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  1. To be fair Horsham went 2-1 up totally against the run of play.Up until then we had totally dominated for the previous 20 minutes.And had one of our numerous chances gone in to give US the 2-1 lead i felt confident we would have gone on to win the game.Unfortunately we got totally exposed on nearly every occasion Horsham counter attacked us. We need Mo fit and firing to partner Billy up top.We also need to replace half the defence.And the central midfield didn't seem to work either. Can see another season of the odd excellent performance followed by a bad one.Resulting in a finishing place of about 8-11 place again this season.Which will not be good enough
  2. Just had a look at the website.Not perfect but better.Easier to navigate quickly and with the important things on front page.
  3. Lots of clubs link their fans forum.Maybe they are official forums?
  4. Time we linked the forum /twitter /facebook on our main website.Lots of other clubs do..A simple disclaimer would suffice.
  5. ☺️ Encouraging first run out of the season by the sound of it.
  6. Most people posting, apart from yourself, are Enfield Town supporters.
  7. To be fair a fan owned club is different to normal clubs.Where every fan has one vote and everyone is equal.The club has the email address of every member. I don't think it is fair to say you must be involved more than just going to matches and paying to be a club member in order to be kept up to date with the goings on at the club.Do we really have to go to watch training or apply to be on the board in order to be privy to information or gossip that a 1/4 of the fanbase already seem to be aware of? But as i said earlier this debate happens every pre-season.Mainly because there is not much to talk about in the close season.
  8. I think we have to accept the higher echelon of supporters will be told club information before the run of the mill supporters..It no doubt happens the same at most other clubs.Would be nice for a fan owned club to do things slightly differently,but hey ho. Maybe the few who are aware of information or clubs news that not many others fans are privy to yet,get a bit of a kick out of it..Information is power after all. This is mainly pre-season bluster though and my main concern remains making the top 5 this coming season.And playing good attractive football in doing so.
  9. Hope it is not a case of 3 soild signings + whoever is left from last seasons squad that no other club has tried to sign.
  10. Would be great to secure Mo for next season.
  11. McDonald ,Weatherstone,Bricknell..Three solid players..Lets hope the rest of the squad will be of the same standard.
  12. Happy to do so.I've been ignoring him all week!. But he keeps mentioning me.Thinking i am posting under someone else's name.
  13. Can we not require every player to sign a 'nominal' contract at start of the season? (With real wages coming in the form of appearance and bonus money?) Otherwise find players that are willing to commit for a full season.Is there a minimum payment to retain a player on a contract?
  14. Is a 7 day approach only allowed for non-contracted players.Or all players?
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