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  1. I don't tend to use PMs
  2. I posted on here as i thought UU wold be best placed to provide the answer, but he doesn't actually seem to be here at the moment (or anywhere at the moment)?
  3. Im glad to see this one wasn't deleated. But it seems it may be some time before people learn to give straight answers.
  4. Any one know how much hornchurch made from the Peterborough game?
  5. The continual lumping of the ball up field is a problem, especially when the best football I've seen us play this season has involved us getting the ball on the Deck, passing it around and running at people. If you want to play a long ball game it needs to be direct to a player making a move accross the front of defence, much like how Burton played earlier in the season, not just a massive Hoof upfield and hope Gash gets is head on it. I feel the biggest culprite for this is James Smith, 9/10 times when he get the ball he just looks up and then whacks it one. When will Daish realise that George Purcell is not a game changing player just because he is willing to runs at players (Inverably losing the ball) or shoot from angles/distances which he's unlikely to score from (like at Crewe). Although Stacey is still a shadow of last season, he is getting better and feel that his confidence is slowly returning. Hopefully if the team start playing he will begin banging them in or creating oppertunities again. Things need to change soon, we have been playing poor, hoofing football for a very long. Even in games when we have won, the performace has been some what lacking. Its getting quite Depressing.
  6. Really pleased with the performance yesterday. Listening to the their local BBC station on the way back, one of the Crewe Fans who called the show began talking about one of our players who he "would love to see in a Crewe shirt", most surprisingly this was Gash. IMO he played well yesterday, held up the ball brilliantly and moved across the front of their defence well... we just need him to start linking with Ibe and the wingers and we will start scoring more. Stone is a player I was impressed with yesterday, and have high hopes for. I don't believe you can put him right midfield though, as he was constantly drifting inside and leaving massive holes in the midfield. Like Bernard says in the centre its either him or Hand and personnaly i feel Hand edges it, based on the fact he has better distrabution of the ball. It's a shame as i rate them both. Darius is an immense player, who is a rock at the back. (is it for a whole season the loan?). Hopefull when he does return we will be able to replace him with some one of similar ability and Stature. The lads and everyone involved done us proud!
  7. To be honest i'm not surprised Chukki has gone. He just seemed to be lacking something, he was a tryer but in my opionion he didn't have the ability. His scoring record was 10 goals in 30 starts (16 sub) (courtesy of the website), which isn't appaling but at the same time is hardley amazing. There are far better strikers out there which hopefully releasing him may of made space for.
  8. Any one know much about recentley released Gills Player Craig Stone? I believe there is a possibility we may be signing him in the next few days, or he may of signed a pre-contract.
  9. Echo and the Erribenne The (james) Smiths and to use a song: Rockin' around the Chris Mcphee
  10. Jack The Ripper (live) - World of Morrissey, by Morrissey
  11. At the end of the day if you don't want to pay £2, don't park in the car park.
  12. Its to do with the type of Licence the bar has, and being unable to make it earler. Can't open before 1pm i believe?
  13. We gained points on all the teams just above us (except FGR) and still retained all our Games in hand. The problem comes from the fact we have the same amount time as everyone else to play more games, and that small squad is going to be very tired. The games we have got aren't looking perticulary easy either (still to play Stevenage, Aldershot, Oxford, FGR and camberidge). Essentially we still have to play 1/2 the teams above and a few other big teams. Realisticly with 42 points left up for grabs i would be happy if we take around 21 to 24ish and view any extra we get as a bonus.
  14. Hawkins IMO, I thought McCarthy had a good game. He got a couple of good strong tackles in Early. Well done for Erribenne on his Two goals, but i still don't have any confidence in him to be a prolific striker, and that he's unlikely to chase for the ball. Saying that if he continues like he does and goes on a scoring run then i will apologies to the man in person.
  15. Have to agree with JP a HIT on last night performance. When he 1st played for us i found him a miss (and wondered why hes on loan from grays (a team lower then us)......)), but its been a while since ive seen an attacker try and win every ball that nears him (even the long hopeless lumps up field). He most deffinatly sharpens the blades of our attack...should be a good long term signing maybe, i dunno, i remember thinking signing Essendoh was a good long term investment....answers on post card to Blue Peter...although can you trust them these days? IMO give him the rest of the season see what he does. (it wont be long be RR get on his back any way and he wants to leave), but i think he may be with us for more then this loan.
  16. I was just wondering, if we win tommorrow and york lose/draw. Will this be the highest the fleet have ever been placed? I dont remembers us being higher in the conference in the recent years (possibley when we went on that massive unbeaten streak that covered the start of one season), do any of you older gits ....sorry more distinguished amongst us know?
  17. Without much notice? Please tell me what you know about the situation and enlighten us all. I was waiting for a bus, when one of the Directors drove passed and offered a lift, because the game was moved forward (having been out shopping all morning i wasn't aware of the change). I was pleasently surprised by the act of genurousity (spl.?), and feel sums up the effort the club put into making sure as many individual fans arrived at the game in time. Yes it was impossible to tell everyone but the club did as much as was physicaly possible to do. You do not know anything so if you would like to hurry up and bugger off...it would be much appreciated.
  18. Did you expect the players to play on a pitch that was clearly unplayable?...are you still harping on about that anyway, get over it and let go (i don't seen any other Halifax Fan on here).... i dread to think what your blood pressure's like if you get this worked up over every issue? Back to the subject, i understand why the club were desperate to get the game played, with Morecambe traveling down the day before. I also believe the club did everything with in their powers to inform as many people as possible that the time had been change, but it would be impossible to of let everyone know, so unfourtounatly the were going to be some people who missed part of the game. Its just a worry that any fair weather fans who turned up late may be discouraged to return because of the early kick-off being so short noticed, and them missing 30 minutes of Football.
  19. Quote: Riverview Red: Loyalty? - they just didn't offer enough dosh! I'm guessing being a constant pessimist the concept of loyalty holds little reality to you? Why is it Impossible that Daish Turned down the move because he has long term goals with the club and genuinly would like to see the club sucsed in the conference Quote: Riverview Red said: And again today - whooooops ! It's against lower sides that our younger players need motivating, not against the likes of Oxford etc. So they obviously were not motivated again today! Maybe the only fleet fan who wishes us to fail, so he can have a good rant?...post something postive for once. We could win the league unbeaten and i am sure you would still find something negitive to post about. Ok.. we 3-0 lost today, but the win against Oxford shows we are capable of winning against the best in this league. I wasn't there today but i was there against cambridge and we were poor but the next game, against oxford, we were brilliant, its inconsistant i know, but it shows what we are capable of. Consistency will came as the squad develop, for some of the players this is their 1st season with the club, it may take a little more time to get regular consistency. I'm very happy with 7th place for the time being i don't know about you riverview red?
  20. 4-0 oxford if we play like last saturday but im hoping for a 1-1 draw....forever on the fence.
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