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  1. https://thetortoisetravels.blogspot.com/2019/03/frimley-green-frimley-green-recreation.html
  2. Quarter Finals Colliers Wood United 1-3 Tooting & Mitcham United Walton Casuals 3-1 Chertsey Town Metropolitan Police v Kingstonian (2nd April) Banstead Athletic 3-2 Woking
  3. Odds to win the FA Vase Chertsey Town 11/10 Cray Valley PM 11/4 Northwich 3/1 Canterbury 6/1
  4. Vase Semi Final Draw Cray Valley PM v Canterbury City Northwich Victoria v Chertsey Town
  5. Semi Final Draw lunchtime Monday. Chertesey Town - Northwich Victoria - Canterbury City - Cray Valley PM
  6. Not sure. Middx clubs can be squeezed into Spartan South Midlands I guess. (3 are playing at SSM grounds) Westside could go to South Eastern Comb as they play at Croydon Athletic.
  7. I found this - https://www.bracknellnews.co.uk/sport/17407002.chairman-kayne-steinborn-busse-speaks-on-bracknell-town-expansion/
  8. Straight into division 1. We are a team short.
  9. * The Premier Division champions only will be promoted to Step 4; * The bottom two Premier Division sides will be relegated to Step 6; * The Division One champions will be promoted to Step 5; * The Division One runners-up will be promoted to Step 5 if they are one of the best nine (out of 19) Step 6 runners-up on a points per match basis nationwide; * The bottom two Division One sides will be relegated to Step 7 (unless there are not enough teams coming up from Step 7, in which case clubs will be reprieved nationally on a points per game basis). Step 4 and Step 5 The Clubs in the bottom two places in each of the seven divisions at Step 4 at the end of the Regular Season will be relegated and placed in the most geographically appropriate division at Step 5. These Clubs will be replaced by the fourteen Clubs finishing in first position in each of the fourteen divisions at Step 5 at the end of the Regular Season. The Clubs promoted from Step 5 will be allocated to the most geographically appropriate division at Step 4. A Club promoted to Step 4 shall comply with the Licensing System provision. Step 5 and Step 6 The Clubs in the bottom two places in each of the fourteen divisions at Step 5 at the end of the Regular Season will be relegated and placed in the most geographically appropriate division at Step 6. These Clubs will be replaced by the nineteen Clubs finishing in first position in each of the Leagues at Step 6 at the end of the Regular Season together with the required number of Clubs finishing in second position at the end of the Regular Season on a points per match ratio. If there are insufficient Clubs to fill vacancies Clubs finishing second to bottom of the Step 5 divisions will be reprieved so that the best such Club shall be reprieved first. Step 6 and 7 At the end of the Regular Playing Season the Clubs in the bottom two positions of each of the nineteen Step 6 divisions will be liable to relegation. No more than 38 Clubs will be promoted from Step 7. Where the eligible Clubs count does not reach 38 in number, reprieves of Step 6 Clubs shall come into effect on a points per game basis. 5 clubs at step 7 have applied for promotion. Westside (at Croydon Athletic) Cricklewood Wanderers (at Wembley) PFC Victoria (at Hanworth Villa) Pitshanger Dynamo (at Hanwell Town) St Panteleimon (at North Greenford United)
  10. Hebburn or West Auckland v Irlam or Chertsey Town Canterbury v Biggleswade Willand v Cray Valley Northwich v Sholing
  11. RESULTS Irlam Town P-P Chertsey Town Cray Valley PM 3-1 Abbey Rangers Histon 1-3 Northwich Victoria Sholing 3-1 Godmanchester Hebburn P-P West Auckland Town Biggleswade 6-1 Windsor Willand Rovers 3-2 Deeping Rangers Canterbury City 2-1 Coventry United Quarter final draw today
  12. Took this from the FF website. Combined Counties League Premier Division Sutton Common Rovers 1 Spelthorne Sports 4 (at Sutton United) Admission: £4 (student), Programme: £2 (decent, but nothing special and not really worth £2) Attendance: 58 h/c The opening stages of the first half set up the pattern that most of the game followed (barring a couple of significant delays for head injuries to Sutton players): Sutton went on all-out attack and placed significant pressure on the Spelthorne defence, while Spelthorne had to content themselves with the occasional breakaway. Most of these attempted breakaways from Spelthorne fell apart fairly easily due to Sutton's quicker decision-making, but despite