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    lovely stuff reacted to old towner in Billy   
    good news billy has rejoined
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    lovely stuff reacted to littlehampton in Folkestone Invicta V Enfield Town   
    Great result today Town against another unbeaten side !

    Folkestone, like ourselves, have made an excellent start to the new season, and are always difficult to beat on their own ground. Playing in front of the second highest League attendance of the day (839),,this match was too close to call, nothing divided the two sides, and we did very well to come away with a point in a goal-less draw. It will be very interesting to read the comments from Towners who attended this match down on the Kent coast.

    Think this sets us up nicely for our next home fixture, at the QE2 Stadium on Bank Holiday Monday, against our old friends and rivals Cheshunt. The weather should be fine, and an exciting match is in prospect. Don't miss it, we need a BIG crowd, and plenty of vocal support for our guys, as they look to take three points from this local derby.

    Let's hear it for Andy and our players  "COME ON THE TOWN"
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    lovely stuff reacted to Benjrider10 in Score?   
    Decent game yesterday. I tried to put names to the 4 or so new players but struggled (I miss having the team sheet pinned on the wall by what used to be the club shop). I thought our new left back looked useful both defending and going forward. Percy deservedly man of the match, he had a fine game. Mo looked threatening each time he attacked the goal and will be disappointed that he didn’t get on the score sheet. He had 3 good chances in the second half and would have expected to put at least one of them away. The Brightlingsea keeper will be disappointed to have let Percy’s shot squeeze in just before half time, he should have kept it out. We should have got the all important second goal well before we did but the young sub took his chance in injury time very well.
    My only observation with the line up was that I couldn’t work out our formation. Jerry was half of the centre back partnership but his partner didn’t play in a traditional position (so it seemed to me anyway). I like Lewis Taafe - he is a game changer at this level, I just hope he stays fit and gets a solid run of games. 
    Anyway, good start to the season with more to come as the squad settle in and get to know the playing style. There was a good buzz around the ground yesterday, let’s keep the feelgood factor going …..
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    lovely stuff reacted to Raingod in Chesham v ETFC   
    For those not there tonight, myself included .. there is live coverage from cwsportradio.com 
    (Thanks to Cold End Barry for highlighting on twitter!!)
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    lovely stuff reacted to Raingod in FCUM V ETFC   
    For those unable to make the trip FC Radio – Football and Music United (fc-radio.co.uk)  will have live commentary from 2.45
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    lovely stuff reacted to Raingod in ETFC 2021/22 Highlights   
    Thought it would be a good idea to have a thread that captures all the media and highlights from games this season .. an easy reference point for people who werent at a game ..
    COCKFOSTERS AWAY - not seen any footage anywhere online
    SPURS U23 
    FAN CAM: Enfield Town 0-4 Tottenham U23s: Highlights and Goals: 10 Goals & 2 Clean Sheets in 4 Days - YouTube 
    Few mins of highlights at the end after a good interview with Ram!
    Andy Leese Interview | Enfield Town 0- Tottenham Hotspur U23 Development - YouTube
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    lovely stuff reacted to Out_Of_Towner in Who remembers this place   
    POLICE ARRIVE at Abandoned Aylesbury United Football Stadium! - YouTube  Its quite extraordinary how this place has been left pretty much intact while the Ducks have to groundshare between Chesham and Tring Athletic. We had some good moments there in our EFC days .I can only recall us losing on one occasion there which may of been our GMVC days , I'm sure somebody will correct me if I'm wrong .
    There are a couple of annoying ads that pop up during the video but just cancel them after 5 seconds .
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    lovely stuff reacted to 4wembleyfinals in Gardener of Grenfell   
    There is an interesting piece regarding Tayshan H-S today on the BBC football internet. It seems that Tayshan has found a whole new way of life. I am sure everyone would wish him every success for the furture.  
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    lovely stuff reacted to behind-the-goal in See you all next season   
    I can see why you say that LS, but I think Paul meant that he hopes we start next season strongly with a few wins so that we don't need to play catch-up later in the season in order to get into the play-off places.
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    lovely stuff got a reaction from Barney in Season Over?   
    I think the ambition to get back to the top of non-league football may be unrealistic.Not because we couldn't recreate what the old EFC had in terms of attendance figures and income (through building an entertainment venue in the mould of the old Starlight Rooms),BUT because the game has moved on a lot since ETFC were formed.That blueprint of 800-odd fans and revenue through a small entertainment venue would not be enough to dominate the non-league game,as it was 30-40 years ago..Nowadays the top of the non-league game is all about rich chairmen and full time staff on full time wages.
    Saying that i still believe we can make it to National league south level with the structure and finances we currently have.
