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    lovely stuff reacted to Raingod in Where are they now?   
    Dernell Wynter joins Harrow B
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    lovely stuff reacted to 4wembleyfinals in ETFC v Margate   
    I wish I was a "young whippersnapper" again Steph, but when you were old enough to have been taken to see George V1's coronation and then an evacuee in 1942, I take your remark as a great compliment. Us oldies can still give as good as we get. 
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    lovely stuff reacted to littlehampton in FA Trophy 3rd Qual. Round Enfield Town v Ramsgate   
    As most Towners will be aware, the Draw for the Third Qualifying Round of the FA Trophy was made yesterday, and the 39th ball out of the bag landed us a home tie against Kent side Ramsgate, who compete in the Isthmian League South East Division.

    This match will be played at the Queen Elizabeth II Stadium on Saturday 31st October KO; 3.00pm. The match will be decided on the day. There will be no extra time or replay, in the event of scores being level at ninety minutes, the match will proceed immediately to penalties, to decide the winners and who progresses to the next round.

    We look forward to extending a warm welcome to The Rams and their supporters for this important match. The winners of this cup-tie will pick up £2450, losers £625.

    Should be quite a game. Don't miss it! Keep an eye on the main website for match ticket availability news.

    See you there. COYT
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    lovely stuff reacted to AnfieldTowner in Good luck   
    Completely agree with 4wembleyfinals! Whilst I didn't really want to be in Peterborough for an extra half hour on a Tuesday night, going straight to penalties with no extra time didn't feel right. Penalties always feels unfair when you lose - and brilliant when you win! - but it almost made the journey feel worthless last night! That's how disappointed I was - I agree with others that, financially, last night's result was a disaster but, unfortunately, even with best intentions football has a habit of kicking you in the unmentionables!
    An objective view of last night, 18 hours after the event, is that we came up against a very good side and acquitted ourselves pretty well for the most part, especially when you consider that was our second game in a few days with little training in the previous 2 weeks due to the Covid isolation. I thought we were on top for the first half, definitely off the pace for the majority of the second half (too much giving the ball away in the midfield area) but did well to claw our way back into the game before the dreaded penalties. Only one miss (actually a save) from either team - and that from our regular penalty taker who rarely misses. Typical - but happens to the best of players, Billy! Man of the match for me was the Peterborough Sports No 10.
    The attendance was given as 235 - seemed like more, with a good attendance from our fans even if some understandably chose to stay at home. Actually I thought Peterborough Sports handled the game well and certainly better than some of us were expecting when we heard they would only take cash. A very friendly and efficient young lady dealt with the NHS Test & Trace details and signage was clear, with one way systems in operation in part. Seemed like a nice club and I wish them well in the next round.
    Their twitter feed (@PSLFC) has some very nice things to say about our club and our fans including '2 top sides and as good a game as seen for some time. But off the field a class act with travelling supporters a real credit to you with numerous comments from our staff about their friendliness. What Non-League is about'. Another said ' the London side (is) one of the best I have seen at the Bee Arena'. Well done everybody, even if the lottery of penalties went against us.
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    lovely stuff reacted to old towner in Good luck   
    good luck Enfield Town in tonights 1st qualifying  round game away to Peterbourgh sports 
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    lovely stuff reacted to AnfieldTowner in Grays Athletic Away   
    It was great to be back watching football again over at Aveley yesterday.
    A 3-1 win (Okojie & 2 trialists), sunshine (though a bit too windy!), familiar faces - whats not to like?!
    Social distancing was very easy so if anybody has any worries on that front I can reassure you. Grays were taking their responsibilities seriously (tickets booked in advance and details collected for track and trace) and I was very pleased to hear what we as a club have been doing on this front. The documentation posted on the website is a lot more than the tick-box exercise I've seen elsewhere - thank you to all those involved for all the hard work.
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    lovely stuff reacted to AnfieldTowner in Isthmian League Update   
    Confirmation now from The Isthmian League:
    However, if you look at the table they've produced, it's not the capacity of the ground that's used but the minimum capacity for the league. For us at Step 3 that's 1,950 so 15% is 300 (presumably they've rounded the figures!).
    For Grays, at step 4, it's 1,350 so 15% is 200.
    Grays have tweeted to say they will announce very shortly their plans to allow spectators to watch their home games from this Saturday.
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    lovely stuff reacted to Tom S in Old EFC photos   
    I've added some more photos to the album I set up a year or two back.
    More to follow during the lockdown
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    lovely stuff reacted to Raingod in Coronavirus   
    I agree LS - I think they have to finish all the leagues whether it is June, August or next January!   Then 20-21 can be deal with by no cups, etc
    If the season is "extended" then the transfer window being closed means that players can ONLY play for their current club - this would help non league ..
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    lovely stuff reacted to AnfieldTowner in Bishop's Stortford v Enfield Town   
    Agree with much of what was said in the previous two posts - what was pleasing was the way we battled to the end and kept the clean sheet.
