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  1. Will there have to be a capacity limit behind the goals?As these are the areas that get most busy?
  2. Sounds like a nightmare but in reality it's unlikely a worst case scenario would happen...You could say that same things about everyday life...Ie.If someone who worked at a supermarket tested positive the whole store would have to close for two weeks whilst every staff member had two weeks off.And all the thousands of customers that used the shop would have to isolate for two weeks.That scenario doesn't stop places of business from opening and i don't think it will stop football matches going ahead.
  3. Remember watching Enfield in the conference beat Wycombe 5-0 away at Loakes Park ( Nicky Francis with all 5 goals)..Think the game may have been Curtis Warmington's debut for the club as well? At the time who could have imagined the different paths both clubs were destined for.
  4. Consistency should then dictate that ALL leagues should accept the season is over (null and void) and move on..Including the Premier league ,Football league and National league.??
  5. Wonder if 'No ongoing salaries with no matchplay' include the contacted players? I see Barnet FC have made everyone redundant 'including the manager'.Players currently still being payed.
  6. Then i doubt teams will be promoted or relegated.This season would have to be null and void. (Can you imagine telling Liverpool FC that??) .Just keeping current league positions could result in numerous lawsuits from relegated teams.Or those denied a chance to make the play-off or win the league. I feel the higher leagues will be finished.If not the talk is of allowing promotions but no relegation's.Making the premier league/championship/first division bigger by two clubs for a couple of seasons. Alternatively finish the season over the summer or even at the end of the year,and have teams only play each other once each in a shortened 2020-21 season?
  7. So would the players expect extra payments for the games they might be played after the season.? If so,many clubs might have to play reserve and youth players,as they will not be able to retain their first team players after the end of the normal season.That will be a shambles as rich club owners could keep paying their players (and poach all the good players from all the other teams in the league) for the final 9 games ,or so, of the season.
  8. Yes, i think the leagues should resume exactly from where they were..Play 3 games a week if necessary once the green light is given.BUT we should not have games played behind closed doors,or fail to finish the season (even if it means adjusting next seasons fixtures.).If the Euros are cancelled then league programs can maybe be finished during the summer.?Would be harder at lower levels because contracts normally expire the week the season ends.And players lower down the leagues are less likely to be loyal to their current club or cancel planned holidays.etc Ps..Wonder if players on contracts at this level will still be payed during the times the club are not receiving income? Or will they defer until the season hopefully resumes?
  9. Quite.We don't want information normally kept within the inner-circle being known by the ordinary 'muggles'.😉 On this occasion it was brought up by the manager on a public website,so is probably fair game to be discussed on the forum.
  10. I think the early pitch inspection shows it will be called off.Can't see much football going ahead today.
  11. One of the big concerns at this level is the vast turnover of playing squads .Caused by players mostly not being contracted/7 day approach rule/the lack of loyalty of modern day players..etc..All this adds up to a lack of connection and shared bond between playing squads and supporters.It effects most clubs,not just ours..I believe this plays a part in falling attendances.As does having traditional fanbases moving away from their home towns in large numbers as communities become more mobile.
  12. Some non-league attendees will be Spurs season ticket holders.They attend a local non-league game when Spurs are playing away from home.As Haringey have had their fixtures arranged to coincide with Spurs playing away this season, haringey now get the benefit of some of these 'casual' Spurs supporters that may well have to come to see Town in the past on 'Spurs away days'.
  13. We should be able to generate more money by being in a higher league.More away fans.More prize money..etc Could we get a better option than Andy for zero wages? Debatable.Probably not..Could we find better option if we could afford to pay modest wages? Maybe. Probably.
  14. I see us on a similar path to that of Wealdstone FC since they lost their ground in 1990-91..It has taken them nearly 30 years to climb back (very slowly) to the National League South..We are less than 20 years into our project.
  15. Far too predictable..As soon as we went 2-1 up.Everyone one of us knew we would give the lead away with poor defending.
  16. i personally thought we needed a management change at the end of last season.The board though gave Andy their continued backing for this season.And as such he deserves to be able to finish the season and try to gain that play-off place we are all seeking.Stock will be taken of the success or otherwise of the 2019-20 campaign in the closed season.
  17. Don't really see the point of changing a manager at this stage of the season.As i said at the start of the season,if we make top 5 the managers position will be safe.If we finish 6th-8th in the league the jury will be out (but the board will probably stick by their man).If we finish 9th or below i feel the mangers position will be untenable. Lets wait and see.
  18. Are we saying that Andy moved the Centre Back to Right back.And a the Right Back to Centre Back as soon as we went one nil up? Seems an odd thing to do.
  19. Were Andy and his first team staff in the dug-out today?
  20. I think the consensus was before the start of the season that our manager (after a poor season previously) would have to get top 5 in the league this year to stop the increased talk of a management change.Especially as there are no big (spending) clubs in the league this year.And the board have back Andy with the increase in player wages and contracts. We could still finish top 3 or 18th again..No need to panic yet.I'm sure by the end of the season we will know for sure either way.
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