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  1. I remember a certain Romford striker, named Chandler, scoring a hat-trick in a big win at New Writtle street ( a proper football ground) back in the early seventies, a few years after they won the Southern League Title. Mind you, I also remember Brentwood beating The Clarets ha ha . Sadly, local non league football "aint what it used to be". The decent grounds have gone, along with the decent crowds. Most of the time these days, it is a matter of surviving off scraps financially. Enjoyed reading this banter - good luck in your respective leagues.
  2. Not much relevance as Billericay's squad is much changed from last season - all but 3, were new additions against East Thurrock
  3. Let's face it guys, all is not well behind the scenes. Regular volunteers are disappearing and even open debate has been censored on this Forum. This Club built up a reputation for being friendly to all and one that players welcomed the opportunity to represent. I hope this is just a minor dip and we soon return to more positive times.
  4. A great team performance and a great send off for Lummers. Haven't seen a better performance all season and against a team challenging for the play offs. Difficult to choose a MOM, all eleven were excellent. COYB
  5. Eastside, in the main, I agree with your comments but of course, if you follow a team that regularly chases trophies, tickets can remain pricey LOL !!!! Like you I have shared my support between non league and the higher echelons long before Murdoch and Sky Sports decimated free to view sport in this Country. These days, I goto more non league games, and it's not just the cost of PL tickets but also the oncosts of going to such a game ( How much is a taxi to the Bridge these days ? LOL ). That said and to support your point, I have a ticket for the League Cup Semi Final which cost 25 quid face value, which compares very favourably with 10 quid to see the mighty Brightlingsea Regent in the Essex Senior Cup. ( no disrespect intended and it's a much better Club name than Liverpool HA HA) Picking up on earlier comments, I not so sure that cutting prices generally, will solve our local problems. However, a little more creativity with cup games in the week could be considered as gates often struggle into 3 figures. For example, and addressing the earlier point about fans not patronising the bar, how about a free drink token for those paying full price entrance at least 45 minutes before kick off - mines a Guinness !!
  6. Good post/article - answers some of the earlier discussion - Thanks
  7. There is no room for discrimination in "The Football Family" and personally I couldn't care less who comes through the turnstiles, providing they behave themselves. ( and don't drop litter lol) Students generally are short of money and will always look for the cheapest option when buying alcohol. Hopefully one day, when they have paid off their loans, they might patronise the Dulwich Clubhouse. However they have done it, Dulwich deserve our congratulations for achieving such good gates.
  8. Earlier in the season, I got castigated for being too critical of one particular home performance. I accepted that possibly my words were a bit too strong and I am now taking a more "chilled" approach with my comments. One example of this was my comment about the pop up advert for Russian Girls - which my other half read over my shoulder and cleared it for publication lol Once again I am not being critical, but we are overdue a home win in the league, so lets get behind the boys today. Might see you for a pint beforehand but I don't think I will have to save you your seat !!!!!
  9. Well as prim always go with proper - I'll stick with pert. Meanwhile team news for tomorrow - there isn't any. But at full time beer is a pound a pint cheaper until England score - which might be a long time on that Wembley pitch
  10. James - They obviously know that you are an intellectual lol
  11. Gazza, I'm sorry, I cannot get too depressed about your post, when alongside it is a pop up advert showing me a big chested Russian lass inviting me to find love in Russia and the Ukraine.
  12. Wow !!! This thread is getting very deep indeed - I'll have to dig out my copy Intellectual Weekly lol I don't know if I am a "spectator" or a "supporter" but all I want to see is a half decent game of football or am I being selfish? Or am I a seagull following a trawler?
  13. Interesting, first it was the Chairman's Blog; then it was the Manager's Programme notes and now a senior member of the squad alludes to negativity at the Club. Well, strike me down with a feather! - football fans being dissatisfied with results/ performances, now there's a novelty !!! From personal experience !, I know that fans on this forum are very loyal to the Club and whilst occasionally you might hear a negative comment in the ground, it is only borne out of frustration. For goodness sake, I hear negative comments at my "other club" where they are building an extension to the Trophy Room !!! Now I am not being critical (perish the thought) but it would be nice to add to our last home league win back in sunny August. However, we have the same points total as this time last year ( albeit from two more games), so plenty of time for a strong finish as our promising youngsters gel with Glen , Richard and the other senior players COYB
  14. Unfortunately, for various reasons not everyone can get actively involved. As a previous volunteer in another field, I appreciate the efforts made by a few on behalf of the many !!!! ( that's why I always put my hand in my pocket for the various fund raising initiatives) One small thing that everyone can do, is spread the word about the forthcoming FA Cup tie and try and get as many fair-weather supporters along on the day. ( or indeed, some that may have never been before)
  15. I unreservedly apologise if I have upset anyone with my earlier comments. On reflection, I could have chosen less negative language. This is a good Club and I have been regularly watching the teams for longer than you KD. Win draw or lose, I always try to encourage the players when I am at games. I have never, ever criticised or shouted negative comments to any individual (apart from officials, and then only politely !!!!! ) As I said in my opening post, no player goes on the pitch to have a poor game and providing they give their best, they are beyond reproach. If you were there last Monday, the whole team gave their all against Canvey, it was obvious to see and we were all gutted that they didn't get any reward. That is why I got frustrated ( and I am sure that I was not the only one ) with the lack of intensity for long periods on Saturday. We all knew they were far superior to our opponents, yet they risked allowing them back into the game. My angst was for them, as they deserved to go through, yet were risking the tie. It was out of care for the team, not just for the sake of moaning, that I made the post. Sometimes writing down one's frustrations is better than airing them as some did on Saturday . However perhaps the written words could have been less blunt and more constructive - Sorry !! COYB
  16. I shouldn't worry BoH. It's a troll who has probably never been to the ground. It probably got it's carer to write the post.
