy and got us into the play-off's Small margins.
  8. Well done to the players and the management. So the final is at Aveley? Any idea of the date and who we will be playing?
  9. Yes i was with Anfield Towner at our first game v Nuneaton 35 years ago.Our first away game was a few weeks later at Barnet.We lost 3-2 but the atmosphere behind the goal that day hooked us into following Enfield/Town ever since.A shame really that we didn't start following the club 2 or 3 years before.We missed out on some great players and moments. (such as Barnsley At WHL).But still witnessed one of our greatest teams ever. Ps. AT .Don't forget to add: 2 Essex League Cups / 2 Middlesex Charity Cups/Gordon Brasted Trophy and the Isthmain League play-off final winners to the list of silverware.
  10. Good signing.Hopefully Karl can fill in until Mo is back fit again.
  11. Clacton On Sea..Where are you based?
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