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  1. Bed & Felt 1 Abbey 3 1st game I've took in for a while disappointed with the Bedfont side considering how much talent they have. Abbey well organised side with some decent players the 10 and 9 notable. 1st half Abbey had the lions share of the game and missed a couple of very good chances before they grabbed there 1st from a mistake at the back. 2nd half Bedfont was a bit better but again Abbey still better and grabbed a well deserved 2nd. Thomas the Bedfont goalie made a few very good saves to keep them in it. Bedfont grabbed a 2nd with 10 to go but almost immediately from the kick off Abbey grabbed the 3rd and killed any chances of a Bedfont equaliser. Abbey will cause a few shocks here and there. Hartley on Saturday for Bedfont I really fear for them in this game
  2. Prem winners medal last season, will be one of the best in the league without a doubt, you boys look the team to beat
  3. Not true can assure you that redders, strict wage budget
  4. Yeah shame Newby, like you said though he's still young...whenever I've see George play always impressed just has had some bad luck. Send my regards mate
  5. Windsor playing long ball does it matter it's 3 points...........the league is wide open What side play football in the CCL and are successful? Last team maybe Merstham........to play football and to be successful is very differcult and you need the personnel which of course helps.
  6. Prem Cove Molesey Epsom Very tough league how you can say Windsor will romp it you must be on a gee up Div 1 The most open in recent years but I think my top 2 will fight the league out Eversley Spelthorne Haven't got a clue
  7. What's the pitch looking like tomorrow as I know Chipsted was off Sat?
  8. Good luck to the Feltham chaps on Wednesday massive night for the club and will be part of there history in there last season of existence..............................Tyson and Butler have done a differcult job this season and would be chuffed for them to pick a trophy up this season
  9. I'm on about there league record rather than there last two games
  10. Yep South Park did deserve a point Guernsey look under pressure trying to close the gap (I hope) today even though S Park are not brilliant they look a very awkward side to play against and you can see why they don't concede many..........................S Park just needed to gamble a little more still sides show Guernsey to much respect at the back they don't press them high enough..........fair play to Guernsey though they got there luck and nicked the win.................catch us if you can
  11. Think everybody's missing the point here if Guernsey don't travel they have not fulfilled the fixture therefore a fine and Sports awarded the win
  12. Fantastic win last night against a good side in Badshot Lea........B Lea are still one of the best sides in this league and I'd fancy them next season providing they keep there discipline which has let them down this season and luckily for them they couldnofnhad another one yesterday...........A couple weeks back and the fixtures looked very tough but to come out with 12 points is unreal and credit goes to the players as the squad has been tested the last few games but we've come through with flying colours....S Park on Sat if the rain don't kill us again in what is a tough game..........target is 100 points and a cup final would be nice but Wembley are no mugs and then it would be Epsom in which we haven't forgot our defeat at there place
  13. 100 points will get Egham and Guernsey up
  14. Egham 3 Guernsey 1 Do you know I'm just glad we are talking about the win rather than what can only be described as a diabolical decision of what was a blatant penalty. There was only going to be one winner in this game and it was Egham. Tactics were spot on from front to back............I've seen Guernsey a number of times and this is the 1st time I've seen them destroyed all over the park......yeah you was missing a left back as I know Isabelle is a right back and Tardiff in goal and maybe Zico but in all honesty it wouldn't of mattered. The Guernsey defence was petrified of the Egham attacking power and they just couldn't cope the whole match......Ross ALLEN touched the ball under 10 times in the game which was a testament to the defence all be it one of them touches was a glass goal.......Heaume who has been dominant in the air when I've seen him was out done in the air 80% of the time. This is a totally different side to that of that start of the season for Egham under Hampshire and is a much better unit under Passmore and Co. There's a long way to go in the league and I don't think you can write Guernsey off even after this defeat even if we lost we wasn't going to count ourselves out and we would of been in a worse position than Guernsey. Guernsey are a good good side who I've the utmost respect for after my visit there last year but it will be difficult for them IMO but that is there challenge I'm sure there manager has set them. Epsom lost a big match last night and they now have a hugh match on Saturday in which if they lose may struggle on to 3rd Promotion is still Guernsey's main target and I think they will get it through the PPG 2nd place but what a nice little bonus it would be to win the Vase and I for one would go Wembley to support them and I think the manager would get all the Egham boys to go aswell as there was a lot of mutual respect between the players lastnight
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