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  1. Hi Smudger hope things are well at your end old mate
  2. Heard the sad news whilst at work today from Salv, can i offer my deepest sympathy to all of Andy's family and friends a really great guy who'm i always had a chat with when we bumped into each other mainly at Krooner Park but also around the local clubs,R.I.P. mate.
  3. Seen a bit of Div1 in the last couple of seasons and i managed at Cove in the Prem 2 seasons back,Prem is a lot quicker and demanding than Div 1 and the players are more likely to commit as its a lot of mid week games as well,i to am surprised at Camberleys position but then again if you see all the teams in this part of surrey/hants border nearly all are in Div 1 having been relegated and some are still struggling,my theory is that with all the teams in this area there are not enough senior players to go around so managers find themselves playing previously untried guys,when i managed cove we were relegated to div1 and the team are struggling to regain some form,the young lad who has taken over has a tough job on his hands and will do well to attract players but thats his job now and he has to move on from what happened 2 or 3 years ago, in this league its a game to game existence and results matter.I hope both Cove and Fleet Spurs avoid the drop and remain in this league and build on their surroundings as they both have their own grounds.
  4. This forum was really good and a lot of fun i was involved with some serious stuff but mainly it was all tongue in cheek,you always get the trolls and nutters who ruin everything and i had enough of the anonymous threats and phone calls from people who used an alias or a false name to be rude and insulting,i still think this could be a very good place to have some discussions amongst mostly very knowledgable guys and girls,i certainly would be more than happy to return to the forum but it takes more than a couple of us to make it happen again.
  5. Well done Westfield fc onwards and upwards guys and good luck in whatever league you are promoted into next season.
  6. R.I.P. Ken great to have known you and my condolencies to all Kens family and friends.
  7. Terrible news such a great guy will be sadly missed,my condolences to all his family and friends.
  8. Cove 2 United Services Portsmouth 2 Cove won on Pens in the Hampshire Senior Cup at Portsmouth.
  9. unbelievable response well thats the last from me goodbye.
  10. Very true mate,it has been reported by cove and the fa are advising us but if this league keep giving games to a ref who has no respect then how can we get justice,they already know his reputation is my point.
  11. The answer to your question is yes Kroons it has been reported to our CWO
  12. Do you know what after what i've heard i think i may just give up on this league, it seems this ref is well known for his antics but no one has done anything about him,i'm telling all of you if he carries on goading players and management then someone is gonna end up in trouble, its the last thing any of us should attempt.
  13. Does that stand for Child Welfare Officer mate ?
  14. Went along to the match against Cobham and wittnessed one of the worst things i have ever seen in my 40 odd years involved with football,the game itself was ok the usual things that none of us are surprised to see,from the start of the 2nd half i could see the ref was coming under increasing pressure from both teams and i decided to stick up for him and asked everyone to get off his back and leave him alone,one of the cove lads got a red card for a tackle that was yellow at worst,so this increased the level of dislike towards him i again jumped to his defence and told the lad to leave the field, nothing too unusual yet but what happened next was disgraceful.Cove bring on one of their youth team players who is obviously eager to impress and makes 1 or 2 rash challenges and rightfully so the ref speaks to him,the lad turns away in tears because the ref told him basically thats why you are sub cos you are not good enough to start,coves captain on hearing this pushes the ref and he gets a red card which i can understand as well,the youngster came over to me and told me what the ref said to him and he was in tears,its not for a ref to say these sort of things especially to youngsters i hope someone can do something about this before he gets a player into real trouble,in my opinion he was goading the lads into a reaction and that is not what refs should do.Cobham won 3 1 and played very well, sorry you to had to witness such an awful incident and good luck to everyone at your club.
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