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    lovely stuff reacted to 4wembleyfinals in Season Over?   
    Strange I remember saying a lot of this over 3 years ago especially when we acquired the lease on the QE2. I now find myself having sympathy with both sides of the argument. Why, because both points of view have very little merit unless one side or the other pushes for change. That will I am afraid split the club down the middle.
    I have always thought that since the club achieved entry into the Ryman Premier league the majority of members, what ever side they were  on, were happy with the default position of the club retaining the status quo. I believe that is where AL came in and to be fair he has achieved this. 
    But that said I often think our motto should be based on the constantly repeated mantra of  "we can't really afford it but look where we are".
    How do we get out of this I am not sure but one thing I believe we certainly won't progress if we are not ready to give it a try. What is the worst that can happen, demotion.
    With an ever ageing membership one has to look towards the future. Consequently very soon we will be required to encourage more younger supporters to join as full members. However, with their present mind set I feel they will not tolerate their team standing still.
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    lovely stuff got a reaction from Albury_Walker in FA Trophy Second Round draw   
    3 homes ties in the first 3 rounds of the Trophy.We need to take advantage of that.
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    lovely stuff reacted to The Crowing Cockerel in Another player gone.   
    Cheer up, Lovely Stuff - you're now playing centre-mid tomorrow night!
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    lovely stuff reacted to AnfieldTowner in Isthmian League Football Paused   
    I cannot for the life of me understand this decision, nor our club's support for it.
    Football clubs voting not to play football in the current circumstances is bonkers. Will ruin the Christmas of a lot of people, including our players. Thoroughly depressed about the whole situation, just at a time when it seemed there was some hope.
    Non league football has become a sad joke and the public won't thank them for it. Another wasted season.
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    lovely stuff reacted to AnfieldTowner in good news   
    Really disappointed with that decision, just can't see the sense in it at all.
    If that is the decision that's accepted by the league then I can't see anything other than another wasted void season. We're not going to be going into Tier 1 anytime soon as far as I can see - Tier 2 is as good as we're going to get for many months.
    Why close down at a time when the rest of the football community is opening up? Charlton had 2,000 fans last night.
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    lovely stuff reacted to andyetfc in good news   
    Well said.👍
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    lovely stuff reacted to Benjrider10 in TRAVELLERS   
    The travellers have moved on and the large (open) car park looked in good condition when I visited this morning. Well done to the Council for getting this sorted - a relief to us all.
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    lovely stuff reacted to Barney in Retention of players for clubs like ours.   
    Agree with much of what's been said above - LS's suggestion of getting players to sign nominal contracts so that they command a fee should they move on higher sounds good to me, but as I've said before isn't something that I think we can just do unilaterally. If we do, then those promising young players that might have joined us would go up the road to another club in the division who aren't insisting on this, as it affords them a much greater chance of moving up the leagues if they do well.
    It would be great if all clubs at our step agreed to do this en-masse, so players didn't have the option of going to a club willing to take them on a non-contact basis, it would be even better if the FA / Leagues put something official in place to reimburse clubs that have nurtured talented youngsters who have then gone on to do well higher up... but I'm not holding my breath.
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    lovely stuff reacted to wilson in Carshalton Ath. v Enfield Town   
    I am too far away to offer a valid opinion but our current league position is what it is only because we have played more games than most. Won 5 lost 4 looks like previous seasons revisited - mid table and never a threat of playoffs or promotion. I can only support other views that changes must be made. Mediocrity is not what this club was created for.
    I am beginning to forget what a game of football looks like here in Melbourne. After three or four practice games back in Feb/March our season was suspended and ultimately cancelled in its entirety.
    All the best to the team over the next period.
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    lovely stuff reacted to Raingod in Where are they now?   
    Dernell Wynter joins Harrow B
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    lovely stuff reacted to 4wembleyfinals in ETFC v Margate   
    I wish I was a "young whippersnapper" again Steph, but when you were old enough to have been taken to see George V1's coronation and then an evacuee in 1942, I take your remark as a great compliment. Us oldies can still give as good as we get. 
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    lovely stuff reacted to littlehampton in FA Trophy 3rd Qual. Round Enfield Town v Ramsgate   
    As most Towners will be aware, the Draw for the Third Qualifying Round of the FA Trophy was made yesterday, and the 39th ball out of the bag landed us a home tie against Kent side Ramsgate, who compete in the Isthmian League South East Division.

