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  1. Were Andy and his first team staff in the dug-out today?
  2. I think the consensus was before the start of the season that our manager (after a poor season previously) would have to get top 5 in the league this year to stop the increased talk of a management change.Especially as there are no big (spending) clubs in the league this year.And the board have back Andy with the increase in player wages and contracts. We could still finish top 3 or 18th again..No need to panic yet.I'm sure by the end of the season we will know for sure either way.
  3. Spurs are our nearest Premiership club.Any association or tie-in with them can only benefit our club.
  4. I think the problem of attracting support for a lot of non-league clubs is two fold. 1.There are so many more forms of leisure and entertainment options to compete against than even 25 years ago 2.The natural fan base for a lot of clubs in London and other big towns are moving out of the area or dying off.
  5. I think it suits both parties.This is probably the best level he can play at without being 'contracted'..So he stays free to join a league club at any time .The league club would also be more willing to sign him without having to pay a transfer fee to secure his services..And our club get the (maybe short-term) services of a player that is good enough to be playing at a far higher level.
  6. The discussion we had previously concluded that with players such as Mo who are very ambitious and looking to progress into the full time game,it would not be in their interest to sign with their current club (if their current club are willing to pay them a good wage as an non-contracted player).The club know that the player probably would not have joined the club at all if the club had insisted on a year long contract being signed. More worrying for me is that any team in this league with Mo and Billy up front,should be top 3 in the league.When we lose Mo and if Billy gets injured,i can see us slipping back into the mid table positions,or worse.
  7. I think it will always be part of the theatre of the great game for officials to be verbally criticised if they are seen to be making a bad decision.I think the officials that come into the game are thick skinned enough to play the 'panto' bad guy role on occasions .Where it crosses the line is personal abuse/threats/ F&C's.
  8. It has always been part of the game to berate and shout at the officials if they are poor.That is part of the 'theatre' of watching live football on the terraces.Where else in life can you have a good vent and release some anger.And all for £11.😊 What i do not agree with is the need to shout the 'F' or 'C' word. Or to make threats..A poor official can be fully 'dug out' without the need for those things.
  9. I would suggest there were about the same amount of people in the ground for the cup games as the league games.The only difference is how the gate is calculated. Our attendance is normally over-estimated (because every single season ticket holder is always included)..Our attendance for the cup fixtures was probably under estimated (because the club have to pay the opposition a percentage of the gate).I would say our real attendance is always normally 275-to-315.What can you do to improve that? Difficult.The board are doing as much as they can and are promoting the club and putting up posters..etc..The venue and parking at the QE are great.The level of football normally good..I personally feel the very high turnover of players at this level make it difficult for fans to form any sort of emotional bond with their local team.
  10. Season ticket holders are only added to League attendances.Not Cup games.
  11. I think the simple answer is that home league attendances have the season ticket holders added to the gate whether they attend or not..So about 100 is added to every one of our league attendance,even if only a few season ticket holders actually attend..With cup games these ticket holders are not counted .Also season ticket holders can be unwilling to pay to attend games,so skip cup ties.Plus if you have to pay the opposition a percentage of the gate with FA cup/trophy games.The official attendance will be kept to a minimum.Every club does it.
  12. 7/10 for me..Kept control very well.She was sometimes a bit too far away from play at times and was prone to giving cheap free-kicks around the edge of the box,but overall better than average to previous refs this season.
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