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  1. One of the best players from my childhood supporting the E's. RIP John My condolences to his family.
  2. 10-June 11 - Happy Birthday MK James :)

  3. I see 2 Alexander fans were most upset when they ound out Southill had gone t1ts up. Link
  4. Any chance of updates on here tomorrow regarding game ON / OFF.? Thanks in advance. Oh and if it is on will I need to bring my own dinner?
  5. Westley is very much his own man and would have been telling Lazarou how to run the club. With his brand of football he was not the right man for Enfield then or at any time. He did poorly for us and I was glad he moved on.
  6. 10-June 10 - Happy Birthday MK James :)

  7. Compaq you are right a lot to play for in that league but they are way out in midtable. Can't see anybody else in either league with the set-up to come up.
  8. Mountnessing Boca of the Essex Olympian League have applied. Looks like Harlow Town are coming in from the other direction.
  9. And I'd also like to wish all fans of all Enfield clubs a happy St. Andrew's Day.
  10. Still slow on IE, took 20 seconds for this reply box to come up.
  11. I can't remember which version of IE I'm using I think IE9 but its painfully slow. Switched to google chrome which is slow for everything else but quick for this forum _ big smile!
  12. ain't here but he sure went past

  13. I'm sure you all know this but that's Met. Police (Bushey) on the 14th. and not Metropolitan Police in South London! Otherwise you'll be watching McEvoy etc. lining up for Grays!
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