this the away side took the lead on 19 minutes: Lewis Flatman received the ball on the left wing and was allowed to cut inside, getting a low shot away from 25 yards that crept into the bottom corner despite a touch from Sutton keeper Craig Bradshaw. The home side almost responded immediately, a quick counter-attack giving Phil Page room to shoot from the edge of the box, but his effort went just wide of the post. In the 24th minute, Sutton deservedly equalised from a clever set-piece routine: this caught the Spelthorne defence out and, after they failed to clear, the ball fell to Tommy Smith to poke in from close range. At this point, the home side upped their intensity dramatically in an attempt to force the away defence to cave in, but despite attack after attack after attack from Sutton the Spelthorne defence held firm, albeit often having to get bodies in the way to keep out a goalbound shot. As the half progressed and Sutton still found themselves somehow unable to score, their frustration steadily grew and this fed perfectly into Spelthorne's hands, allowing them more and more attempts to counter-attack. While a lot of these still weren't leading to actual chances for the away side, one did in the first minute of stoppage time (out of 9 overall, courtesy of the previous head injuries and numerous other fouls) and they were sure to make it count: after a foul just outside the box broke up a counterattack, Spelthorne took a free kick and Jake Flatman stepped up and kicked it low into the bottom corner to make it 1-2. As the second half got underway, it quickly became clear that Sutton were completely throwing caution to the wind and were just planning to relentlessly bombard the Spelthorne goal until something went into the net and that's more or less what happened for the vast majority of the second half. However, despite creating almost a chance a minute at times, nothing would go in for the home side: whether it was because they were flagged offside, or they just missed, or a defender (most notably Joe Dyett - a massively impressive performance from him in the Spelthorne defence) got his body in the way, Sutton simply could not score. This meant that their frustration once again grew (and started to be taken out on the officials on occasion, particularly the linesman who kept flagging them offside), while Spelthorne simply had to weather the storm and wait for an opportunity of their own. I say simply, but many other teams would have undoubtedly folded under a constant attacking barrage, so it was commendable that the away side held firm. Then, on 76 minutes, they were able to increase their lead from the penalty spot. The penalty was earned after a goal kick came close to the edge of the Sutton box, forcing Bradshaw to attempt to clear. However, his clearance hit a defender and the ball bounced behind him into the box and, with a Spelthorne attacker chasing it down, he lunged towards the ball and took the attacker out. From the penalty spot, Lewis Flatman made no mistake and place his effort to Bradshaw's left. Then, after yet more pressure from Sutton - albeit a bit more half-hearted at this stage as time was running out - Spelthorne scored a fourth in stoppage time, with Flatman topping off a great performance by completing his hat-trick: he received the ball unmarked in the box, and calmly placed a shot into the bottom corner. Overall, this game was thoroughly entertaining (at least when it flowed, as the referee was slightly over-eager to blow for a foul at times), but also very weird: while Spelthorne absolutely deserved to win, Sutton could and would have done so with ease had they been more accurate with their efforts on goal. Ultimately, with how many chances they missed (and, credit where it's due, how many the Spelthorne defence blocked), it felt like it simply wasn't the home side's day in the end: it felt like they could have kept playing well into the night and still wouldn't have scored. As for the ground, it's interesting to compare Gander Green Lane to Barnet's ground in the same league, as while I liked Gander Green Lane as a non-league ground, in terms of being Football League-ready (which seems appropriate to consider, given Sutton United's recent promotion pushes), it is worlds away from The Hive (and that's ignoring the 3G elephant in the room). Not where I planned to be today by any stretch of the imagination, but an enjoyable and entertaining afternoon out regardless.
