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  1. The FA had no choice but to charge him under E3 for Improper Conduct. Very likely he will be given a warning with a week or twos 'holiday'.
  2. I doubt everyone who read the article thinks like you.
  3. I was asked about how the resignation of Times Athletic affected the Competition and what other reasons teams leave mid season. The reporter wanted to know if the forthcoming World Cup might increase participation the following year and it was of my opinion that it would.
  4. Your answer for Nr 1 is old Law. Would now be a direct free kick. What is so unique about the Islington Midweek Football League that you would expect both captains to thunp each other before kick off?
  5. 1 If the manager (Team Official) was on the Field of Play when attempting to catch the ball while the ball was in play then play is stopped. The manager is cautioned and play is re-started with a direct free kick from where he interfered with play. If he was behind the goal line and entered the penalty area to catch the ball then the re-start would be a penalty kick. This is a recent Law change. Before, you would re-start with an indirect free kick. 2 Both players are sent off for Violent Conduct. As the game has not started, both teams are allowed to move up a player from their substitut
  6. Back in the day that would have been deemed a fair tackle. Chalobah wins the ball but with his follow through he takes out his opponent. The amount of force in the challenge makes it reckless and, therefore, a yellow card is correctly issued.
  7. Must be an old photo unless they have moved the dug outs again. My first game at the venue had the dug outs on the far touchline as per phot. Have since moved them stand side.
  8. As I mention in my last sentence, I think we are just about on the limit regarding a time line to finish the season. My guess is it is 60-40 the League program will be null and void.
  9. Extend the season to June. If Clubs can be back up and playing by mid March then they can fulfill all of their League games. As restrictions are eased, Clubs can begin to earn revenue through bar takings, refreshments and at the turnstile. We are getting close to a cut off point and I believe a decision one way or an other is imminent.
  10. You would be surprised as to how many trick questions you get in Laws of the Game exams. These are fairly tame compared to them but some do need some thinking.
  11. Πρέπει να κάνετε καλύτερα από αυτό.
  12. 1 I've done the same at North Greenford United where the surface immediately behind the touchline was near impossible to run on. I only stepped back off the pitch when players were close by. In the example you give, the Referee would ignore the players. If the conditions deteriorated then the game would be abandoned. Years ago you could run left wings so had the option of switching your A/R's. 2 You cannot add lines. This line would need to be removed. Some GK's deliberately scuff the pitch for the same reason as illustrated. That would be a YC. 3 Love Nr 3. I have had this done in a
  13. Apparently Chesterfield were, ''forced'', out of the FA Trophy. They knew the Rules and broke them. https://www.derbyshiretimes.co.uk/sport/football/chesterfield-manager-james-rowe-shocked-spireites-forced-withdraw-fa-trophy-3128236
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