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  1. I knew Jon Smith through this forum. I don't remember their cup exploits.
  2. There would have to be a Rule change for that to happen as it would overlap the following season. My guess is that end of May would be the cut off point to complete the fixtures.
  3. They were not that organized from what I can recall. Jose didn't say too much during games.
  4. Sport London e Benfica have a team in the Greater London Women's Football League.
  5. This is encouraging. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54977370
  6. I am happy with the level that I officiate at. It's always good to see young referees fulfill their potential and rapidly move up through the levels.
  7. I don't keep records but I have been on many a game with Paul. I'm not surprised he has reached his current level.
  8. Paul takes charge of Monday's FA Cup tie between Oxford City and Northampton Town.
  9. Edgware Town will play worse and win games. Two errors at the back gifted the visitors an early lead but on chances alone Edgware Town should have romped the game.
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