    Should have put the game to bed earlier but Bishop's Stortford will feel they could have got something out of the game if they'd taken their chances so I think we should be pleased with the 3 points. 
    Glenn Wilson was brought into central defence with Jon Muleba moving across to the right to replace Sam Hatton (I wonder if that was with Aaron Greene's pace in mind?). Lyle Della-Verde also replaced Ken Charles in the starting 11. MoM for me was Lyle, with strong performances too from Jon Muleba and Ryan Blackman. Nice to see Shaun Okojie get his goal - a proper striker's goal getting across the defender to meet a good cross from Muleba.
    Strange weather - not as cold as in recent weeks (about time!) but with a strong wind that had an impact.
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    lovely stuff got a reaction from Albury_Walker in Bishop's Stortford v Enfield Town   
    1-0 Town
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    lovely stuff reacted to AnfieldTowner in ETFC v Lewes   
    Disappointing result and performance last night. Whilst Lewes have picked up a few points since the recent appointment of a new manager, I thought that side last night were there for the taking. Yes, they had a very tall centre forward making his debut for them on loan who had a good game but I still felt they looked pretty poor overall.
    Just watched Andy's interview and I agree with him that we seemed to drop off in performance level after the first 20 minutes. What surprised me though is that it seemed to me and others around me last night that we were crying out for more width to stretch the game wheareas Andy said they chose to make it more compact in the second half! All about opinions I suppose. I thought we had more success when Josh pushed further forward from left back, but a left footed player there might have produced better results.
    Lots of games to come this month including 3 of the top 6. Crucial that we get a run of wins together if we're to push for that play-off place - last night didn't help.
    Interesting to hear that we've signed Mo Faal's 21 year old cousin, a centre forward who's been playing in Germany. Looking forward to seeing him play if he's anything like Mo (or Joe Gomez!).
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    lovely stuff reacted to Wildlife rescue in He's not the Messiah...   
    How about praising the work Arky and his team do by keeping our club with such a selection of merchandise.
    I have followed the town since there formation and Enfield before and I have never heard a negative remark about our shop.
    Well done Dave Pat Sheila and Cliff.👍👍
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    lovely stuff reacted to Arky in He's not the Messiah...   
    We do take cards in the shop and have done all season. 
    As for the navy things, it.'s what people have asked for as the team have navy tops, gillet's etc. 
    If you' d like more of the lighter Royal Blue more than happy to oblige. In fact we had some of that shade polo shirts in the shop last night. 
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    lovely stuff reacted to AnfieldTowner in U23s   
    We don't see much comment on here about the U23s but I thought last night's game is worth a mention given the involvement of several first team squad players.
    It's become usual practice for a lot of clubs to ask the U23s to play in the same manner as the first team - in our case, maybe be shouldn't follow that quite so religiously!
    What looked a very strong Town side (on paper) should have been good enough to beat a spirited Bedfont & Feltham in the Quarter Final of the Middlesex FA Premier Cup but we eventually came out on the wrong end of a 5-4 scoreline. The Town line-up included the likes of Matt Nolan (in goal), Joe Payne (in central defence), Junior Mubayi (in centre Mid), Bobson Bawling (in his usual wing role), and Jack Hockney & Samson Esan (up front).
    Samson put in the sort of performance that Josh Davison was giving in the U23s last year and scored a hat-trick whilst Joe Payne scored a towering header. Must be difficult for the U23s management to include quite so many non-regulars but at least it gave some game time to the first team squad players who may be called upon with a lot of games in March.
    Good luck to Bedfont & Feltham who must have a real chance of winning this cup now.
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    lovely stuff reacted to AnfieldTowner in Merstham v Enfield Town   
    A pleasing solid team performance. Much better side on the day - we'll have tougher tests in the coming weeks.
    Both forwards, Ken & Billy, looked sharp. Lewis was excellent again in the first half and Lyle took over in the second half. MoM for me was Sam Youngs for consistency throughout, though I agree Sam Hatton had a very good game.
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    lovely stuff reacted to AnfieldTowner in EAST THURROCK MATCH POSTPONED   
    Disappointing but not surprising. Nothing to do with the pitch - one of the dugouts was apparently completely taken out by Storm Ciara.
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    lovely stuff reacted to littlehampton in EAST THURROCK MATCH POSTPONED   
    It has just been announced that our league match at East Thurrock tomorrow evening has had to be postponed due to storm damage problems.
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    lovely stuff reacted to 4wembleyfinals in Enfield Town v Bognor Regis   
    Thank God this week Dr Jekyll turned up, in the place of Mr Hyde this week, in the form of Lewis Taafe. A midfielder who kept his position and made passes to members of his own team. Which is what some of us have been looking for for some time. I too was surprised at his substitution LS, but assumed after his long lay-off it was precautionary.
