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  1. Rhodes, I think you're hidden away in a non league closet not to know Ryan Reynolds. But, I will give you a pass on Rob.
  2. Well, it tells me that there is still travel restrictions from the US to the UK. I'm sure they will visit.
  3. Interesting to note about DT FC. Will they still be playing their home matches at Harlow Town or are they going to play elsewhere?
  4. Well, that's a mistake from the start. Terrible idea
  5. According to the Mercury, Broxbourne Council rejected the housing and stadium proposal. We'll see if there's going to be an appeal.
  6. Well, having Hertford, Ware, Cheshunt and Waltham Abbey together in the Ryman can't be bad. Good local derbies for sure, maybe better if Enfield 1893 and Enfield Town get promoted/relegated.
  7. They would still "abuse" the referees with the Sin Bin. Come back on 10 mins later and continue..... Send them off period is the best.
  8. Think Ryman North is a good fit for London Colney. Especially as Potters Bar Town will be in the same league along with Cheshunt and Ware.
  9. Yellow card or red card is appropriate depending on the offence. Too many instances the verbal abuse is not punished by a yellow or red. It would cut down a lot if it was used more. Better still, if the verbal abuse continues, how about moving the free kick 10 more yards towards the fouling team's penalty area. Keep going if it doesn't stop.
  10. Horrible, just horrible idea. Go play rugby if you want a sin bin. Total garbage
  11. I wouldn't think so, with Hertford, Hoddy, Ware and St.Mags all close to each other
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