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  1. The town centre and the station are a bit of a walk to the ground from what I remember.
  2. There's still a few idiots over there apparently but they only turn up for the big games.
  3. Alot of Conference Premier clubs don't let away fans in their bar but if that's the case they should provide a facility where away fans can have a beer.
  4. More pubs nearer Crayford station. Don't think there's much around BarneHurst.
  5. The old Neptune on the beach is pretty decent.
  6. Elliott Styles and Andy Tomlinson are probably better singers than No erection!!!!
  7. No but definitely on my list of grounds to go to. Brightlingsea is a nice town apparently with some good pubs.
  8. Brightlingsea got their stand up, Derek. Won 3-1 as well against Bodmin in the Vase.
  9. They'll be kicking themselves that they've lost that one. You'd have fancied them to have beaten a side from the equivalent of the Essex Senior league if they had got through.
  10. I'm surprised the BBC even thinks that football exists below the football league!!!
  11. Both us and Concord are home so likely you'll get Simon.
  12. International and European qualifiers always used to be played on a Wednesday night or Saturday afternoon but this changed for the last Euros to Tuesday and Friday nights. Obviously it benefits clubs this weekend with no premiership or international fixtures but makes it awkward for Tuesday night.
  13. Was impressed with Sellears last night. Got forward well and isn't afraid to take on players and be positive. Rio Bryan Edwards looks a great addition to the squad. Was very vocal last night and organised the defence well.
  14. As an aside looks like Ashlee Jones has joined Lowestoft.
  15. They've lost their ground as well and now ground sharing at Kidderminster.
  16. Wasn't Graham Westley their manager during the late 90s, early 00s?
  17. Whitehawk are renaming themselves as Brighton City from next season.
  18. I assume the likes of Haylesey and Billy Coyne won't able to play as they've already played for other teams in the competition?
  19. That's a bloomin' long way to go on a cold and snowy night to be 3-0 down within 35 minutes or so.
  20. Grays v Maldon could potentially decide who wins that league so a massive game for Grays that one.
  21. If it's Thurrock don't bother getting to the ground before 6.45 as the clubhouse doesn't open before then.
  22. Whitehawk are chucking some serious money at trying to get out of the Ryman Premier this season. They have a number of ex pros and several decent non league players on good wages.
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