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  1. I'll go with the following; Referee: Bishop, Daniel Assistant Referee: Aguilar, Pablo Assistant Referee: Lawrence, Owen
  2. The Referee was correct to abandon the game once his safety was compromised.
  3. 'Eccentric'. 🙂 I too was at this game. Even first half possession-wise but on good chances, Oxhey Jets should have led by more. Second half it was mostly New Salamis and after grabbing an early equalizer went on to win the game via 2 penalties.
  4. Used to have a Nokia. Samsung now. Not extreme to abandon the game. Police need to be called. Cards need to be cancelled.
  5. Not happened to me but I know of similar incidents over the years. I was over at Wadham Lodge recently for an FA Women's Cup match so I will be weary next time I visit the venue.
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2007/nov/30/1 Barry Davies for me. No mention for John Motson?
  7. That will be the route for this Saturday. Much easier now that the Leisure Centre is open and can cut across through the car park.
  8. This is a RC for Serious Foul Play. I doubt you will find more than 2 people at the venue who thought otherwise.
  9. It's a Berks & Bucks game. My parent CFA is London and I am an associate member with Middlesex. So officially, nothing to do with me. 😝
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