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  1. A Mediterranean diet is a healthy diet. Fitness test is a doddle.
  2. Gotta pass a fitness test first. Mr Adkins can always go stand side. 🙃
  3. Who do I see about leaked referee appointments?
  4. Were there any Cockfosters and Hadley threads that need to be resurrected?
  5. The last time you did that, Chairman Aki returned your money and asked you to leave. Not sure if he has changed his stance.
  6. Will the prodigal son ever go back to Coles Park?
  7. I would put the attendance at last night's final in excess of 300.
  8. I attended this game last night. Attendance must have been over 300. Good atmosphere and and good cup final.
  9. Congratulations to London Lions. Shame there were not more teams entered.
  10. If Amersham Town are appealing due to increased travel / expenses, why are London Tigers (assuming they are still ground sharing) not doing the same?
  11. Technical Areas should be fun next season. 🙂
  12. I assume an update now we know we know the Constitution for next season.
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