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  1. 20-June 11 - Happy Birthday Uncle Urchin :)

  2. 20-June 10 - Happy Birthday Uncle Urchin :)

  3. Originally Posted By: coupwotcoup Oddly enough that wasn't mentioned during pillow talk.. come on scoupy...everyone knows you are an abysmal failure on the forums with the crumpet...you aint pulled yet mate.....
  4. Originally Posted By: HTFCew The Div 1/2 option was voted in. Both Arlesey Ath & Markyate have resigned from the league. have you not got a forum of your own to play on htfcew...?
  5. Originally Posted By: Football Man In case anyone hadn't noticed, today is a landmark birthday occasion for a person that we all know. Yes, Happy 40th Birthday to Steffi Graf! I was watching a re-run of her and andre in the exhibition match on the womble centre court over the weekend and she still looks as fit as ever... http://1stserve.com/images/steffi.jpg
  6. lol...rob starts several drunken afternoon threads trying to take the pi55 out of a few people...gets a good bashing and is shown up for the hypocrite that he truly is as he rampages through the forums deleting editing and locking threads and MOB comes on here and calls us all bullies..... priceless....truly priceless....
  7. Originally Posted By: Urchin Mentalist can't wait uncle,just carry on at my pleasure. its no pleasure for anyone really rob...just a bit sad tbo....!
  8. Originally Posted By: blackballed Good try but not biteing...........thats it for me before I turn into one of those forum nerds...............nite......... nite ronald...or was it donald....
  9. Originally Posted By: Urchin Mentalist thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven this may well be true supergooner but today on earth you have been revealed for the weak gutless freeeloading disloyal traitorous sponger that you are....it was not necessary but you couldn't help yourself could you... serves you right...more to come on you tomorrow..... let sleeping tigers lie...
  10. Originally Posted By: blackballed Originally Posted By: Uncle Urchin Originally Posted By: blackballed I've only had this one login, err...care to repeat that lie dave?.... jen is fine thanx and straining at the leash...there will be no happy ending until justice is done.... I'VE ONLY HAD ONE LOGIN..............I dont tell lies no need to shout dave...the internet is a global type thingy and loads of people have different log ins....now what was the third one....I shall recall in the morrow after I have had a dabble on the internet...... did someone mention lies or will IP's do the trick...
  11. Originally Posted By: blackballed I've only had this one login, err...care to repeat that lie dave?.... jen is fine thanx and straining at the leash...there will be no happy ending until justice is done....
  12. Originally Posted By: Urchin Mentalist Capiche,i think they know me better than that Whereas all they can see is you two hunting in packs,i bet you are sending each other PM's as i type this. Carry on though,you are making your club look like a wonderful proposition to the public is two a pack these days?...I thought a quorum was a mimimum of four which represents the ancient greek mythology of the freeloading savage tundra wolf packs from the north...(maybe BB can tell us as he knows greece very well and often sits on the fence watching the freeloading quorum at work...) anyway I digress....one freeloading fool starts a stupid forum thread to deflect attention from his own failings and then calls his noo mates in to help him and predictably gets the sticky end of it and bites like a demented piranah on speed.... having realised that he was in deep sh1te he then starts deleting and editing and locking threads all over the place.....all because two lickle wickle posters had the temerity to stand up to him.... ah bless...
  13. Originally Posted By: blackballed I think 2097 posts on this forum in 6 years, as opposed to 20046 says it all to forum boll0x..........as for sitting on the fence you should try it sometine,its surprising what one can learn............ well you did have several log ins old chap but no matter...as for learn... do you mean assume.... good luck...
  14. Originally Posted By: Urchin Mentalist Once again i have not deleted posts,just locked and edited one of yours. yes you have...you have been deleting posts all afternoon and night...is fact and the truth beyond on you...? I am surprised you are actually still posting given the fool you have made of yourself all day.....fck sakes man...have some dignity and crawl away from the battlefield....you have never had the balls for it all anyway...
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