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  1. I remember a certain Romford striker, named Chandler, scoring a hat-trick in a big win at New Writtle street ( a proper football ground) back in the early seventies, a few years after they won the Southern League Title. Mind you, I also remember Brentwood beating The Clarets ha ha . Sadly, local non league football "aint what it used to be". The decent grounds have gone, along with the decent crowds. Most of the time these days, it is a matter of surviving off scraps financially. Enjoyed reading this banter - good luck in your respective leagues.
  2. Not much relevance as Billericay's squad is much changed from last season - all but 3, were new additions against East Thurrock
  3. Let's face it guys, all is not well behind the scenes. Regular volunteers are disappearing and even open debate has been censored on this Forum. This Club built up a reputation for being friendly to all and one that players welcomed the opportunity to represent. I hope this is just a minor dip and we soon return to more positive times.
  4. A great team performance and a great send off for Lummers. Haven't seen a better performance all season and against a team challenging for the play offs. Difficult to choose a MOM, all eleven were excellent. COYB
  5. Eastside, in the main, I agree with your comments but of course, if you follow a team that regularly chases trophies, tickets can remain pricey LOL !!!! Like you I have shared my support between non league and the higher echelons long before Murdoch and Sky Sports decimated free to view sport in this Country. These days, I goto more non league games, and it's not just the cost of PL tickets but also the oncosts of going to such a game ( How much is a taxi to the Bridge these days ? LOL ). That said and to support your point, I have a ticket for the League Cup Semi Final which cost 25 quid
  6. Good post/article - answers some of the earlier discussion - Thanks
  7. There is no room for discrimination in "The Football Family" and personally I couldn't care less who comes through the turnstiles, providing they behave themselves. ( and don't drop litter lol) Students generally are short of money and will always look for the cheapest option when buying alcohol. Hopefully one day, when they have paid off their loans, they might patronise the Dulwich Clubhouse. However they have done it, Dulwich deserve our congratulations for achieving such good gates.
  8. Earlier in the season, I got castigated for being too critical of one particular home performance. I accepted that possibly my words were a bit too strong and I am now taking a more "chilled" approach with my comments. One example of this was my comment about the pop up advert for Russian Girls - which my other half read over my shoulder and cleared it for publication lol Once again I am not being critical, but we are overdue a home win in the league, so lets get behind the boys today. Might see you for a pint beforehand but I don't think I will have to save you your seat !!!!!
  9. Well as prim always go with proper - I'll stick with pert. Meanwhile team news for tomorrow - there isn't any. But at full time beer is a pound a pint cheaper until England score - which might be a long time on that Wembley pitch
  10. James - They obviously know that you are an intellectual lol
  11. Gazza, I'm sorry, I cannot get too depressed about your post, when alongside it is a pop up advert showing me a big chested Russian lass inviting me to find love in Russia and the Ukraine.
  12. Wow !!! This thread is getting very deep indeed - I'll have to dig out my copy Intellectual Weekly lol I don't know if I am a "spectator" or a "supporter" but all I want to see is a half decent game of football or am I being selfish? Or am I a seagull following a trawler?
  13. Interesting, first it was the Chairman's Blog; then it was the Manager's Programme notes and now a senior member of the squad alludes to negativity at the Club. Well, strike me down with a feather! - football fans being dissatisfied with results/ performances, now there's a novelty !!! From personal experience !, I know that fans on this forum are very loyal to the Club and whilst occasionally you might hear a negative comment in the ground, it is only borne out of frustration. For goodness sake, I hear negative comments at my "other club" where they are building an extension to the Troph
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