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  1. Both Canvey and Potters Bar stopped serving alcohol 15 minutes before the start of the game and started serving again once the game had finished. No idea about Billericay.
  2. Apparently it's an FA rule that the bar/clubhouse for any FA competition game has to stop serving alcohol 10 minutes before the game and can only start serving again once the game has finished. No alcohol in sight of the pitch either even in plastic glasses.
  3. Did Dagenham kev get his programme this time!!?
  4. The town centre and the station are a bit of a walk to the ground from what I remember.
  5. There's still a few idiots over there apparently but they only turn up for the big games.
  6. Alot of Conference Premier clubs don't let away fans in their bar but if that's the case they should provide a facility where away fans can have a beer.
  7. More pubs nearer Crayford station. Don't think there's much around BarneHurst.
  8. The old Neptune on the beach is pretty decent.
  9. Elliott Styles and Andy Tomlinson are probably better singers than No erection!!!!
  10. No but definitely on my list of grounds to go to. Brightlingsea is a nice town apparently with some good pubs.
  11. Brightlingsea got their stand up, Derek. Won 3-1 as well against Bodmin in the Vase.
  12. YELLOW

    FA Cup

    They'll be kicking themselves that they've lost that one. You'd have fancied them to have beaten a side from the equivalent of the Essex Senior league if they had got through.
  13. I'm surprised the BBC even thinks that football exists below the football league!!!
  14. Both us and Concord are home so likely you'll get Simon.
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