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  1. With all these pictures on twitter showing diggers and bull dozers going up and down the pitch at Hartsdown Park will we at last have flat playing surface with no slopes?
  2. Very interesting read and have left a comment on the said piece
  3. Has anyone any news when he is expected back from injury?
  4. Is he the first to leave a sinking ship? I thought he was a quality player disappointed he not stay longer to see us prosper in this division. If he lives in the London area he must have know about the travelling, so is this the reason why he's moved to Welling?
  5. No all I can get is the new Kentlive web site when I go in to my 'favorites'. Tried to put Thanet Gazette in but still get Kentlive. As you say there is no link to Margate FC under sports. Thanet Gazette are our main shirt sponsors so I do not know what is happening.
  6. Confused.com that's me. Is Ryan back at Margate FC as there are two new post on the Margate Offical Web site 'margate fives' and 'FIVE A SIDE PITCHES' all by ryan day. Could someone please let me know what's happening?
  7. Good read as always. Thanks
  8. So do I. Don't to facebook
  9. Two more added to the squad Moore and Bennet from AFC Wimbledon and Hendon gives us a squad of 21 at present. Will be some fighting for places next season.
  10. Thanks for the blog a great read as usual and also great to see that this webb site is still being used.
  11. I was there today Gringo it was shite. I wasn't going but at 2.40 I said yeah must go, what a mistakeA to makeA. RUBBISH.
  12. Just seen this on Margate webb site. Says on his watch we have lost the Manager and his assistant plus the clubs main sponser and the buck stops with him. Feel it would be a great loss to the club if he insists that the club accept his resignation I feel this man puts a lot of Effort, with a capital E, for Matgate FC. All these things that happened weere beyond his control.
  13. Just seen this so sorry to hear about it. Get well soon Cookie HDP was not the same without you on Saturday.
  14. Put me in for a Tenner also
  15. I have a couple of prizes as well, which I will bring up on Saturday
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