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  1. Oh am jealous now. Antigua sounds ace. Have a nice time. I have a day off on holiday tomorrow. Salisbury away is hardly the same is it? :-)
  2. I saw you beat the Darts on Saturday which is always pleasing. I presume you will still be going to watch right? Enjoy the recharging.
  3. Hehe. We may not be the best of pals but you do have my utmost respect in Internetland land UU. So, what you going to do with all the time and money you have on your hands now?
  4. Originally Posted By: Uncle Urchin Originally Posted By: Jeff I am stupid, know nothing and suck balls don't be to harsh on yourself jeff.... I am only quoting the words of other misinformed souls UU.
  5. Originally Posted By: loosely *Title "borrowed" from a "suggestion" on the EUFC Forum I thought this was the EUFC forum. Oh but hang on, I am stupid, know nothing and suck balls apparently.
  6. You should all try not be so disaffected with MyFC. People don't want it. Am off to the pub now as I have a life. I'll leave you and Claudius to your conspiracies.
  7. Quality as always Claudius. 'it (PTT) will not prove to be a big issue.' 'We
  8. Oh come on Darter. You are a pretty rational gal. He needs to never log on again. You have read his continous rantings on the contingency thread. I can't believe that you are defending his frankly ridiculous musings. He's a disgrace.
  9. Just seen this quote from you about PTT Claudius: 'However,trust this fella on this..in the real world it will not prove to be a big issue. We
  10. Yes really. Are you not a complete retard? Really? I misunderstand nothing Claudius. I can see quite clearly that you have no life or purpose other than to run us all down. May I ask why you are actually here? If you had any guts, you would be posting your drivel on MyFC itself. Oh, you asked for your account to be deleted didn't you? Lightweight. Allstars was banned from this forum for comments made about something that happened at Aldershot away last season (league game). I cannot comment on the reasons behind other bannings as I don't know the facts. Maybe you should take that on
  11. Claudius, Allstars is not a big drinker at all. Something else you have completely got wrong.
  12. Free speech is alive and well on here I see.
  13. Of course I can't. Can Mick Woodward sort you out?
  14. He is not with MyFC though. He asked for his account to be terminated as ago as everyone on there got fed up with his whining. When he realised this, he threw his toys out of the pram. He is a one man moaning machine.
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