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  1. I have been officiating FA Cup and FA Vase ties for years. You really are not in the loop.
  2. I have no idea who you are referring to. I was having my second FA Cup appointment of the season today if you wanted to know what I was up to. 😛
  3. Archive photo from a PSF. http://sportsshots.org.uk/?p=45178
  4. Among the red card and numerous yellow cards appearing on the above screen shot, I understand a red card was also shown to a Team Official. Can anyone solve the mystery of why the name of the Referee has disappeared from the above Full Time page? Karen? Sherlock Rhodes?
  5. I am putting this into perspective. You had issues with Kentish Town. I did not.
  6. I believe Kentish Town relieved you of your duties so if any of us had issues it was you.
  7. Another figment of your vivid imagination.
  8. Not interested. You exaggerate. Not all my games have 'incidents' and 'controversy'. You are just being selective.
  9. ''you could be susceptible to a bribe, I'm obviously not saying one would be offered by the Club, or you would take it if it were'' What are you saying then?
  10. Coming off the pitch at North Greenford United at that time. I believe I was walking.
  11. Should I be banned from other Clubs that I know Team Officials as well?
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