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  1. 09-December 10 - Happy Birthday Special K :)

  2. Originally Posted By: Big J R Originally Posted By: Special K The will be in the Womens Combination South East League next season. With the likes of Norwich, Northampton, Gillingham and Luton. Wow - That seems quite a step up, Special ! I was impressed with Ebbsfleets performance in the little of the match I saw. Their attack is good. Defence fair. Maybe just a bit of work is needed in mid-field The next step up from that league is even bigger. As whoever gets promoted from that league could face teams like Charlton Ladies and Millwall Lioneses.
  3. The will be in the Womens Combination South East League next season. With the likes of Norwich, Northampton, Gillingham and Luton.
  4. Wasn't it only about a week or two ago he had the boards full backing?
  5. Still yet to try the new food myself. I just have not been hungry whilst down at the ground. But tomorrow I am going to eat as little as possible so that I can give the food a try. Plus I am going to try the hot chocolate seeing as everyone is raving about it.
  6. Just pay no attention to him Gaz. He is not worth yours or any other Fleet supporters time.
  7. Originally Posted By: JoSaunders yeh or Gazpacho You've been watching Red Dwarf haven't you?^^
  8. Originally Posted By: eufckev According to a Dover fan, about 6 or 7 were first teamers. That really surprised me as I thought Dover was going to field an even weaker side than that. I was surprised to hear that the likes of Schulz, Hughes and Whitehouse played as a believe that they are all first team players.
  9. Originally Posted By: mo warner Hi all,looking forward to your visit in the Trophy,bad draw for us in our current situation,however we are a small friendly family club with strong ties to yourselves [loan players etc.]We have had a torrid season having to start with a completely new squad,new manager,and possibly the smallest budget in the league,resulting in an unsettled side,although we hope that will soon be resolved.We also lost our clubhouse in an arson attack in August,however we are able to use the sports club bar in the cricket ground next door to us.We do though have a great playing s
  10. Originally Posted By: rsheard Originally Posted By: Special K And the bickering can sometimes get a bit tiring. I agree with you, Special K. I suspect, though, that most of the malcontents will be gone in February. It would only be a die-hard curmudgeon who will pay 35 pounds for the privilege of bitching and moaning each day. Let's just hope there are enough of us left who actually care about the Fleet (as opposed to "football manager 09") to keep from hurting the club's financial future. Debating or discussing of course is ok. Just the full blown arguing can sometimes be a tad
  11. Deffo going to go to this away game. Do not know if I am going to go by train or by coach/minibus if there is one. Most likely the minibus though.
  12. Originally Posted By: Jeff I just want to have a nose around their ground Special K. I went up to see the Dartford Vs Dover match earlier on this season to see what was so good about their ground(Only went because the fleet where away and I just didn't fancy going on a long trip and of course I was bored and wanted my Football fix). I admit that it is a nice ground(Not better than Stonebridge Road) but it does have a few flaws imho. Like the roofs are way too high and if the rain is blowing towards you, you will still get wet even if you are at the back of the terrace. And I know it will o
  13. Originally Posted By: Jeff Sadist. Dartford away providing they win their replay. Oh what a match that would be if it happens. Highly likely it will not. Pretty sure home or away it would be a big attendance.
  14. Pretty lucky that guy didn't get his nose broken I reckon. But seeing as he got up and was ok I reckon it is not wrong to laugh.
  15. Yeah I know it is not Ebbsfleet related but I reckon iy is worth posting http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/sportvideos/article1949283.ece I do not know wherever to laugh or be sympathetic for the player.
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