    This match will be played at the Queen Elizabeth II Stadium on Saturday 31st October KO; 3.00pm. The match will be decided on the day. There will be no extra time or replay, in the event of scores being level at ninety minutes, the match will proceed immediately to penalties, to decide the winners and who progresses to the next round.

    We look forward to extending a warm welcome to The Rams and their supporters for this important match. The winners of this cup-tie will pick up £2450, losers £625.

    Should be quite a game. Don't miss it! Keep an eye on the main website for match ticket availability news.

    See you there. COYT
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    lovely stuff reacted to AnfieldTowner in Good luck   
    Completely agree with 4wembleyfinals! Whilst I didn't really want to be in Peterborough for an extra half hour on a Tuesday night, going straight to penalties with no extra time didn't feel right. Penalties always feels unfair when you lose - and brilliant when you win! - but it almost made the journey feel worthless last night! That's how disappointed I was - I agree with others that, financially, last night's result was a disaster but, unfortunately, even with best intentions football has a habit of kicking you in the unmentionables!
    An objective view of last night, 18 hours after the event, is that we came up against a very good side and acquitted ourselves pretty well for the most part, especially when you consider that was our second game in a few days with little training in the previous 2 weeks due to the Covid isolation. I thought we were on top for the first half, definitely off the pace for the majority of the second half (too much giving the ball away in the midfield area) but did well to claw our way back into the game before the dreaded penalties. Only one miss (actually a save) from either team - and that from our regular penalty taker who rarely misses. Typical - but happens to the best of players, Billy! Man of the match for me was the Peterborough Sports No 10.
    The attendance was given as 235 - seemed like more, with a good attendance from our fans even if some understandably chose to stay at home. Actually I thought Peterborough Sports handled the game well and certainly better than some of us were expecting when we heard they would only take cash. A very friendly and efficient young lady dealt with the NHS Test & Trace details and signage was clear, with one way systems in operation in part. Seemed like a nice club and I wish them well in the next round.
    Their twitter feed (@PSLFC) has some very nice things to say about our club and our fans including '2 top sides and as good a game as seen for some time. But off the field a class act with travelling supporters a real credit to you with numerous comments from our staff about their friendliness. What Non-League is about'. Another said ' the London side (is) one of the best I have seen at the Bee Arena'. Well done everybody, even if the lottery of penalties went against us.
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    lovely stuff reacted to old towner in Good luck   
    good luck Enfield Town in tonights 1st qualifying  round game away to Peterbourgh sports 
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    lovely stuff reacted to AnfieldTowner in Grays Athletic Away   
    It was great to be back watching football again over at Aveley yesterday.
    A 3-1 win (Okojie & 2 trialists), sunshine (though a bit too windy!), familiar faces - whats not to like?!
    Social distancing was very easy so if anybody has any worries on that front I can reassure you. Grays were taking their responsibilities seriously (tickets booked in advance and details collected for track and trace) and I was very pleased to hear what we as a club have been doing on this front. The documentation posted on the website is a lot more than the tick-box exercise I've seen elsewhere - thank you to all those involved for all the hard work.
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