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  1. Good crowd especially with West Ham playing as well
  2. Fantastic stuff, well done to everyone involved
  3. So it's Hornchurch v Lowestoft on BH Monday
  4. I'm always here mate just not at the games at the moment.......Lewes sounds great (mmm Harveys) BUT unfortunately I will be in Brazil
  5. The reason I don't come anymore.....simply times and priorities change. I will always be a fan and feel maybe I need to be tempted back somehow?? For me the excitement of seeing the likes of Steve Jones, Bradley Allen, Darren Caskey and Dhimitri Kharine in the stripes and playing league sides in the cup was amazing.
  6. Gutted about the result but also that I was not there to show my respect to our Harry.
  7. Very sad news. Rest in Peace mate. "Go urn you urrchins"
  8. Originally Posted By: Bionic II Phil Sammons works for the Essex FA, Yes I know he does but I used to watch him play in a Hornchurch shirt and then he was my PE teacher at Emerson Park. I had a chat to him when he visited the stadium.
  9. Alan Noonan was an Urchin Legend. I also thought Kenny Gaine was quality. Phil Sammons was spotted at the stadium the other week as was John Morgan (both ex-Urchins).
  10. Apologies BM, it was funny whoever nicked it, thought we gave it back TOO easy though!!!
  11. I missed the confetti and the kick off at Roots Hall due to the inept turnstile operators but it was a magical evening with fantastic support for both sides but particularly from the Urchin Army.
  12. Canvey at home - various reasons including Treeboy nicking their drumsticks
  13. Not looking good for Canvey
  14. Max obviously stayed up late so he could get that one in early doors. Nearly had me too Diz
  15. Even if they manage to survive relegation this year I suspect next season will be tough!
  16. Last I heard the Green Belt land designation was under review so Romford have another look eh!Plots might well be available. The council is always looking to make money by flogging assets and allowing even more flats and houses to swamp an already crowded borough...so make them an offer! Brown envelope probably required
  17. Oops something went a bit wrong there with a double post!
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