    The defence was somewhat more tighter than for many weeks although they still keep trying to hit 50yd killer balls when a simpler pass was on. But for once AL and his companions stopped screaming out useless advice.
    Of course if it wasn't for their goalie we could have had several more. I did suggested to my companion shortly after Taafes' goal it was time to introduce Charles' pace whilst we had them on the ropes. But later was better than never 
    But that said from our point of view it was more entertaining to watch. Subject to injuries I do hope AL does not tinker with the team too much next time out. His first problem is what does he do with Blackman, assuming he is still not under suspension. 
    As for the team as a whole so long as  Mr Hyde doesn't immediately return next Tuesday and Saturday we may be in with a chance yet!!!!  
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    lovely stuff reacted to Theodopolous in AFC Hornchurch v EnfieldTown   
    Just to add on previous post I’ve seen a bit of Ware and the Abbey this season and there is a lot of really good young talent at these local clubs... is AL aware of this and maybe they are the type of players that we should go for I’m sure many would love a bigger stage to play on. ( certainly no disrespect to Ware or Abbey intended)
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    lovely stuff got a reaction from littlehampton in AFC Hornchurch v EnfieldTown   
    I see us on a similar path to that of Wealdstone FC since they lost their ground in 1990-91..It has taken them nearly 30 years to climb back (very slowly) to the National League South..We are less than 20 years into our project.
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    lovely stuff got a reaction from 72wemblyfinal in AFC Hornchurch v EnfieldTown   
    I see us on a similar path to that of Wealdstone FC since they lost their ground in 1990-91..It has taken them nearly 30 years to climb back (very slowly) to the National League South..We are less than 20 years into our project.
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    lovely stuff got a reaction from Barney in AFC Hornchurch v EnfieldTown   
    I see us on a similar path to that of Wealdstone FC since they lost their ground in 1990-91..It has taken them nearly 30 years to climb back (very slowly) to the National League South..We are less than 20 years into our project.
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    lovely stuff reacted to AnfieldTowner in AFC Hornchurch v EnfieldTown   
    Not much positive to take from yesterday's game which I'm sure has left us all a bit down after the high of Tuesday night.
    We were simply beaten by a better team and our defensive frailties were as evident as ever. The second half was certainly better than the first - couldn't really have been worse - and Hornchurch probably took their foot off the gas. Makes it difficult to argue that this year's squad is better than last year's when we were so comprehensively outplayed by a team containing four of our ex-players. I'm sure AL would tell us that there are things behind the scenes that supporters are not always aware of and that he feels this squad gels better - this needs to translate to consistent performances on the pitch. 
    Difficult day for our new striker, Shaun Okojie, to come into - particularly as were 4-0 down when he came on after only about half an hour! He only signed on Friday night so I suspect he didn't even know most of the players. Remains to be seen whether he'll improve the team.
    Ambition of the club continues to be questioned by some, which I understand. I do think the board have made it clear - the Chairman explicitly on a recent radio show - that promotion is the aim. Some have said, I think a little unfairly, that the club have only stuck with AL because he's cheap. Finances are, though, a reality and it's clear that we can't afford to pay a manager - finances are going to remain an overriding consideration unless we can bring in much bigger crowds and/or more sponsorship. Amazingly, we are still only 2 points off the play-offs - though my own opinion is that's mainly due to the inconsistency and lack of quality from other teams around us.
    We got a reaction to the Cray result at Margate on Tuesday - now need to see a reaction to this one against Bognor Regis on Saturday. COYT!
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    lovely stuff reacted to AnfieldTowner in Margate V ETFC   
    Wow, what a performance, where did that come from? Not many of us were expecting that, especially when we saw the team without the likes of Sam Hatton, Sam Youngs and Ken Charles (and Mario Noto also unavailable from the bench).
    What we saw was an assured professional outing, 3 good goals (touch of handball for the second?) and, most pleasingly, a clean sheet! Hard to believe that was, I think, our 9th clean sheet of the season but our first for over 2 months.
    All the boys put in a real shift on a cold night - stand out performers for me were Junior Mubayi (a really mature performance) and Nathan Livings, but I also heard others giving their personal MoM to Lyle Della-Verde and Ryan Blackman and there were others who had great games too. Crucially, everybody played their part and the management deserve their own congratulations after a lot of recent criticism. Andy Leese was very quick to point out this counts for nothing if we don't do it again against Hornchurch on Saturday (who, by the way, lost last night - we're now 1 point off the play-offs, so everything to play for!). 
    One final point - a lot of us air our opinions on here, and are right to do so, but let's have a thought for the level of commitment put in by players, management team, directors, volunteers and supporters on behalf of our club. The team coach got back to the stadium at just before 1am last night and everybody then had their own onward journeys, with many needing to get up for work this morning. I've been able to enjoy Premier League football more than most this year but, not for the first time this season, last night left me proud to be an Enfield Town supporter. I only wish more people would join us to experience the highs (and lows) of non-league football. 
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