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  1. Get on myfc forum and get interest, get them to vote for ptt. Lets see some of your support, and attempt to make it work, not just all your moaning on here...
  2. According to the bbc 8 points from playoffs, and 10 points from the last relegation spot. And the christmas spell includes difficult games such as York, Rushden and Wrexham. I feel we should be beating teams like fgr, lewes, histon, altrincham. Which leaves you worried for the Grays double header and bognor saturday...
  3. Problem being Gash is recieving awful service. Not even Akinde could prosper with our current service (or lack of). I also think Fans seem to have an expectation that Gash has been brought in to be the next Akinde. GAsh has 7 goals, and in my opinion could easily have more with better serivce.
  4. Is this our worst run under Liam Daish and "his team"?
  5. myfc fans voting on negotiation of reduced prices. http://www.crewe.vitalfootball.co.uk/forum/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=3561&posts=2
  6. great news about the result. and hopefully it was a boring nil-nil so a double bonus in that I havent missed much! Can't wait for Crewe now, it just feels so good we are at least past the 4th Quals!
  7. Gash has bagged 7 goals so far, but the way we are supplying him, he wont get anymore. The attack would look a lot worse if he wasn't on the pitch...
  8. Worrying times at the moment, going on to another tough set of games. We have to get a result in the fa cup. Even then following on from that we have Burton and crawley away, kettering and cambridge at home, even Barrow will be able to get a point or three if we play like today. recent form is a mystery considering how well we did against Torquay at plainmoor this season. Whatever it is, it needs putting right, or it is going to be a long cold winter spell.
  9. Just out of interest, why is hornchurch shortened to Hx? I could understand say halifax as it begins with an H and ends with an x, but I have never understood why people may refer to hornchurch as hx...
  10. Problem is if we don't correct our poor form, coupled with our FA cup form then we'll bloody lose, esp if it is away! I wouldn't worry about a huge invasion paul, I think West Ham might be at home, or at least Man Utd playing live on tele...
  11. Charles was immense tonight I thought, and on top of that I couldn't believe how well the offside trap was working for us, got a bit nervous! Agree with you Pat about the strike force. Sometimes we dither on the ball and there is a defender back in front, and sometiems we pass instead of shooting. I also thought a couple of balls dropped in the area that with a striker like Charlie Mac, Akinde, or their number 9 would have been pounced on.
  12. Originally Posted By: Uncle Urchin Originally Posted By: Dave EUFC More as we own the club? haha you are a comedian. I'm not going to get in an argument with you, but this is and should be a forum about football and most importantly Ebbsfleet United. Since you have been away thers been alot less hostility flying around and people have actually started to talk about footballing issues. Thats all i will say on the matter. I have always sought to protect ebbs against the perils now at its doors brought about by mugs like you who didn't have the savvy to stand up to brooks when he picked the wrong club. insularism and nerosim are good words...I shall have them elected to the oxford english.... Mugs like David, including me had the "savvy" to not join up to the farce in the first place, asnd use our
  13. I think we should sell, seems we need the money. But in John going we need to get someone else in. Originally Posted By: bsmith Sell him, take the money. Live to fight another day. It's what I would do, at this moment we shouldn't be concerned about pushing for promotion when we can't even support the current standard of football. We're running at a massive deficit, and until this is recitified we need to minimise our debt. Going for glory is all well and good, as long as it's achievable glory. If we get promoted in our current situation it'll be the end of the club. Aiming for promotion wont kill us, in fact we need it to get the large influx of fans. Its either that or part time football, bottom half of the conference, and from there its downhill.
  14. This feels like a 4th round cup tie to me. Gonna be horrible if we don't win, imagine the grinning mugs of westley and Bayes. With Drury, Bostwick, Westley and Bayes this one has disaster written all over it. Saying that after seeing the Torquay game on Setanta I know we can give Stevenage a good beating.
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