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  1. Seen a bit of Div1 in the last couple of seasons and i managed at Cove in the Prem 2 seasons back,Prem is a lot quicker and demanding than Div 1 and the players are more likely to commit as its a lot of mid week games as well,i to am surprised at Camberleys position but then again if you see all the teams in this part of surrey/hants border nearly all are in Div 1 having been relegated and some are still struggling,my theory is that with all the teams in this area there are not enough senior players to go around so managers find themselves playing previously untried guys,when i managed cove we were relegated to div1 and the team are struggling to regain some form,the young lad who has taken over has a tough job on his hands and will do well to attract players but thats his job now and he has to move on from what happened 2 or 3 years ago, in this league its a game to game existence and results matter.I hope both Cove and Fleet Spurs avoid the drop and remain in this league and build on their surroundings as they both have their own grounds.
  2. This forum was really good and a lot of fun i was involved with some serious stuff but mainly it was all tongue in cheek,you always get the trolls and nutters who ruin everything and i had enough of the anonymous threats and phone calls from people who used an alias or a false name to be rude and insulting,i still think this could be a very good place to have some discussions amongst mostly very knowledgable guys and girls,i certainly would be more than happy to return to the forum but it takes more than a couple of us to make it happen again.
  3. Cove game called off at half time when cove were 3 1 up,very frustrating but a good call by the ref.
  4. Funny cos she said to me she only likes hard rampant sex Minus a condom,slut !!!!!!!1
  5. it still means nothing,i've agreed to marry Carol Vorderman
  6. Agreed to sign means nothing,forms are not even printed yet for 16/17 so have a break or come and help us to do some ground maintenance at Cove instead of trying to start another hand bag sale lol
  7. Jellybean you and your family are more than welcome at Cove,please don't be put off by this experience as i'm sure it won't happen again,your opinion and match reports are highly respected by all of us and i for one would miss your contributions,please go to all of the grounds you have mentioned previously cos thats where we normally bump into each other, i am sure they will look after you after this bad experience, these clubs obviously have had some bad situations with the same people trying to get in for free everyweek,as i said you and the Mrs. are more than welcome at Cove as i know you always pay your way and more.
  8. Well done to everyone at Hartley great achievement
  9. Not to downhearted and take your point giggle,Hanworth are the best team we have played so far and easily deserved the 3 points,we are work in progress and will continue to field a team,getting a team to play for you from the start of the season is what i meant and thats why i said those things,still a couple of positives to take away especially our keeper Sam he was awsome,onto training on thursday and then Chertsey on Saturday,like to see and meet some of you at our place for a 3pm kick off,all the best to the Hanworth lad who was taken to hospital good luck fella.
  10. Cos like a good manager i persuaded him to stay and fight for his place,Camberley can't ask a Cove player to train with them,they have assured us it didn't happen and i believe them,good night.
  11. He told me he was approached by Camberley a couple of weeks ago and wanted to leave thats why i looked for another keeper,when ourselves and Camberley checked his claim out we found it was not true,did he tell you this.
  12. Hi Powelly,yes mate a few have stayed and there are many new faces,we even did a 7 dayer on xmas day lol,Happy New Year to you and all of Westfield F C
  13. Thanks everyone for the kind words its good to have such support,we now have 24 players signed on to date and things are going very well.
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