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  1. I'm sure with your impressive CV you will get the job.
  2. Premier Division, Step 6? I'm going with a typo.
  3. Was the AGM recorded? Asking for a friend. 😂
  4. I cannot see how he can take legal action on the Macclesfield decision as his Club is third party.
  5. Had you done some basic detective work you would know that Park View have already completed their affiliation for next season unlike FC Broxbourne Borough. You were thrown some bait, went fishing and caught a tin can.
  6. I wouldn't mind a few games at Coles Park as it is local to me. No idea what Haringey Borough are charging New Salamis. You could ask Aki.
  7. 1. Reason is for you to work out. 2. Not kept a record. 3. 6 finals. (I think) Are you having a slow news day?
  8. I doubt finances will be a problem to Cricklewood Wanderers as they are likely ti be running more than 1 Adult Team.
  9. I think you have a good chance of starting in September as long as there isn't a second wave of the virus.
  10. I didn't do the thread last year as I was too busy with work. I'll try and post PSF but I have no idea when any 11 v 11 football will take place this summer or even when the new season will start.
  11. Likely to be Combined Counties from where they are based once the restructure (eventually) kicks in.
  12. Happy birthday, Cliff. Hope you day has gone well.
  13. Don't know what the Competition Rules were at the time but at Grassroots level you would have forfeited the match. How does the Competition even allow a Club to play without checking they are affiliated first? Less likely to happen now as affiliation is completed through the WGS. It happens higher up as well. I can't type here which Clubs it has happened to and a blind eye was turned. 🙂
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