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  1. Ive been through lots of phones. Lost and broken. I'll message you my number on here.
  2. Great effort by the club, loved standing on the Eastside back in the day.
  3. Rangers, purely because they hate Celtic who are the scum of the earth.
  4. Me and Tone have already voted though Jord!
  5. I think the police got an accurate description of Andys hair style. Thompson.bmp
  6. Getting you there is the easy part Andy, its just when you decide to get off the last train home in the middle of no where in the freezing cold which is the problem.
  7. Lewis Smith was down for a long period after that, and the ref didn't stop the game. So at least he was consistant.
  8. must of took a lot of time to find out who were neutrals and who weren't. good research though!
  9. How expensive are the roll on roll off stands? They have them at Chelmsford and i'm pretty sure Enfield Town have them as well.
  10. What a game! Lowestoft kept the pressure on in the 2nd half. James Love and Joe Wooley were our best 2 players today. Conference South here we come!
  11. What a game, everyone played superb. Deserved victory. Ref wasnt up to much. My bum went a little bit when they got one back, but a superb 3rd goal on the counter. BRING ON THE 'STOFT
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