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  1. 15-September 10 - Happy Birthday British Legion Babe :)

  2. Do you think he could handle 49 humps cookie???
  3. He does enjoy you daring him annie, he told me so...
  4. whats a matter frankie can't you handle the pace now your closer to fifty??
  5. I think your right graeme!! And cookie i shall enjoy playing with pinns, just don't tell frankie!!! Pinns and balls, what more can you ask for??
  6. Ive got a special present for you when you get home tonight!!! Have a brilliant day Teresa XXXXXXXXXXX
  7. Happy Birthday Frankie, Only 49 years young today... Love you loads Teresa XXXXXXXXXx
  8. Well hate to say this, but the thong rules again..... And with half the team...
  9. Whether it be Broadstairs or Ramsgate he is a local lad and an underdog so great news and good luck to him in the final. He has had nothing to prove and seems to be enjoying himself.
  10. Who was on the weekly winners for the second week running Tony.
  11. Passion is one thing and agree with you both Wards have it BUT as long as they conduct themselves within the rules of the game.
  12. If Ward does the same tactics every game then we have very weak officials. They should know that encouragement is against the rules and the linesman on that side of the pitch constantly told him to step back off the pitch. Had the official had the balls to do his job properly he would have drawn the attention of the ref to this situation and both Wards would have finished the match in the stands. However Rymans like Premiership officials are weak and let too much intimidation go unpunished unlike rugby refs. Maybe if the players and managers were punished for dissent and the like the
  13. No Margate rock now imported from Poland made by Chinese workers.
  14. Although signed in as British Legion Babe (Teresa's log on) it is Frankie here. We have to give out the admission tickets so know 400 based on that. In the mid 70's to early 80's the choir then (about the same hard core of 12 teenagers/early twenties) used to sing to support the team and insult the ref and opposition team and supporters. However we did not need to resort to using swearwords and they were just as funny and a good put down at times. Our current choir are a great bunch of lads...and Danielle who do a good job encouraging the team. My only complaint is the free use of
  15. Ward spent more time on the pitch than the Ramsgate subs put together
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