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  1. 25-December 10 - Happy Birthday chris blanc :)

  2. Originally Posted By: Darter Actually, I'm glad you're back Gaz - it will drive Blanc mad knowing he's still banned and you can post Of course, you were never abusive like him. Hmmm?
  3. Originally Posted By: American FLEET FAN No1 Originally Posted By: chris blanc Kev, why waste your breath? It's not worth it. I'm done posting here, it's like banging your head against a wall of window lickers Does that mean you are quitting as a moderator then? Window Lickers? Must be something you have a lot of knowledge of! Like your knowledge of sucking pole?
  4. Originally Posted By: Uncle Urchin in the meantime you know exactly what has gone on with the wt on the new forum and were a prime instigator of the new fleet forum as opposed to this one..I personally feel that makes you non gratis on FF and I shall therefore request that ian-w disposes of your moderator services forthwith... Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in. What logic!! SO I was a 'prime instigator' of the new forum? And that makes me non gratis on here? You do talk some crap karlie. You were a prime instigator of notmyfc as opposed to this one, I should therefore ask you to kiss my ass As for the moderating on here, as I said a minute ago, I'll not be posting here anymore, so you can stick your request to Ian up your fat old butt old chum.
  5. Kev, why waste your breath? It's not worth it. I'm done posting here, it's like banging your head against a wall of window lickers
  6. This whole forum is a joke and has been for ages. It's no wonder that the vast majority on here have chosen to go elsewhere. This place has been dead for days until, guess what? more old bollox from the martyr and the conman. Why it would surprise anyone that people would want these clowns silenced is what shocks me
  7. Originally Posted By: Uncle Urchin Originally Posted By: chris blanc And Mr Rozanski isn't a moderator on the forum, so asking him would be a bit pointless I'd have thought. you really are a quisling chris...you and I both know that the web team run the new forum and you and I both know that you were involved in the not very clever scam to make loose DD and sal invisible... why you feel the need to come back here and deny your involvement speaks volumes for your integrity (or lack of it) you know exactly what has gone on... have some balls man and stop hiding....! I'm not hiding from anything karl, and as for being a quisling (at least you're saying it to my face this time rather than pretending you didn't say it like a cowardly child), well, being called anything by a c unt like you is like being called a bad babysitter by Ian Huntley. Being disliked by you and your pitiful 'friends' is like a badge of honour around here and I welcome it. I didn't any involvement in anything. And how you of all people in the world can speak to anyone about integrity is hilarious.
  8. Originally Posted By: Hannah "Lurking" on a free site. Surely that's allowed? The banning of HJA still hasn't been explained by anyone... so until then I just see all your moaning as hypocrisy. Hmmmmmm... banning somebody from one site for doing something on another and then moaning because something similar happened to you would seem to be massively hypocritical wouldn't it?
  9. Originally Posted By: Darter we simply reviewed the membership Perhaps that's what happened on the EUFC forum
  10. No one's been banned from the EUFC forum, I just checked the banned list, It's empty
  11. Originally Posted By: Darter Ask your pals Ratzanski and co ... they have been playing little games behind the boss's back ... If you're gonna be rude about someone, why should I And Mr Rozanski isn't a moderator on the forum, so asking him would be a bit pointless I'd have thought.
  12. Originally Posted By: Claudius Where is Blanc BTW? Has he really gone into hiding? Quite funny that..:-) Not gone into hiding, just drastically reduced any time on here because the place has been taken over by half witted imbeciles like yourself. As for the matter at hand, as far as I know, no one has been banned on the EUFC site, nor have I received any messages from anyone telling me that they've been banned or anything like that.
  13. You are all banging your heads against a brick wall. The bloke's a simpleton, don't bother trying to convince him of anything, he won't listen
  14. Originally Posted By: Darter I can confirm that I edited some of Paul Jarvis's posts on freemyfc. I warned him on the open forum that I would do it if he didn't stop abusing people - you neglected to mention that part, Chris. He didn't stop, so I altered two or three posts of his where he had been abusive and made them comical instead. He was asked to stop the abuse, he didn't stop. Of course, this is standard for Paul Jarvis, as he is absolutely brilliant at making unprovoked insults on forums and then crying like a baby when he is eventually dealt with. He is cut far more slack than other people, and yet he still can't stop himself. That's fair enough Sal, and thank you for at least admitting it, which is something that some on here apparently didn't have the balls to do..... BUT... did you really need to do it in the way you did? I don't know where you feel you can spout on about freedom whilst changing someone's posts to deride them. Say what you like about Paul, and I take the piss out of him more than anyone, but he's a good guy who loves his team and will stand by anyone that he believes in. You can't say that about many of us (myself included). All of us here that have been Fleet fans for a while understand what is good and bad about MyFC, we don't have our 'heads in the sand' as some of you would like to believe, we just had a situation thrust upon us that we rallied around to make the most of. But it's kept us alive, at least for a while.... What's it's given me (and a lot of people I know) is a sense of family that we never had before and of course we'll defend that. Which is why so many of us will defend Allstars 'til the day is done. He's a good bloke, a nice bloke and someone that I'd happily give my life for, and I'd say that about less than 20 people. For all your blustering about being the only people on here that really know what's going on and how you all talk like you want EUFC to succeed, you need to ask yourself why we'll all stick up for Paul and can't be bothered with all of you. Are you all right or are we? I don't think we'll ever agree on that one.. And despite what you may believe Sal, I don't think you a bad person at all, quite the contrary. I Believe you to be a person backed into a corner that got herself in with a bad crowd. It's not your fault. But if you lay down with dogs you'll catch fleas....
  15. Ahh, so I get back in and the triumvirate of lies and ridiculousness has turned up. funny. I won't comment (what's the point when none of them would know the truth if it wrapped itself around a wet kipper and said I'm the truth!) other than to say that the three of you are about as welcome here as Myra Hindley at a babysitters conference. I'll hold my hands up and apologise to the real supporters here for causing these leptons to start posting here again. I won't do it again. we've got the other forum now where these idiots wont post. This forum is, unfortunately dead, to anyone that cares about the Fleet, but hey, we know where to go. York tomorrow. If you can be there or not, cheer on the Fleet!! to paraphrase....Believe!!!!
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