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  1. The FA Cup 2014-2015 Extra Preliminary Round Preliminary Round First Round Qualifying The FA Vase 2014-2015 First Round Qualifying Second Round Qualifying
  2. Can i clarify a couple of things. Firstly i spoke toTrevor last night and as always he was positive but disappointed. He felt he had let me down as i recommended his appointment, i stand by my recommendation. However he doesn't owe me an apology, but that in itself speaks volumes about his character, he's a good bloke. Secondly no blame should be laid at Antony Jupps door. To suggest he didn't take the job because because he didn't fancy the task ahead due to all the players leaving is nonsense. The decision to appoint Trevor was made in January. Nobody knew in January that all of those players were going to leave, at that time we had a solid CCL Premier squad.
  3. Quote from Bad Guy "I do stand corrected, but didn't most of the Horley players leave at the end of last season after Rennie decided to pack it in ...again !" For the record I did not as you suggest Pack it in ....again. When i was asked to go back to the Club in the summer of 2011 it was on the clear understanding that it was for 2 years only. My remit was to bring stability back to the club and start the process for who would take over in Summer 2013. We brought new reserve team managers in in 2011 but that did not work out. I interviewed Trevor in the summer of 2012 and he was an outstanding candidate. I told him then that i would be leaving at the end of the season and that the 1st Team could be his. I thought he did a brilliant job with the reserves and so in January 2013 on my recommendation it was agreed he would take over for the next season. He worked with the 1st team for the rest of the season when reserve team commitments allowed. I was offered various roles within the club but declined. Mainly because i wanted time to do other things but also because i didn't want Trevor to feel i was in the background. I have not attended many games but have been in constant dialogue with Trevor as we have become friends. He is a true football man and a top bloke. I only learned of him leaving the club by reading it on here. If the decision is based purely on footballing issues i think it is the wrong decision. He lost an entire first team squad in the summer, without finance that would be very difficult to replace quickly. I do not know if there are other reasons. I like Trevor and wish him well, i hope he gets a job quickly because he needs football and it needs him. Anthony Jupp and Chris Weller have done very well as youth Team Managers and in my 7 years around the club both have become very good personal friends. Neither of them want this position at this time, in the future yes, but not now. I wish them luck for however long they are in place.
  4. Have to say i thought Egham were excellent last night in beating us 3-0. On last night's performance they would have been more than a match for lots of Ryman Clubs. Ali
  5. Having played both Guernsey and Egham recently i think they both have strong qualities. In my opinion player for player Guernsey edge it on quality and i think their passing and movement is slightly better. However i thought when we played Egham on Saturday thier work rate was exceptional and as a team we put on our best defensive performance of the season to kep them at bay and we had too. However what i have seen of Cove and i hate to say South Park!! They are a match for anyone on their day. Another team who really impressed me recenlty is Farnham Town. I've been involved in the CCL now for 6 years and i think this is the most competitive it has been in my time. The title is still not decided and nor is relegation. Some may argue that the standard is not as good as it was in previous years but i personally don't agree. Ali
  6. Ok, thanks for your efforts. I was simply told it was due to snow.
  7. Sandhurst v Horley - Postponed due to snow
  8. Horley Town v Hanworth Villa - Postponed.
  9. Horley Town v Chessington & Hook - Game ON.
  10. Horley Town 3 Croydon 0. Horley missed a penalty at 3-0. Fairly even game but we scored 3 goals midway through first half which killed the game. Croydon played some decent football but didn't really threaten our goal. Very disappointingly Horley's 18 year old Jack Poplett broke his ankle when his studs stuck in the pitch when making a tackle. No blame to any Croydon player. We wish him a speedy recovery.
  11. Horley Town v South Park - 3rd Round of League Cup 7.45pm kick off - game on
  12. As a Manager of a CCL Club (Horley Town) I don’t want to take sides about this issue but I really am struggling to understand Epsom & Ewell’s stance. I’m happy to be proved wrong but I can’t see how televising the game would have a detrimental affect on the size of the crowd. People from Guernsey won’t make a decision on attending at the drop of a hat, they will have made their decision sometime ago based on an assumption that the game would be televised or more likely that the majority won’t travel to away games. So no loss of custom there. People locally probably don’t have GFTV anyway so if they want to watch the game they have to attend! One of the benefits of having the game televised is that we received a DVD copy ( I know not everyone seems to have received theirs) and we have now made more copies and will eventually have enough for each of our players. If I were a player I’d be delighted about having a full 90 minute version of a game I played in. I’m sure the Epsom players feel the same, but are going to miss out. I do think that is regrettable that Guernsey Guru and his mates have come to the decision that they have and their team would benefit from their vocal support. I think having Guernsey in the league has been a positive step and a trip there is something to look forward to. Weather permitting!
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