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  1. And then there was one unbeaten........ Me thinks Rhodes just jinxed St Panteleimon. 😂
  2. Looked after us very well. Nice warm meal after the game. I think they are saving the red carpet for you. 😊
  3. Travel has been ok. Kings Langley cost a little more in expenses but not out of pocket. Was actually a very good game.
  4. It was a good game at The Middlesex Stadium. I've only been twice to Cotlandswick this season. I requested to go to Kings Langley. Did you to a game yesterday?
  5. My plan was The Middlesex Stadium as it was easy to get to from where I was.
  6. I was annoyed. Sorting out a pitch inspection for after 12:00 is not great. I was waiting in the Costa Coffee to be told at about 12:30 the game was off. Went down to watch Hillingdon Borough vs Langford.
  7. Easy money to be made off Rhodes. I will not be at this game.
  8. Maybe the heavy FA Vase defeat influenced the decision.
  9. Kenny Dyer is not a bad shout. Watch this space!!! Was he not Tom Loizou's predecessor at Haringey Brough?
  10. How about you contact the 'Great One' and see if he wants to throw his hat into the ring?
  11. I did get to the venue. The pitch passed an inspection by the referee about an hour before kick off but then the rain increased to such an extent that 20 minutes later the near side goal area was saturated. With heavy rain forecast for the rest of the evening it was an easy decision to postpone as the conditions would only deteriorate.
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