  13. 2nd Round (To be played in January) Banstead Athletic v AFC Wimbledon (TBC) Chertsey Town 1-0 Sutton United Whyteleafe 2-2 Walton Casuals (2-4 pens) Egham Town v Woking (29th Jan) Colliers Wood United 3-2 Abbey Rangers Kingstonian 3-2 Carshalton Athletic Chipstead 1-2 Tooting & Mitcham United Metropolitan Police v Merstham (TBC) Quarter Finals (To be played w/c 10th February) Colliers Wood United v Tooting & Mitcham United (12th Feb) Walton Casuals v Chertsey Town Metropolitan Police or Merstham v Kingstonian Banstead Athletic or AFC Wimbledon v Egham Town or Woking
  14. Quarter Finals Sutton Common Rovers v Hanworth Villa Abbey Rangers v Epsom & Ewell or Godalming Town Knaphill v Bedfont & Feltham CB Hounslow United v Banstead Athletic
  15. 5 step 7 clubs have applied to come up - I assume not all will be CCL clubs. It has been common knowledge that 2 will go down to div 1 Mind you, who knows with this league!
  16. FA VASE 5th Round Irlam Town v Chertsey Town Cray Valley PM v Abbey Rangers Histon v Northwich Victoria Sholing v Godmanchester Hebburn v West Auckland Town Biggleswade v Windsor Willand Rovers v Deeping Rangers Canterbury City v Coventry United To be played SAT 2nd FEB
  17. Saturday 5th January F.A. Vase - 4th Round Bearstead v Abbey Rangers Chertsey Town v AFC St. Austell Premier Division Badshot Lea v Cobham Balham v AFC Hayes Banstead Athletic v Redhill Guildford City v Colliers Wood Utd (at Frimley Green FC) Hanworth Villa v Camberley Town Knaphill v Horley Town Raynes Park Vale v Sutton Common Rovers Spelthorne Sports v Southall Division 1 Bedfont & Feltham v Sheerwater Chessington & Hook Utd v Frimley Green Cove v Epsom & Ewell Eversley & California v Tooting Bec Farnham Town v Kensington Borough FC Deportivo Galicia v Ash United Godalming Town v Bagshot Berks & Bucks Senior Trophy Sandhurst Town v Burnham
  18. Committee approve application The application from the newly formed Jersey Bulls FC to join the CCL next season was unanimously approved by the CCL Management Committee at their meeting on 17 December subject to some minor ground improvements being completed by 31 March 2019 and approval by the Football Association. It is now for the FA Leagues Committee to agree that the club should be allowed to enter the National League System at Step 6, due to the special circumstances and, of course, to direct the club into the CCL. Jersey Bulls would be flying into Gatwick and there would be a similar arrangement to that originally evolved with Guernsey FC whereby the visiting club would be flown out and back at Jersey’s expense with a night in a hotel as required. Some matches may be played on a Sunday subject to agreement. A League spokesman said “it is an exciting development for the League and its clubs as well as for Jersey Bulls. When Guernsey came in it was very much a step in the dark. It went well though and we now have that experience which should serve us in good stead if it all comes to fruition which certainly looks likely, especially as the Bulls have the support, not only of the Jersey Government but also the local Jersey League and the Jersey Football Association.” The League has also received an application from Westside FC who are currently riding high in the Surrey Elite League. They ground share at AFC Croydon Athletic so it may be that they will be directed to the Southern Counties East League. That, of course, would be a decision for the Leagues Committee of the Football Association to make. Enquiries have also been received from two other clubs but they are not firm applications as yet.
  19. Premier Division Abbey Rangers v CB Hounslow Banstead Athletic v Hanworth Villa Camberley Town v Badshot Lea Chertsey Town v Knaphill Cobham v Raynes Park Vale Horley Town v Guildford City Redhill v Sutton Common Rovers Southall v AFC Hayes Spelthorne Sports v Walton & Hersham Division 1 Ash United v Farnham Town Epsom & Ewell v Eversley & California Fleet Spurs v Godalming Town Kensington Borough v Dorking Wanderes Res Sandhurst Town v Cove Tooting Bec v Sheerwater (NOW AT Colliers Wood United FC 3pm KO)
  20. CCL and the FA are not fit for purpose
  21. There are (at least) four clubs in our potential catchment area playing at step 7 this season who would be eligible to promote at the end of this this season. They appear to be well run clubs though all 4 are ground sharing. I would hope none of these clubs are denied promotion because of the Jersey Bulls situation!
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