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  1. It's a Berks & Bucks game. My parent CFA is London and I am an associate member with Middlesex. So officially, nothing to do with me. 😝
  2. I doubt if I would have done anything differently. Just stand there and make mental notes of the actions and comments of the Club Official then report to the relevant authorities.
  3. I too was at this one. Fairly accurate report. Unlike the ground hopper, I arrived in plenty of time for the kick off. 🙂
  4. I'm too fussed how Referees look as long as they can do the job like Mark did.
  5. It's lack of concentration. Daft error that should not have happened.
  6. Sorry to disappoint you but nothing to do with me.
  7. If a team official, substitute, substituted or sent-off player or outside agent enters the field of play, the referee must: • only stop play if there is interference with play • have the person removed when play stops • take appropriate disciplinary action If play is stopped and the interference was by: • a team official, substitute, substituted or sent-off player, play restarts with a direct free kick or penalty kick • an outside agent, play restarts with a dropped ball Outside agent Any animal, object or structure, etc., as well as any person who is not
  8. Karen - Oxhey Jets vs Risborogh Rangers has already been postponed for the 18th. Are you confident that Oxhey Jets will beat Kingstonian and play their next round match on the 18th or is there another reason for the early postponement?
  9. New Salamis - Danny Bailey OUT, Richard Georgiou IN
  10. I don't agree with a referee wearing glasses as it is (a) dangerous and (b) unprofessional. It's a pet hate along with wearing jewellery. You are not going to get any respect from players.
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