  17. The Chairman has posted his first Blog of the season - it's an excellent piece and I agree with everything he has said. Some appear to think I have been too negative about yesterday's performance, some even thought it was an entertaining game ( and perhaps in context it was). Unlike some, I have no pretentions of granduar for this club and the Chairman is right in not being over- ambitious. Lets face it, apart from finances, the ground would struggle to meet Conference criteria. No , all most regulars want, is to see a decent level of football and perhaps be rewarded with an occasional cup run. Which brings me back to yesterday - it was the most important game of our season so far and as others have already said £4500 was up for grabs. Forget sentimentality and the kudos of a cup run, that money can be critical for a club at our level. So the magic of the cup and vital funds were at stake. Was it unfair to expect that each an everyone of our players would be fired up and motivated for the game? Unfortunately, some gave the impression ( and I apologise if I got the wrong impression) that it was just a stroll in the park. Yes, I know some are very young and inexperienced but we also have some wise heads out there. Finally, let me say that I never criticise individual players both at the game or on this forum and despite my frustration yesterday, it made me cringe to hear some of the comments. COYB
  18. I think we will have to agree to differ NL. The Official Club report is never going to say anything too negative. The fact we didn't take those three good chances left the game on a knife edge and they were going for it. As I walked round the end we were defending I saw (1) Lummers time wasting , (2) Scotty busting a gut to cut out their wing man (3) another of our defenders heading an easy clearance straight to one of their forwards and (4) players trapping the ball in the corner to run the clock down. I'm sorry for concluding we were on the backfoot, but one slip or dodgy decision and we would have been heading back to West London. Yes, we should have scored a shipload but we didn't and when they scored they found extra energy/belief By the way, when I arrived at the ground, I heard some-one say they looked like a "pub team" - perhaps some of our players believed it.
  19. When RPV scored there was every chance of an upset. Their keeper was inspired; Sapps apart, we couldn't hit a barn door; the ref was a loose cannon and we were on the backfoot trying to run the clock down. As always a balanced post by Gazza, but this is not about budgets/finance or the brilliant people behind the scenes who keep the club going . Neither is it about the misguided few who openly criticise players during the game. No it is about those who turn up week in week out to support the club and all they ask for is a bit of commitment and passion out on the park. The same commitment and passion that created all those upsets yesterday by teams with far less resource than ourselves. COYB
  20. It's strange BoH, despite winning, I don't think I have left a game feeling so let down as a paying customer. Last Monday against Canvey, there was commitment and passion for all to see, but yesterday, even senior players failed to rally the team. I have often heard that football league scouts attend our games and yesterday I met one who was from a well known London side. I will not name them as I will share what he confided with me. He obviously knows the local scene well and has watched Town over a number of years. This was the worst performance he had seen during all his visits and he could not believe our decline from the Ryman League title winning side. I don't think he went away with any names in his notebook. I think we all understand and accept the financial realities for our club. This is not about " big budget" signings, it's about commitment and passion - if we see that as fans, there will be no complaints win or lose. Take a look at Romford, beating Bury in the last round and holding Kingstonian yesterday - they don't have our budget !!!
  21. Congratulations to Raynes Park Vale, who conceded after 5 minutes and had their keeper sent off after 10 minutes. They should be proud of their efforts today. As for Town, their only excuse for this performance would be if the squad was suffering from flu or food poisoning. I try not to be too critical on this forum, as every player who pulls on the shirt, must want to play well on the day. I trust they will all recognise that todays performance was abject, pathetic and pure garbage. Please do not let me read excuses like "we have injuries" or " it's hard to play against 10 men" Nothing excuses that offering that we had to sit through today. For the record Halle scored the penalty after 5 and Sapps (thank goodness) scored after 80. RPV scored after 85. PS - the Ref was also appalling and so was the crowd at 237. COYB
  22. They can't even get it right at the top level - so what chance does non league have? I am afraid that this has been going on for years at our level, in many cases quite openly and some playing as ringers. However what happened to the Urchins was totally out of order and you have my sympathy. On the issue of loyalty, it has almost disappeared. At our level, the 7 day approach rule, actually encourages disloyalty, by allowing players to jump ship frequently for a few more quid.
  23. How much did you win on that very strange result at Chelmo Eastside? By the way well done for making the playoffs and good luck at Kingstonian
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